Okay so I've never done one of these 5 + 1 things before but this idea popped into my head a while back and would not leave me alone.

There aren't many Alex and Mark pairings out there and for some reason I really like the idea of these two together, whether that be in a romantic sense (like this one) or just some good old bromance, either way I think it's a friendship/romantic pairing that hasn't really been explored very well (either in the show or in fanfiction).

Just to make this clear. This is in no way related to my other Grey's Anatomy story – Life for a life. This is a completely separate idea.

Summary: Five times George walked in on Alex and Mark plus the one time he didn't. (Set in George's point of view)

Five Times

By Rosa241

The first time I walk in on them it takes me by complete surprise.

"Congratulations!" I can't help smiling as a drunken Meredith wraps her arms around me for what has to be the thousandth time tonight. It had been her idea to have a celebration party her way of showing her support I think for Callie and me. Whatever her reasons behind this she's at least trying which is more than I can say for Izzie. Truth be told she's had a face like a wet weekend all night.

"Thanks again Mer." She giggles at my words but my mind flashes back to Izzie's comments earlier. Why was she so rude to Callie? I know she's not the biggest fan of our relationship but that doesn't mean she gets to be so awful to her. Shaking my head I resolve to talk to her in the morning I know it hurt Callie that I never said anything to her about it earlier. She's my wife now I have to deal with this. She's probably just surprised that we got married so quickly, truth be told I'm kind of surprised myself but it's the right thing to do. It's right.

"George! Are you sure that you're happy?" Izzie's words dragged me out of my mind and it takes a moment for them to register. Shaking my head I find myself sighing. "I mean it's okay if you're not." She tags on.

"I'm sure. This is what I want, it's what we want." She forces a smile but I can tell that she's not happy with my answer.

What is going on with her?

"I have to go to the bathroom." Skirting away from her as quickly as I can I make my way across the bar to the bathroom. I don't actually have to go but I need to get away from her. She keeps trying to interrogate me and I don't want to do that tonight. Tonight is supposed to be happy, tonight is supposed to be about me celebrating my marriage and my future with Callie. It is not supposed to be about me dealing with Izzie and her issues. Entering the bathroom my thoughts are cut off as I'm met with a sight I never expected to see. Seeing people making out in a bathroom is something I got accustomed to in college but that didn't make it any less embarrassing. It takes a moment before I recognise the two people in front of me and when I do I find myself frozen to the spot.

Alex Karev and Mark Sloan.

Neither of the men have noticed me during their heated embrace which is the only saving grace right now.

"You're beautiful you know that?" Sloan's voice comes out far huskier than I've ever heard it and I can feel my face heating up.

"Shut up and kiss me." Although Alex whispers the words I hear them clearly echoed off of the tiles. Sloan leans back in and their kiss continues to heat up but I still can't move. It's only when Alex's hands slide up the back of his make out partners shirt that I find myself unfrozen and able to slip out of the room, thankfully unnoticed.

"You okay? You look a little flushed." My wife's words have my mind flashing back to the scene I just witnessed and I can feel my face getting hotter. What the hell did I just walk in on?

Neither men rejoin the celebration and despite wanting to ignore it I find myself wondering whether they've gone home together. Knowing Alex I wouldn't put it past him and Sloan's reputation speaks for itself.

Walking into work the next day I expect it to be full of awkward tension which of course it is but not in the way I expect it to be. I expected to be flustered since every time I look at either man their bathroom scene comes back to my head but I didn't expect them to be so calm. I figured after the two of them hooked up there would be some kind of awkwardness to say the least. It's when I see them later laughing and joking that the thought comes to my mind for the first time.

I wonder if that's the first time they've kissed?

The second time I walk in on them I'm grateful that I didn't get here sooner.

I hate drunk people!

I hate drunk drivers!

After the day I've had I can't help the anger that's built up in my body. Some stupid moron decided to get drunk out of his mind and drive himself home from a night out. Of course his trip didn't end well. Not only did the idiot plough head first into an oncoming car the truck behind him swerved to get out of the way and, long story short, a multi car pileup was the end result. 32 patients including him. 31 lives in complete disarray because of one drunken idiot who of course survived whilst 11 of those patients weren't as lucky.

