Okay so this has been floating around my head since I wrote five times and I finally got it down on paper (computer screen). Anyway this is Mark's point of view of how he and Alex became the wonderful couple I made them into.

Summary: Later on when asked how it started Mark tells them that 'it just happened'. But the truth is…

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Chapter Two

By Rosa241

The first time it happens we're both drunk of our asses and to be perfectly honest Karev could have been anyone. It'd been three months since I'd last gotten laid, my longest dry spell in years, and another bad night with the ladies at Joe's showed me that this spell was set to continue. Then I'd bumped into Karev – quite literally in fact! After the third woman had stormed away from me I'd turned around and walked straight into the younger doctor spilling both drinks he was carrying straight down the front of him. Feeling kind of bad (and kind of drunk) I'd headed to the bathroom determined to help him clean up. It wasn't until I entered the bathroom that my intentions changed.

Having removed his shirt to dry off I realised right then that I've never actually looked at him properly before. Of course anybody would be willing to concede that he's attractive, let's face it you'd have to be dead not to notice, but seeing him like this sets something alight within me. Somewhere in my drunken mind 'helping Karev clean up' became pressing him against the wall and kissing him thoroughly. The kids surprise lasted only a few seconds before I felt him responding and his arms were wrapped around my neck. Neither of us can recall how we'd gotten from the bar back to my apartment but we had and our night together was firmly stamped in my memory. Truth be told I've been with guys before back in college, as had Karev I later found out, but since then I've focused solely on women. There was nothing wrong with guys but you know…boobs!

The following morning I'd momentarily dreaded the younger man's reaction when he'd woken up, however upon seeing the look on my face he'd scoffed before stating:

"What? You're acting like you've never had a one night stand before."

Those words settled the panic coiling in my stomach. Contrary to what most people would expect of us we didn't just keep jumping into bed together from that moment on. Two weeks later an argument over a patient, one that I cannot remember now, had almost resulted in us both coming to blows. A timely intervention from Derek had put a stop to that thankfully. After getting firmly put back in our places by the chief we'd both stalked off in separate directions. That's not where the tension had stopped mind. No for another ten days the tension between us continued to build to the point where neither of us dare say a word in the others company for fear of starting a riot. It's only when leaving the hospital on day ten that Bailey cornered me and proved exactly why everyone's afraid of her. Her exact words have been lost now but it consisted of something like 'get your freaking act together' although not nearly as polite.

Thinking on it later that night I almost hit the floor when I realised exactly why there was so much tension. It wasn't because he disagreed with me like Meredith thinks, it's not because he was right like Derek thinks (even though that is kind of true) no this is something else.

Sexual tension.

The tension has been building ever since our night together and now I know why. Naturally I don't do anything about it for several more days until the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Accepting that the tension isn't going anywhere I follow him into the on call room and press him up against the wall.

He doesn't hesitate to respond to my kiss with equal passion and energy. Weeks of culminating tension explode and things progress before I can even think about what's happening. It's only later when we're both lay on the bed completely exhausted that what we've done hits me.

Okay so he's gone from acquaintance, to sort of friend, to one night stand to…what the hell are we now?

Boyfriend? Even thinking the word doesn't feel right. We've slept together twice now but that doesn't mean that the two of you are dating. I turn my attention to the younger man, intending to ask him what the hell is going on, when I realise he is already starting to drift off. Shaking my head I decide that maybe I can deal with this after I've slept because lets face it Karev isn't looking to move any time soon.

A loud bang awakens me from my brief slumber and for a moment I can't quite place what it was.

"What the hell?" The light by the door has me facing it and I see exactly what woke me up.



When it looks like he has no intentions of leaving I open my mouth to tell him to do just that when Karev shifts beside me.

"Sloan?" Okay if O'Malley didn't know who was in here before he does now. Sighing I quickly usher him back to sleep, quite why I want him to sleep is beyond me. Maybe it's because I don't want him catching sight of our observer. Maybe it's because he's had dark circles around his eyes for days and looks like he could use the sleep. Or maybe it's because his warmth at my side had actually felt quite nice and I wasn't looking to let that go anytime soon.

"Get out." My words finally snap O'Malley out of whatever daze he's currently in and he darts out of the room like it's on fire.

From then on the two of us come to some kind of unspoken agreement, a sort of friends with benefits situation so to speak. It's something that isn't discussed among us and I choose to deny the spark within me when we're together. Of course it's just sex nothing more. I don't have time for anything more and I definitely don't want anything more. Friends with benefits is about all I'm willing or ready to deal with right now.

Sometime between the fourth and fifth time the two of us sleep together he's moved in with Meredith. As much as him moving in with them causes problems for our…situation, truth be told I know that it's a good deal for him. We've spent one of our nights together at his apartment and it was a nightmare to get to. He lived too far away from the hospital for any reasonable person but the rent closer to the hospital is higher. Although despite being an intern he should be able to afford a place closer. Part of me wonders why he's never moved before now but that's not the kind of thing you discuss with someone unless you're in a relationship.

