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Author's Note: A sequel to The A-Team: Running Again.


Chapter One- 'Here We Go Again?'


Face slipped outside of the van, followed by Murdock. Stretching his arms out, Face shivered as a burst of cold wind blew through his hair. "Home, sweet home." Murdock nodded in agreement as he adjusted his faded blue baseball cap.

"You're gonna have to explain that shiner there to Leigh. She's probably going to be furious that none of us had a chance to call this mission." Murdock told Face as Hannibal opened the passenger door, then the pilot addressed his leader, "Maggie's going to be worried sick. Kelly and Charlotte, too." Oddly enough it was Murdock who was the sane one, but perhaps it was only the lack of sleep and growing fear of the chastising they were going to receive from their wives.

Hannibal sighed, "Frankie's lucky. He's the only one who doesn't have to worry about his loved ones when he's away."

"That's just 'cause he's the only one who wanted to live a 'normal' life now that he's free." B.A. growled as he began to follow his teammates up to Hannibal and Maggie's front porch. None of their wives knew anything about when they'd be back, mainly because their most recent mission had kept them busy for a little over a week, and none of them had a chance to call anyone to tell them what was going on, or when they'd be back.

Face made a fist and lightly knocked on the door, casting a hesitant glance to his companions as Hannibal reached forward and ringed the doorbell. There was no response for several minutes. Face shrugged, "Maybe she's out grocery shopping," he suggested, trying to be as optimistic as he could, but meeting the cold, tired gaze that Hannibal fixed his lieutenant with made Face let out a defeated sigh, "Or she's probably mad at us and this is her friendly way of getting back at us." Just as he finished, the door unlocked and swung open. Face was nearly pushed over as Maggie rushed past him to get to Hannibal. Struggling to get his balance, he crashed into Murdock, who awkwardly helped his friend regain balance. "Nice to see you again too, Maggie..." Face grumbled, running a hand through his hair and smoothing the wrinkles out of his clothes.

Maggie seemed to ignore Face, too focused on seeing her husband again, greeting the gray-haired Colonel with a kiss and a hug, while the others were forced to watch awkwardly. After a few moments, Maggie pulled away from Hannibal and studied the rest of them carefully, "Looks like none of you were injured too badly, thankfully. I wish you'd have called."

"We were a bit busy with the recent case." Hannibal explained to her. Maggie nodded as if to say she understood as she got closer to Face, B.A., and Murdock to get a closer look at their injuries, but Hannibal added rather calmly, "They only got a few scrapes and bruises. They'll live."

Maggie shook her head and gave an amused chuckled, and Face had a suspicion he knew what she was going to say next and he realized he had been actually pretty close to guessing her words, "I'm not sure Face is going to, though. Live, I mean." Maggie's amused gaze fell on the dirty blond lieutenant as she continued, "Leigh's been a nervous wreck all week. Honestly she was more nervous than B.A. was when Joseph was born."

"I wasn't nervous!" B.A. protested, even if he too believed it or knew it was true. If he wanted to protest more, he didn't and a brief, awkward silence fell over everyone until B.A. spoke again, "Speaking of Joseph, are you watching him today by any chance or did Charlotte leave him with her brother?" Maggie gestured inside, likely telling B.A. to go and see for himself, and B.A. and Murdock set off to see the two year old- wherever he was -leaving Face and Hannibal with Maggie.

Face looked at Maggie, hopefully and he asked, "What about Jacob? Is he here too?"

"He's with the Decker grandparents today. I was supposed to watch him, but Leigh said her parents had already been visiting and not to worry about it." Face's heart sank. He missed his son, and knew that Decker wasn't the best company when Face was around. Maggie seemed to sense that he was upset and she tried to cheer him up by adding gently, "But Leigh will be home from work in an hour or two. Maybe do something to hopefully keep her from inflicting further injuries upon your face?" It was a joke, but Face put on his usual look of 'I'm not amused' as Maggie and Hannibal began to chuckle.

