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Author's Note: This story is dedicated to MissEclipse, who got me stuck with the idea of a sequel, Ann Murry, who followed and reviewed the first one, and for LittleMonkeyDog, who also followed and reviewed the first one. The three of you gave me support when writing Running Again, and I hope you all enjoy the sequel to it.

A sequel to The A-Team: Running Again. I would suggest reading that story first, if you haven't already, although this one doesn't really give away too much of the first one.




Stockwell used his fingers to comb through his graying, messy hair, returning to the rickety cot that was his bed. The A-Team had somehow managed to lock him up for the past year and a half, and his bitterness had only grown worse and worse as time went on. Perhaps it was the tasteless food that added to his discomfort, or perhaps it was the cramped quarters along with his unsophisticated inmates. Or maybe it was the fact that Smith and his teammates got to live normal lives, while Stockwell was locked away and forced to live with nothing but four walls and a steel door.

Today, however, was very different. He refused to be held here any longer. His thirst for revenge had only grown stronger. Somehow he was getting out of this prison, regardless of what was going to happen. The retired general would simply have to live his life on the run, similar to what the A-Team had done only he was going to do something that had to be done to rid the world of four outlaws.

The rain pattered hard in the outside world, Stockwell realized as soon as he was free. He bolted blindly in the dark, his heart racing. But by the time he heard sirens announcing the rest of the prison to his escape, he was long gone. A sinister grin curled on his lips and he chuckled to himself as he took off running into the darkness, enjoying the crisp breeze that carried more ice cold rain into his eyes. The legendary A-Team better watch out...they're going to pay for what they did to me...