Now that the crush of patients was over I finally realised just how tired I really was. I'd intended to go home and get some sleep two hours ago before I'd gotten dragged into helping with the last patient. Thankfully she'd made it through but I am officially exhausted. The crash means that we've all been here longer than we expected and my shift starts again in four hours. I could go home but that would take time and all I want to do it sleep. Callie's shift didn't end for another three hours so it's really pointless going home. Which is why I'm heading to the nearest on call room and hoping it's not already occupied.

Of course luck isn't with me and to my disappointment the bed already has someone sleeping in it. Sighing I turn to leave before realising that there are in fact two people sleeping in the bed. Realising what I've walked into I quickly spin around and make to leave but like I said, luck isn't with me. Completely forgetting the fact that there's a chair behind me I manage to walk straight into it and send it sprawling onto the floor.

"What the hell?" An all too familiar voice husks out. Sloan sits up slightly to face me and scowls, when he does I can feel my face heat up. Putting aside my hatred for the way I blush so easily I open my mouth intending to stutter out an apology when the second familiar voice catches my attention.

"Sloan?" Alex's voice is slurred by tiredness and something else I'd rather not think about.

"Go back to sleep." At the sound of Sloan's voice Alex dips back down onto the mattress and, thankfully, doesn't seem to notice me standing there staring. "Get out."

Finally snapping out of it I dart out of the room and shut the door with more force than I'm sure was needed. Shaking my head all of a sudden going home doesn't seem like such a bad plan.

The third time I walked in on them I'm not so lucky.

"So she just kicked you out?" Nodding my head at Meredith's words I find myself losing the anger I had when I came over. I know that Callie hates me being so close to the girls but they're my family. She can't honestly just expect me to ditch them when they need me can she? Izzie needed my help so I went and helped her out. I don't get what the big deal is.

"Yep. You're sure it's okay for me to stay here tonight?" In the back of my mind I realise that it's probably not a good idea to stay here when Callie obviously has a problem with them. Truth be told I don't care tonight, in the morning I'll no doubt feel bad but right now I really don't care.

"You're welcome here any time you want." I can sense the undertone of her words but chose to ignore it for now. I know that none of the girls think that me getting married to Callie was a good idea and truth be told I'm starting to question that myself. Shaking my head I briefly consider going back home and working things out with my wife. Sensing that this is probably the worst idea right now I shake my head and trudge upstairs. "You left some of your things behind when you moved out, I put them in the spare room."

Looking at her in confusion she smiles before quickly reminding me about her new house mate.

"Alex moved into your room remember?" Something in my stomach clenches at the reminder that I no longer have a room here. Truth is when I moved out I never thought about the fact that I was giving this place up. Don't get me wrong I love living with Callie but I guess I just assumed that my room would always be here. Meredith had quickly decided that it wasn't right for Alex to live so far away, turns out his apartment was almost an hour away from the hospital, and had somehow convinced him to move in.

Trudging up the stairs and into the spare room I can feel my bad mood worsening. Shaking it off I climb into bed and attempt to forget about the awful day I've had. Of course it takes what feels like hours before I finally drift off to sleep only to be woken up minutes later. Initially I can't quite place why I've woken up but an uncomfortable pressing on my bladder reminds me. Sighing I hop out of bed and make my way to the bathroom.

Having relieved the pressure in my body I make my way back to my room. Of course with tiredness set into my bones I forget entirely about which room I'm going into. I've got to say walking in on two people for the third time is right around when things start getting a little weird. Now don't get me wrong it wasn't a picnic the first or the second time round either but this time it's so much worse. At least the first time all I saw was the two of them kissing (plus they didn't see me) and the second time whilst I know that they were doing way more than that I didn't see anything. This time however there's no holding back.

"Sorry!" I practically yell as soon as I open the door. Sloan quickly covers the two of them up but not before I've seen far more than I ever needed to.

"Get the hell out." Realising I've been standing and staring for way longer than was I really should have I quickly slam the door and shoot back down the hall way. As I head back into the spare room Alex's voice reaches my ears.

"What the hell O'Malley I'm starting to think you've got a problem!?" His voice is followed by a door slamming and I cringe as realisation dawns on me.

I just walked in on Alex and Sloan having sex.

Well if things weren't awkward before then they sure as hell will be now.

The fourth time I walk in on them is actually the next morning.

Having not slept due to my argument with Callie and the sight I walked in on last night I can already feel how terrible a day this is going to be. Exhausted, angry and incredibly embarrassed I shuffle downstairs and wolf down a cup of coffee. Sometime around about halfway down coffee number two I find myself waking up at least a little. With my exhaustion fading somewhat my mood improves, of course this is only a temporary measure.

