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What if Sirius didn't Get the News?

Chapter 1: The Death of Sirius Orion Black

Cornelius Oswald Fudge was performing his most hated duty as the Minister of Magic: inspecting Azkaban Prison. Once per year, Minister Fudge had to inspect the prison to see if everything was in order. Part of that consisted on seeing to it that every inmate was accounted for. Azkaban's most infamous inmate was Sirius Orion Black, believed to be Lord Voldemort's right-hand-man.

"Fudge, when will I get my trial?" Sirius asked as usual.

"It's Minister Fudge for you, Black, and there's no need to waste a trial for someone who's obviously guilty." Fudge retorted as usual. It was actually growing boring for the Minister, who secretly yearned for variety like when Sirius asked for his newspaper four years ago.

"What day is today?" Sirius asked.

"July 31st, 1997, Black." Fudge answered.

"Prongslet's birthday." Sirius sadly said. "My godson becomes an adult today. I missed his childhood and it's the Ministry's fault! I should have been allowed a trial! I'm innocent! You know? My cousin Bellatrix insists Voldemort will return. If he does, I hope it's with Peter Pettigrew's help so I can say it's yours, Dumbledore's, Crouch's and Bagnold's fault."

"I knew you're insane but that's beyond limits, Black." Fudge said. "Pettigrew is dead."

"NO, HE'S NOT!" Sirius angrily replied and then kept repeating 'he's not' until he had a stroke.

"Black, you're not playing a trick, are you?" Fudge asked. Thanks to the dementors' ability to sense human souls, it was confirmed that, unlike what Fudge feared, Sirius Black really died. "Did any of you took note of the time of death?" He asked one of the Aurors who were there with him as protection detail.

"I did it, Sir." One of them answered.

"Good." Fudge replied with no regards for the recently lost life. "Now we can add it when I report Black's death."

End chapter.

Author's Note: Before anyone asks, I believe that, even with Sirius' animagus form softening the dementors' effect on him, it was just a matter of time until he passed away in a timeline where he never left Azkaban.