As Stephanie over to the tree to investigate, she discovered it was some old gumball machine . "Huh?" went Stephanie, as she continues examining the gumball machine."Well I could go for a gumball right about now." said Stephanie as she toyed with the quarter she had in her hand. When she was about to put it she heard a noise it went "~Feed me~" Stephanie gasped."What was that?" she asked."Never mind, it might be the wind." said Stephanie "It's not the wind,now feed me~" went the noise again."Huh, what?" asked Stephanie"FEED ME!~" shouted the voice again "Huh!? What the!? You want me to feed you!?" shouted Stephanie "Feed me,Feed me, I need to eat!~" asked the voice as Stephanie quickly put the coin in the machine . Out came a small ball."This is not a gumball." said Stephanie as she tried to open the ball . It popped opened! There was a weird white creature "Good day ,young founder, I am Whisper charm!" The creature said as Stephanie stared at Whisper. She said "You're a ghost made out of ice cream!".Whisper was shocked "Excuse me! I am a Yo-Kai ! I don't know if you're father told you this but I am a Yo-Kai!" sang Whisper ."My father? How do you know my father?" asked Stephanie. "Well,I used to work for him when he was a kid." said stared at him,then walked away. "Hey where you going!?" spoke Whisper."Home!" Stephanie said over her stayed quiet a bit then followed Stephanie.