"Overheard your little incident last night. I did warn you that Alex was in your room." Staring incredulously at Meredith her words take a few seconds to register. When they finally do I find myself totally shocked.

"Wait you know that Alex and Sloan are…?" I leave the question open not quite sure how to finish it.

What exactly are they?

"Do I know that they're sleeping together? Yeah. Alex has lived here for two months and Mark has spent more than one night here." With that she turns to the coffee pot and begins brewing a fresh batch, leaving me marvelling over her words. I figured I was the only one who knew about them but apparently it's common knowledge. If they've spent time together here then that means that Izzie and Cristina probably know about them too which means that the entire hospital is probably aware. Unless those two have managed to keep it to themselves, which I highly doubt, I wonder why I haven't heard anything about them at the hospital. That place is hardly known for letting gossip go.

"We're leaving in half an hour. Hurry up." Shaking off the confusion I instead focus on her words and head upstairs. A nice warm shower will work wonders on my current state. Grabbing a towel I dart past the first bathroom, having seen Cristina head in there moments before and head towards the second bathroom. Opening the door I'm met with a wall of steam and realise that Izzie is probably already in there. Sighing slightly I open my mouth to ask how long she'll be before something in the shower catches my eye.

There isn't one person in the shower there's two. Two people means only one thing. Thankfully, unlike last night, my mind and my body are on the same wave length and I dart out of the bathroom as quick as possible. Hopefully neither of them noticed my presence. Their shared shower makes me ten minutes late and I can't help cursing them both, despite the fact that Alex lives here and I don't. With my mood firmly back to the frustrated nightmare it was earlier I fly downstairs with enough time to see the dark glares I'm receiving from the girls.

"When Bailey corners us for being late we're throwing you under the bus." Cristina snarks as we make our way to the car. I open my mouth to blame the situation on Alex but think better off it when the angry woman all but shoves me into the backseat.

As I sit down an age later to finally grab some lunch I finally feel some sense of normalcy coming back to me. With food in my stomach and a compliment from Bailey this morning under my belt I'm actually feeling better than I had when I arrived. All I need to do now it to sort things out with Callie and life will be back to normal. Just as my mood brightens a familiar voice speaks in my ear.

"You know either you've got radar, you're stalking us or you're just that unlucky." Alex's frustrated words as he sits down remind me that I wasn't so lucky this morning. Feeling the blush covering my cheeks I'm unable to face him as we eat our lunch.

I really am just that unlucky.

The fifth time is not like the others.

Heading towards the on call room my mood has fallen so far it's untrue. For a while it really looked like everything was going to be fine. Things between me and Callie were improving and our married life was getting back on track. She was finally accepting the girls as being part of my family whilst the girls were finally accepting that Callie was my wife and that she wasn't going anywhere. A good patch at work meant that I had gotten into three awesome surgeries as well as being on some pretty good cases. On top of all of that it's been five weeks since I last walked in on Alex and his little bed buddy. Trust me out of all of the above that's the one I think we're all grateful for. Things were going fine.

Then naturally I managed to screw it all up.

I slept with Izzie.

I cheated on my wife.

I'm such an idiot. After everything that Callie's said and how hard we've worked to get to where we are I went and cheated on her. Not only that but I cheated on her with the one person who she thinks has feelings for me (something which I know now to be true). Callie's great. She's smart, she's funny, she loves me and she's beautiful. What the hell is wrong with me? Why am I such a complete moron? She's my wife and I cheated on her.

I cheated on her.

I cheated on my wife.

I cheated on my wife with my best friend.

Heading towards the on call room I can't help but sigh. I'm not tired but I do need some time to myself. I just need a few minutes of peace, calm and quiet to think through everything in my head. For the first time all night I've gotten two minutes to myself and I really need to take advantage of that.

Naturally I've got zero amount of luck and find this on call room is occupied as well. Unlike the other three that I've been to I can hear talking from in here. Angry, wound up and not in the mood I open the door completely intent on telling whomever it is to go and have their conversation elsewhere but the sight I see stops me in my tracks.

Sitting on the bed in front of me is the two people I'd hope never to walk in on again. Unlike the other times I've walked in on them there's no kissing or other stuff going on today. The tears in Alex's eyes combined with the grip he has on Sloan quickly tell me that I really shouldn't have interrupted. As soon as he catches sight of me standing in the doorway the heartbroken look on Alex's face disappears and he shoots out of the room practically shoving me over as he goes.