Of course it would have been a smarter idea to keep going to my apartment but when I'm with him where we end up isn't really the most pressing matter. The first time I stay over after he moves in I'd managed to leave earlier without anyone knowing that I was there. As I leave I ignore the pang that goes through me at the disappointed look he shoots my way. The second time I stay over I don't leave early, telling myself that it's down to the extra sleep I'll get, and ignoring the smile he gives me when he wakes up to find me still there.

It's inevitable really that people would find out about the two of us – not that there's anything to find out about of course. It's not like there's anything between us. To be honest I'm surprised people haven't worked it out sooner since O'Malley had walked in on us but apparently he knows how to keep his mouth shut. Having bumped into Cristina when leaving one morning it's no surprise when Meredith corners me and questions me on everything. Her face falls when I brush her off, telling her that it's just sex, and for some reason I feel guilty about blowing Karev off that night.

It's just sex.

I tell myself and brush the guilt to one side. Something sparks within me when I think the words but I chose to ignore it.

Somewhere between the seventh and eighth time we sleep together he stops being Karev and starts being Alex. It's about this time that I begin to wonder whether I should call this thing between us off. Selfishly I don't, instead choosing to ignore the warmth that goes through me whenever I catch his eyes or the way that his eyes light up when I smile at him. I choose to ignore the fact that our nights together have become less about sex and more about the two of us being together. I brush all of this off and allow our situation to continue. Truth is I don't think I could stop it even if I tried to.

For the next few weeks I manage to ignore the feelings that have been building up inside of me. I ignore the stares that Meredith has been shooting my way, I ignore the fact that O'Malley has managed to walk in on us not once, but twice! Seriously what is wrong with that man! Does he never think about knocking before he enters a room?

Naturally I can't ignore what's going on between us forever and everything comes to a head.

That poor girl.

By complete chance both myself and Alex had wound up taking care of Sarah, a three year old girl we are both determined to keep alive. For a little while it looked like we were going to do just that but unfortunately there was always the chance that we'd find out that the internal damage from the crash was worse than anticipated once we opened her up. That poor little girl died on the table and we'd spoken to the heartbroken parents together. Alex had disappeared shortly afterwards and by complete chance I came across him in an on call room three hours later. It took one glance at the devastated look in his eyes to know that leaving him right now was not an option. Loosing patients never got any easier but loosing kids was the worst. Losing two kids in one day?

It turns out that shortly after having spoken to Sarah's heartbroken parents he'd been dragged into another child's care. The ten year old boy had collapsed in school and judging from what I later learn from Derek he was dead before they opened him up. He trembles the entire time I'm with him and none of my whispered words make a difference to his devastation.

"You couldn't have saved them. There is nothing you could have done." He shakes his head at the words and wipes his eyes once again. My entire body calls out to him and I pull him into my arms where he buries his face into my shoulder. For a few minutes he doesn't make any attempt to move and his body finally feels like it's starting to relax. Eventually he pulls away and I choose not to make comment about the fact that his cheeks are stained with wet tracks. His eyes are still full of tears but no more are falling.

"This isn't fair." I can't help agreeing with him because this is never fair. They're kids. They should still be here, they should be running round, their parents should be tucking them in at night and reading them stories not planning their funerals. Just as I open my mouth to attempt to comfort him some more the door swings open.

Alex takes one look at O'Malley before he's out of the room faster than I can even blink. I don't have to be his boyfriend to know that he hates showing weakness to anybody.

He showed it to you. My mind supplies helpfully as I glare at the younger doctor in front of me.

"You really know how to pick your moments don't you? Here's an idea O'Malley. In future knock on the damn door!" As I storm out of the room I attempt to track down Alex only to find out from Bailey that she insisted he went home. His shift had long since been over and he wasn't in the right frame of mind to be staying in the hospital any longer. The rest of my shift passes as slow as is physically possible and my mind drifts more than once to the younger doctor and his whereabouts.

Getting home later from the longest day in history relief flashes through my chest when I catch sight of the tired man sitting outside my door. He makes no apologies for his presence and I don't even try to mask my relief in seeing him. In bed later that night I realise that this is the first time since we've begun our friends with benefits routine that we haven't ended up sleeping together. Lying together with him curled up beside me something about the whole situation feels right. The warmth of his body and the feeling of his head on my chest just feels like it's meant to be. Pulling him closer I can't help smiling as he sighs happily, eventually I close my eyes but not before vowing to talk to him about this.

I can't ignore the feelings within me anymore.

Of course thinking about telling him and actually telling him prove to be two complete different things. Finding a way to tell him that I have developed feelings for him is proving to be more of a challenge than it should. It's not like I haven't had the chance so far from it. Since that night at my apartment we've spent most of our nights together and everything between us has changed. Truth be told there was a perfect moment last night when I should have told him everything.

"Wait so Stevens and O'Malley slept together?" Why the hell didn't Callie tell me?

"Yep. O'Malley told Torres about it and she kicked him out. Yeah apparently Torres has been worried about Izzie since before they got married so sleeping with her was definitely not a good idea." How the hell could he do that to Callie? She's the best thing that ever happened to him and I have no doubt in my mind he'll never get a girl as good as her.

