Stephanie had gotten into her class early and chose to sit down in her seat. She had to wait for the teacher had not yet arrived. Marcus, was already in the room. He was in his seat and staring at her smiling. So, Stephanie decided to smile back,

"You okay?",asked Marcus.

Stephanie continued to smile as her cheeks turned red.

"I'm fine.",said Stephanie.

Marcus nodded at her. He turned away from her to face the chalk board. Stephanie did the Marcus and Stephanie leaned over to see who it was.

It was Stephanie's friends, Tina and Carrie. Carrie seemed to be smiling, which was good for Stephanie. She always liked to be around her friends. Tina seemed to be really bummed out for some reason. Stephanie's smile faded to questionable when seeing her. Tina and Carrie were getting ready to sit in their seats. Stephanie tried to stop them, not because she doesn't want them to sit their seats, she wanted to talk to them.

Carrie and Tina turned to face towards her. Their faces, the happy face and the bummed out face turned with questioning eyes,

"Whats going on?",asked Stephanie.

"Oh it's just Tina keeps bragging to me how everything lucky is happening to her.",sighed Tina.

"Oh Stephanie, you wouldn't believe what happened yesterday!", shouted Carrie in a very unusual upbeat tone.

Stephanie, who was still curious about what was going on between the both of them. She turned towards Carrie to hear what she has to say,

"Go on, I'm listening.",said Stephanie.

The talk went on forever with Carrie. First, it began with Carrie's favorite show started a new season. Then that she found a quarter on the street. Stephanie was getting bored, because, the conversation seemed to never stop and was almost quite happy. When the bell rang, it meant Tina and Carrie got into their seats right away.

That was when Stephanie knew after her conversation with Carrie that's when she knew something was wrong.