"You really know how to pick your moments don't you?" From the tone of his voice I can tell that Sloans not in the mood for me to speak right now. As he heads out of the door he turns back to me for a second. "Here's an idea O'Malley. In future knock on the damn door!"

With an angry glare he storms down the corridor that Alex just booked it down and apparently the rest of the corridor senses his frustration as they part like the red sea.

I learn later from various sources that both Alex and Sloan were attempting to save a three year old who had gotten hit by a car. The two were unable to save her and judging from the list of injuries she had they didn't stand a chance no matter how hard they worked on her. Unfortunately for Alex his god awful day didn't end there. Not only did he deal with losing a little girl but the same afternoon he'd ended up working on a ten year old boy who'd collapsed at school. Much like the other unfortunate child the little boy didn't stand a chance having suffered a fatal brain aneurism and had been dead before they'd opened him up. Losing patients was inevitable and it was really just Alex's horrible luck that he'd been involved with both of them. Losing a patient was hell, losing a child was a nightmare but losing two on the same day? Now that was unbearable.

As soon as I'd found out what he'd been through the situation in the on call room made sense to me. Alex was understandably struggling to deal with the crappy day he'd been handed and Mark was comforting him. Guilt poured through me when I realised just what I'd interrupted.

Good going George! You really are determined to screw everything up.

And the one time I didn't walk in on them.

Something within me settles as I finish cleaning up from the appendectomy. So maybe it's not the most exciting of surgeries but I think it's exactly what I needed after the horror show that my life has become. Eventually my guilt over sleeping with Izzie had gotten to be too much and I'd had to tell Callie the truth. Of course she'd reacted exactly like I thought that she would. It's bad enough that I cheated on her but I did it with the one person she's spent months warning me about. Truth be told I don't know which she's angrier about the fact that I cheated on her or that I cheated on her with Izzie.

"George." Cristina's voice sounds strange to my ears.

"Hey." Quite what she wants I don't know but I really don't need her reminding me that I completely screwed up. Believe me I know that.

"Alex is in surgery." Of course he is. No doubt he got something awesome and exciting. That's great, just great.

"Perfect. So what did he luck out on?" As I turn to face her I can see the hard line her features are set in. Sensing that something is clearly wrong I wait for her to explain before saying anything else.

"Alex isn't the surgeon he's the one on the table." What? What the hell is she talking about? "He was in the pit and something happened, something went wrong and…he was stabbed. It's bad George."

My body moves before my minds caught up and within seconds I've followed Cristina to the gallery where Meredith and Izzie are already sitting. Meredith is as pale as a ghost and there's blood on her top and something tells me that I don't want to know how it got there. There are obvious tears in Izzie's eyes and from the wet tracks on her cheeks she's shed her fair share of them already. There's no love lost between Izzie and Alex of course but he's still her friend, she still cares. Cristina stands by the window her keen eyes watching every move that Bailey makes. Meredith and Izzie sit hand in hand waiting with bated breath for news.

All of a sudden my bad week doesn't seem like it matters quite that much.

For what feels like years we sit there watching every single movement in that room. Alex is one of us and there is no way we can lose him. There's no way we'd survive that. People come in and people go but none of us move. At one point the chief enters, no doubt to tell us to get back to work when Meredith speaks up at last.

"He saved my life." Whatever words the Chief had planned on saying died in his throat as she speaks. Taking a deep breath she continued. "We were in the pit and this guy was freaking out. I was trying to stitch his arm but then all of a sudden he had a knife and…and then Alex was there. He was there he…he pushed me out of the way. It should…It should have been me."

There are no tears but the way that her voice shakes tells me that she's barely holding it together. Tears are once again making their way down Izzie's cheeks and Cristina's hands are balled up so tight that it's a wonder she doesn't break something. Shaking my head I try and focus on the scene in front of me when a thought comes to mind.

"Does Sloan know?" My words don't register with Izzie but Cristina and Meredith both share an understanding look.

"He's in surgery. Won't be done for a while." Cristina says when it becomes obvious that Meredith isn't willing, or able, to speak again. Judging from the questioning look Izzie sends my way she doesn't know about the two of them but she lets her questions go for now. Right now there are more important things to be thinking about.