"Wait are you saying that Stevens has feelings for O'Malley?" He shrugs his shoulders at my question and I make a mental note to speak to Callie tomorrow. She's not just a girl I slept with once Callie is a friend and she just found out that her husband has been cheating on her. I'm willing to bet she needs a friend right now.

"This marriage was doomed from the start." He says through a mouthful of pizza.

"What do you mean? Callie loves George and he loves her, or I thought he did."

"Dude they took off to Vegas and got hitched without any warning. You can't run off to Vegas and jump into a marriage and expect it to actually work. I mean they didn't even live in the same apartment when they got married. She was living in a hotel and he was living at Merediths." Okay maybe he's got a point they did kind of rush into this. "I mean isn't there a process to go through for people. You date, you move in together, you get engaged, get married then you have kids. You start skipping steps you're asking for trouble."

For a moment I find myself stopping as shock comes over me. Okay so I never really thought about it too much since Callie assured me that she was perfectly happy with everything but he's completely right. The two of them skipped over the most important parts about being in a relationship, the development into something more.

"So does that mean we're asking for trouble? I mean aren't we skipping steps?" I could kick myself for the words I've just let loose. What the hell was I thinking?

"No. We're not dating so we can't be skipping steps." He doesn't look at me when he speaks and there's a nervous lilt to his voice.

"Yeah but there are rules for dating right?" This time he goes look at me and for a moment I think I see something resembling hope in his face.

Does he want this too?

"Look Alex-" Whatever was going to come out of my mouth is cut off as my phone rings. Groaning as the caller ID flashes up Callie I almost want to curse the woman for her timing. Shaking off those thoughts I answer the phone knowing full well that my plans for the night have been basically taken over. Taking another bite of his pizza Alex gives me a sympathetic look.

Sometime during the breast reduction surgery, something I personally deem to be a crying shame, something clicks within my mind. What the hell am I being such a baby for? Why is this causing so much trouble for me? I have feelings for Alex and he has to have feelings for me as well. After our conversation last night I have no doubt about his feelings but even without that there's no way that he'd have stuck around for so long if he didn't feel something. Part of me has been hesitant to tell him for fear of what he might say or what he might do but I can't, I won't let that stop me anymore. For the first time in so long I've actually got a chance to be with someone I care about, someone I really care about and I'm not passing that up through fear.

Heading down the hallway I try my best to attempt to avoid O'Malley. The last thing I want to do is to have any kind of discussion with him about my current situation with Alex. There's only one person I want to talk to about this and that's the man himself. Unfortunately it would seem as though our resident cheater has other plans.

"Dr Sloan. Dr Sloan!" Rolling my eyes at the younger man I make to walk away from him when he calls out again. "This is important it's about Alex."

"You know what I'm starting to think he might be right, you really are stalking us."

"He's in surgery." Why would he track me down to tell me Alex is in surgery…unless… Crap! "There was an incident in the pit and he was stabbed."

I can feel my whole body go still at his words. He's been stabbed? Alex was stabbed! All the unsaid words go through me in a heartbeat and if I wasn't sure before that I wanted more with him that I was now. He's more than a friend. I care about him. I care about him a lot!

"Where is he?" It takes longer to get the words out than it should but my mouth has gone completely dry.

"Bailey operated on him." Operated? Oh my god. "He's through surgery but I thought I should tell you since you two are…" He trails off and I don't give him chance to speak again. Taking off I make it to the end of the corridor before realising I have no idea which OR they are in and force myself to wait for O'Malley to catch up.

"Bailey!" She doesn't seem all that surprised to see me walk into the room. "What the hell happened?" With a sigh she steps forward.

"He was stabbed in the lower right abdomen. There was some internal bleeding, a lot of internal bleeding, but we got it. He's stable right now but the next 48 hours are critical." She continues rattling off the facts and figures but I've tuned out. Internal bleeding? Critical? I could have lost him. I could have lost him and I wouldn't have gotten the chance to tell him.

Four long horrible days pass before Alex is declared out of immediate danger. As soon as those words pass Bailey's lips my entire body sags. I'm not going to lose him yet. It takes another four days before he regains consciousness. It takes another few hours before I get to see him since I'm stuck in surgery but as soon as I do my body sags with pure relief as I catch sight of those tired but gorgeous eyes.

"Hey." He croaks out, his voice tired from not being used for so long.

"Hey." For a moment an air of awkwardness passes between us but it only lasts for a beat. Dropping to his side a breath passes my lips. "I can't believe I almost lost you. You can't do that to me again not now that I've finally got you."

"Wasn't intentional." Taking his left hand in mine I raise my other hand to stroke his cheek.

"Guess I can't be too mad given that you saved Grey's life." He was a hero, a hero who I had no intentions of letting go any time soon. For a moment I simply sit there taking in the fact that he's still with me but eventually I'm forced to take in the fact that he's fighting to keep his eyes open.

"Get some sleep, I'll come back later and check on you." As much as I want to sit here and keep watch over him I've got to work. Leaning over I place a light kiss on his lips before his eyes slowly slide shut.

Yay! It's done. Okay so I didn't intend on writing another part to this piece but this wouldn't leave me alone.

Bye x