Chapter 6: The Millennium Bug

"Hey, Fids." Stan addressed his business partner. "What's with this Millennium Bug thing I've heard about?"

"Some computers' calendars only change the year's two last digits, meaning that, once the year 2000 starts, those computers will assume it's the year 1900, Stan." Fiddleford explained.

"Should we be concerned about how our customers will react?" Stan asked while remembering the angry mobs from Stanco Enterprises' pre-Fiddleford era.

"Not at all, Stan." Fiddleford reassured his partner. "I've already prepared every one of them for the third millennium. The problem is with those from a time when giving a computer enough memory for all four digits was too expensive and the year 2000 seemed too distant for people to be worried about."

"Point taken, Fids." Stan accepted Fiddleford's explanation and started thinking on how he could use it on a commercial for a bug spray.

End chapter.