Finally, after what feels like years, the surgery is over and Bailey sends a shaky nod up towards where she knows we are all camped out. As soon as we catch her nod the silence that had descended over the room evaporates and it's as if someone has opened up a tap. Meredith falls apart the moment she knows that Alex is safe and as soon as she does the tears cascade again from Izzie's eyes. Cristina takes a seat next to her best friend doing her best to comfort her, doing her best to be there for her. For a minute I'm at a loss of how to help before my previous question comes to mind.

Does Sloan know?

"I'm going to head and see if I can find Dr Sloan." Cristina manages a nod at my words before her attention is back on her best friend who is continuing to fall apart in her arms. As much as I want to be there for them right now I have a feeling that this is more important.

Knowing he's in surgery it doesn't take long to track him down, thankfully I only have to hang around for a few minutes before it's over and he's on his way out. The eye roll he gives me as he sees me hanging around would be comical if it weren't for the fact that my friend is fighting for his life.

"Dr Sloan. Dr Sloan!" Raising my voice he stops walking away and turns to face me. "This is important it's about Alex."

"You know what I'm starting to think that he might be right, you really are stalking us." Again it would be funny but for the whole fighting for his life thing.

"He's in surgery." Whatever he'd planned on saying is cut short as he catches the seriousness of my words. "There was an incident in the pit and he was stabbed."

The way he pales and goes completely still halts any questions I might have had about their feelings for each other. For a while I thought this was just about sex but from the way that Mark just reacted I know deep down there's more to it than that. Of all the people in this hospital those are the two that I'd never have pegged being together. Shaking my head I force that thought out of my mind and focus on the most important part.

"Where is he?" He sounds far from the confident self-assured arrogant plastic surgeon that I've gotten used to.

"Bailey operated on him." If at all possible he goes even paler at the mention of surgery and he grabs hold of the wall to steady himself. "He's through surgery but I thought I should tell you since you two are…" I trail off not quite knowing what I should be calling them. Before I can even so much as breathe he's moved past me and is half way down the corridor when my brain finally kicks into gear.

I take a few minutes to steady myself before I head back in the room where Bailey has just finished updating the others on Alex's condition.

"He's stable but still critical." Izzie sniffs out as she dries her eyes. Her eyes dart over to where Sloan is interrogating Bailey but again she says nothing. Whatever questions she's having are best left for later.

Four days pass before Alex is officially declared as being out of immediate danger and it feels like the whole hospital breathes a sigh of relief. Whilst many people may not consider him to be a friend when it comes to this place attacks against one person are considered an attack on everyone. As I walk in on the eighth day Bailey greets us with the news that Alex has not only gained consciousness (having been kept on a respirator thanks to the damage the knife did to his left lung) but is also improving rapidly.

The girls all drop in on Alex throughout the morning. Meredith had thanked him for saving her life which he had apparently forgotten all about until she mentioned it. Cristina asked to see him scar and then flipped him off when he said no. No doubt some people would find it insensitive but that's just her, she used the scar as an excuse to go and make sure that he was okay. Izzie had dropped in on him and promptly apologised for anything rude she'd ever said to him. In the chaos of everything that has happened I've forgotten all about the awkwardness that had settled between us but now that things are getting better it's come back full force.

Shaking my head I make my way over to where Alex's room fully intent on going in and making sure that he's okay when I catch sight of the occupants of the room. For a moment I hesitate and their conversation reaches my ears.

"I can't believe that I almost lost you." Sloan sounds so heartbroken that my own heart clenches as I listen to him. "You can't do that to me again not now that I've finally got you."

"Wasn't intentional." Alex's voice comes out barely above a whisper and I have to strain to catch the words.

"Guess I can't be too mad given that you saved Grey's life." Sloan shifts slightly and I catch sight of the hands that are clasped tightly together. His other hand is stroking down Alex's cheek and the moment is so intimate that I actually realise for the first time that there is so much more here than just sex.

They're a couple.

It shouldn't have taken so long for me to see it but it finally hits me. They're not just using each other for sex they're in love, they're together. Now that I see it right in front of me it seems so obvious that I don't understand how I didn't see it earlier.

"Get some sleep, I'll come back later and check on you." As Sloan leans over and places a light kiss on his boyfriends lips my body unfreezes and I slip away from the door unnoticed.

Okay wow! That ended up being longer than I had anticipated it being but I've got to say that I'm impressed by it. Whilst I've delved into Mark and Alex's friendship in my other fic Life for a life this is my first attempt at writing them in a romantic situation. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Until next time,

Bye Bye x