Jake quickly took out his pocket knife and cut his and Ivans dick and then they fell.

Jake wondered what Rodney meant by "You were the dick first".

Then it hit him.

The AK, the girls he killed.

He seen this girl that looked like a Mexican like Rodney. "HOLY SHIT!" Jake yelled.

"What?" Ivan said. "I-I'll tell you later."

Everyone then geared up and went to this certain part of the base.

They were going to Vietnam.

On the helicopter there was a team of 10 people.

The Team 10 members and Rodney and his friends.

Jake looked at Rodney. "Hey! Do you know how much of a god I am yet?" Jake asked. "Shut the fuck up, ya fucking cunt."

Rodney replied. "Ugh."

They then landed in Nam and they were ready to fight... But then team 10 got captured and tied up. "Say your prayers, bitch." One of the enemy soldiers said while pointing a gun

at Jakes head. Rodney then jumped in and slit the enemy soldiers throat. "RODNEY! :O" Jake yelled. "Shut up." Rodney yelled back.

He then cut team ten loose and they headed for the helicopter. They then flew back to base and all of this happened in a matter of seconds. :)

Ivan ran up to Jake and asked what he was going to tell him earlier. "Uh... Ivan, I think I killed Rodneys kid." Jake said. "WHAT?" Ivan replied. "How are you so sure?"

"She's Mexican." Jake said. "Oh. So my boyfriends a murderer and a racist?" Ivan replied. "What? NO!" "You just said you murdered Rodneys daughter and also said that kid sounded like he was going

to blow something up. And now you're here calling Rodney a Mexican? Ugh.. Fuck you, Jake." Ivan then walked off, leaving Jake sad and alone.

It was lunch time and Jake sat alone because Team 10 didn't want his ass being there. Days passed and Jake couldn't handle the lonliness and isolation. He was going crazy.

Then Chance walked up to him. "Hey, Jake. You alright?" Jake turned around and screamed. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, CHANCE!" Then he swiftly pulled out his knife and.. Dropped it.

Jake was then on the floor crying. Chance looked down at him. "What a little bitch." Then kicked his balls and walked away. Jake decided he was leaving.

He started to run, he ran and ran and ran and jumped over the wall then continued running. "No, no, no, no, no, no." Jake continuesly said to himself while running. "JAKE, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING?" Ivan yelled.

But he didn't look back, he just kept running.

For a few days, Jake was on the run, then he was captured and sentenced for not serving his time in the army, now hes serving time in prison.

They decided to not feed him daily and only fed him weekly. For years Jake stayed in that cell, growing a massive beard and being really skinny.

Then.. Suddenly one day..

"Woah, what?" Jake said to himself. He found a few post cards by the door, he never noticed them, probably because of how dark it was. Somehow he read them. The first card said "420, 21 Jumpstreet, 911666.

Logan Paul." "Hey, Jake," the card read. "I miss you man, you didn't come home with Team 10, they said you ran off. I'm not sure if they found you yet, but still. I hope you get this. -L" "How in the fuck..?"

(Basically the FBI found the postcards and sent them to the place Jake was held at.) Then there was another one from Chance. "Hey, fucker, me and Team 10 are living it up, man. Ivan says he doesn't love you. We made some fire albums

and distracks and made over 777.800 Billion dollars, dude, we're loaded. I'm also the leader of Team 10, see ya." Jake couldn't believe it, everyones having a good life without him.. Jake then felt something in his stomach..

It was pain. The lack of food and flesh he was eating was getting to him. He then started coughing. But he then heard a siren going off.. It must've been a nuke. Vietnam got to them.. They were going to pay.

Jake fell on his side, clenched his stomach.. And died alone.

The end.