For an hour or so he hung around before he realized he'd better leave if he wanted to get back to his house when Leigh did. He bid farewell to his friends, though Murdock followed him outside to leave to see his own wife. Face had thought of something nice to do for Leigh, when he finally decided upon something. He bought her some flowers- though he had briefly considered scamming them for old times sake -and combed his hair, grateful that he already was wearing a nice suit.

Face arrived and entered his home, clutching the flowers in one arm and he placed said flowers on the island in the middle of the kitchen before heading to the Living Room, holding back a sigh as he saw his in-laws sitting with Jacob, Face's nearly one-year old son. He put on a grin and entered the room happily, "Hello, mom," he looked to Decker, "And how are you today, Colonel?"

Decker scowled, "I was fine until you showed up, Peck."

"Roderick!" Laura exclaimed, swatting at her husband, "Why must you always be so rude to Templeton?" Decker went silent and nodded a greeting instead, making Face chuckle. Jacob turned to look at Face, and reached out with his tiny arms. Laura smiled and handed the child to Face. "He's been waiting to see his daddy again."

Face accepted the child carefully, giving his son a kiss on the cheek. "Hey there, buddy." He hugged Jacob, freezing suddenly as a car door slammed shut outside and his eyes followed Decker and Laura as they began to head towards the front door.

"Well, it was nice seeing you again, dear." Laura told him as she grabbed her sweater and slipped it on, "Goodnight, Templeton. And goodnight, Jacob." The two left, and Face peered out the window as they said goodbye to their daughter on their way out, but as soon as they left, Leigh continued to walk to the house.

"Alright, buddy, time for me to meet my fate." He set the child down on the floor and his son began to play with a few blocks as if nothing had happened. Face, however, hurried to comb his hair- again -and then adjust his tie, ready for Leigh to walk inside.

As soon as the door opened and Leigh stepped inside, her eyes widened, "Face! You're home!" she raced over to him and happily wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him on his cheek as she hugged him tightly. He returned the hug, surprised that she wasn't angry about him not calling, but then again, Leigh's moods were hard to predict at times, "I was worried when nobody called. I figured you were being held prisoner by a gang or something..."

Face explained the situation to her, and they sat down to dinner. After dinner, Leigh went upstairs with Jacob, returning a few minutes later to inform Face that Jacob was now sound asleep and the couple curled up together on the couch.

Leigh leaned against Face's chest as he wrapped a blanket around them, putting his arm around her shoulder and holding her close to him. "I hate this, Face!" Leigh spat suddenly, making Face jump, but she quickly added, "I mean not being able to go with the Team. Your son hardly ever sees you, and neither do I. Hannibal used to let me go on missions with you and the others..." Face could tell by her voice that she was upset.

"But that was before you had Jacob. He needs his mother." Face told her.

"He needs his father too." She adjusted slightly so that she could look him in the eyes, and Face saw her wince at the sight of his black eye, even though the bruise was already fading, "I want to be able to help you..."

"You are helping me, Leigh..." Face told her, and seeing her confused expression he explained, "You're here. Waiting for me when I come home. Maybe, when Jacob's old enough you can come along on missions every now and then, but for now you're helping by being right here." Face said softly, kissing Leigh as if to erase any further doubts she might have. Both of them jumped when the phone rang. With a groan of annoyance at the interruption, Face reached to the small table beside the couch and answered the phone with a 'hello'.

"Face?" The voice on the other end asked.

"Hannibal!" Face growled, not hiding his irritation towards his commander, "I could kill you right now, y'know that? Do you have any-"

"Forget about that, Face, turn on the news." Face was confused but obeyed, turning on the TV and changing to the news.

The reporter, a young woman appeared on the screen, "-Hunt Stockwell has recently escaped from a military prison, and thus far authorities have been unsuccessful in finding him. He is presumed to be armed, and dangerous. In other news-" Face clicked off the TV and briefly met Leigh's shocked gaze.


"I'll call the others and we'll head to your house, okay?" Hannibal said, though he didn't wait for Face's response before he hung up.

Face nervously ran a hand through his hair, turning to look at Leigh. "Here we go again...Stockwell's back. Oh, boy..."