When school was over, the very first person who walked out of the school building was Carrie. She continued having that big smile on her face that she had during the whole school day. Behind her was Stephanie and Whisper, she didn't really notice it. The pair continued to follow her. Stephanie stopped herself as she turned towards Whisper. Carrie was continuing her way back home.

"Whisper, I think she is inspired by a Yo-Kai.",whispered Stephanie.

"What!? What are you talking about!?",shouted Whisper in disbelief.

"Well, Whisper, you remember saying that Yo-Kai inspired people during holidays like St Patrick's Day,right?",said Stephanie.

She went on from talking to Whisper, to using her Yo-Kai watch to see if there was any sign of a Yo-Kai. That was inspiring to Carrie.

"Got you!",shouted Stephanie.

As soon as Stephanie shouted that out, it got Whisper's attention. That was Stephanie aiming at from where it was! Stephanie aimed her Yo-Kai watch at it, pointing at a small snake-like creature following to where Carrie was going. This made Whisper almost to freak out and made him scream as Stephanie turned her head towards Whisper

"Whisper, who is that Yo-Kai?",asked Stephanie

"Uuuh.",said Whisper as he quickly got out his iPad to see what type of Yo Kai it was. By the time he was finished searching it up, Whisper started screaming in joy.

"What-what is it?",asked Stephanie.

"That Stephanie is the Noko!",shouted Whisper