This story is happening after the time skip and Fishman island arc after resurfacing in the New World, also LEMON, LuffyXNami, LuffyXRobin, LuffyXNamiXRobnin. You have been warned.

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It was a normal day on the Thousand Sunny as Luffy stood on a lion head figure, Nami checking the three log post's, Robin reading on the lawn deck, Franky and Ussop inventing new gadgets and weapons, Zoro training in the Crow's nest, Sanji and Brook looking at some magazines in the kitchen and Chopper making some Rumble Balls. Luffy grinned knowing that everyone did what they did best, enjoying their voyage. What he did know was that two members of the crew were taking short and quick looks at him.

''My Kami he's hot'' they thought. ''How wind swings through his straw hat covered hair and plays with his red jacket, and how the sun is reflecting off his muscular body.'' long sight from both of them. ''Ahh, if only he would be mine.

Luffy with no idea what was happening behind him laughed and said:''Oi, Nami! Come take a look!''

''Did he really call me?!'' taught the navigator but said:''This better be good Luffy, I have a lot of work.''

''Why did he called that busty ginger and not me?'' thought the other member of the Strawhat crew. ''I'm way more beautiful and experienced, not to mention that gingers bring bad luck at sea.''

''Oi Robin! You come and take a look too!''called the clueless captain.

''What?! No don't call her, we don't need her here'' taught the orange haired navigator, but she said with a cheerful voice:''What a good idea Luffy, those Coral Dolphsarks are really interesting, but Robin already seen one for sure, she doesn't need to come here just for that!''

''Actually, I've never seen one before.''said the raven-haired woman, although those sharks were pretty common around Alabasta.

''Of course, she didn't, little lying bitch. She would say anything just to be around him.'' Nami thought to herself. As the two female members of the crew joined Luffy at the figurehead all but Luffy noticed that the air chilled for a couple of degrees. Luffy, of course, didn't notice anything even when he took a look at both of them. As he admired Magnificent Dolphsarks Nami took her chance and wrapped her arm around his shoulders as afraid she would fall. Robin clearly noticing this called her captain: ''Look Luffy! You can see them better from this side!'' As Luffy came to her she hugged him from behind and showed him a couple really big ones.

''Dam that slut! How dare she steal my Luffy from me? I'll show her'' taught Nami, her face pouting.

As the day slowly passed by Nami and Robin continued their fight for Luffy's attention. Luffy himself, of course, didn't notice anything but the rest of the crew was having a great time. Franky, Ussop, and Brook even bet which will win him over. Ussop bet 1000 berries on Nami while Brook and Franky both bet their money on Robin. On that Ussop said: ''You don't know Nami as well as I do. Once she decides she wants something she'll get it, no matter the price.''

The tension was felt even at dinner when bot of females sat next to Luffy, Robin on his left and Nami on his right. As Luffy continued stealing everyone's food both wimmen noticed that nothing disappeared from their plates.

''I knew she loved me not her.'' they both thought to herself and dreamed of sitting together with him on the figurehead while the other was in the background crying admitting defeat.

After dinner, Luffy went straight to his room and prepared to rest as someone knocked on his door

''Come in'' he said. As the door opened, Robin was standing there in a rather revealing outfit. Luffy lifted one eyebrow: ''How can I help you, Robin?''.

''Oh nothing I just thought I'd come and take a look if everything's okay,'' she said with a slight blush.

''Okay, Robin. I am a bad liar and even I can see that you're not even trying,'' said Luffy

''Luffy, can I be honest with you?''

''Of course, Robin that's why we have nakamas.''

''Oh'' said Robin. That wasn't the answer she was looking for.

''So what did you wanna talk about?''

''Nevermind, it's not important.''

''But I really wanna know.'' said with his whining voice.

Robin lightly chuckled: ''Well I can't ignore my captain's request, can I.''

Luffy grinned and said: ''So what's the problem?''

''Luffy, do you know what love is?'' asked the archeologist, while her blush deepened.

''Well, I have an idea about it'' said Luffy with s slight blush.

''You do?'' said Robin. That was something she never expected, first of all, Luffy blushing and second him having an idea of what love is.

''So what do you think love is?'' she asked

''It is when you start developing feelings for a special person when you feel butterflies in your stomach and you're heart starts pumping faster. But then you have true love when you're ready to do anything for this person, saving her from others and saving her from herself, going through happiness and sadness.'' Luffy concluded. Robin stared in shock. She figured her captain might have some idea about love but she never expected an answer like that.

''So, what did you come here for?'' Luffy broke the silence.

''I came to tell you something, …'' she started.

''Yes...?'' he poked into her.

''Oh to hell with all!'' she yelled and press her lips to his.

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