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Serendipity Tales

Tale One: Fiddleford Learns

Stanley "Stan" Pines and his business partner Fiddleford Hadron McGucket were toasting to their newfound success when the latter made a comment that surprised the former. "If Stanford could see me now."

"Stanford?" Stan asked in confusion. He hasn't heard that name ever since his father threw him out of the family.

Not knowing of the kinship between Stan and Stanford, Fiddleford assumed Stan thought he meant Stanford University. "Sorry, Stan. Stanford is an old friend of mine from back when I used to attend Backupsmore University. Like most people I've introduced my idea of portable computers to before I met you, he didn't think it'd sell. The most curious thing about it is that you and he have the same surname."

Stan was glad for not having any liquids inside his mouth when Fiddleford said that. "Are you talking about Stanford Filbrick Pines?" Stan asked.

Fiddleford gave a spit take back into his cup. "How do you know his middle name? Even I barely remember it since Stanford only mentioned it to me when we introduced ourselves to each other."

"He's my twin brother." Stan explained. "How come you couldn't notice the resemblance? I'm like him without the extra fingers."

"There's a five-year-gap from the last time I saw him and the first time I met you, Stan." Fiddleford explained. "Besides, the only brother he ever mentioned to me was a Sherman Pines."

"Yeah, he blamed me for not being able to get into West Coast Tech." Stan sadly explained. "I accidentally broke his project for a science fair and it destroyed his chances of being accepted there."

"Stanford did say something about that." Fiddleford commented. "Is it true he built a perpetual-motion machine?"

"Yes." Stan sadly answered. It still was a sore point for him but he not only felt the need to tell someone about it but also felt he could trust Fiddleford.

"What went wrong?" Fiddleford asked. "Something like that could see to it the world would no longer have to worry about an energy crisis."

"I've banged my hand on the table and smoke came out of the machine." Stan explained.

"It must've blown a fuse." Fiddleford deduced.

"It was an accident but Stanford didn't believe me." Stan explained. "My Dad was so furious he threw me out of home, berated me for costing our family's potential millions and told me I wouldn't be welcome back again until I made them a fortune. Because of that stupid mistake of mine, I had nothing but the Stanleymobile, the clothes I was wearing, and the stuff inside the duffel bag Dad threw at me."

Fiddleford was saddened by Stan's tale. "What're you doing now that you're rich?"

"I don't know." Stan confessed. "My main focus was to make millions so I could show them they made a mistake by throwing me out but I'm keeping my money for myself. No way I'm handing anything over just to buy my way back into my family."

"I'm sorry, Stan."

"Don't be, Fids." Stan solemnly replied. "Thanks to our newfound fame and fortune, they'll know where to send letters if they ever decide to call me back. I even remember reading at some newspaper that my brother received a grant from your alma mater. Knowing him, I'm sure he'll either build a better perpetual-motion machine or do something else that'll make history remember him for something more meaningful than being my twin brother." He then noticed Fiddleford's nervous (more than usual) face. "What?"

"I'm sorry, Stan, but your brother decided to use that grant to research supernatural anomalies in Gravity Falls, Oregon." Fiddleford sadly explained. "You sound disappointed but not surprised."

"Stanford always had an interest on the supernatural." Stan explained. "He hoped it'd lead him to a place where he and his extra fingers would belong. I'm disappointed my brother didn't get over it but, as you figured out, I'm not surprised."

"A toast to our success." Fiddleford said, feeling a change of subject would be welcome.

Author's note: Serendipity Tales is a series of one-shots that won't necessarily have any continuity among themselves or with the original fan comic other than the fact Stan and Fiddleford's teamwork made both of them millionaires.