Mels either answered her mobile straight away, or let it ring for ages. This time, she answered straight away.

"Amy. What's up?" she chirped.

"We got engaged," Amy blurted.

"What? Oh my God. Yes! You said yes! Oh my God. Well. Finally. Congratulations!"

"I can't believe it," Amy breathed, "We'd gone out to buy, umm, Tic Tacs of all things, and we went for a wander on the way home, that nice place by the beck we took you to that time. So we're walking, chatting about nothing, y'know, and Rory says 'Um, I've got something to ask you'. And I was like, 'Yeah?' and he mumbled for about four hours and fumbled in his pocket, and then he sort of knelt so he was hovering and he...asked,"

"And you said?"

"Well, thought I was gonna cry and you know how if I cry he cries, so I was like c'mon Amy keep it together. And Rory's going 'Ummm' and I said 'No, no, I mean yes-yes of course and he was like 'Which one you said both?' and I said 'Yes. Yes is my final answer' and he said- oh my God, Mels, guess what he said- 'Are you sure?'. I was like 'Yes I'm sure, I want to marry you, you moron'. And he said 'Oh, that's good, then'. And then we went home to catch up on Battlestar Galactica,"

"'Are you sure?'. That's the most Rory thing I've ever heard. What a dweeb your future husband is,"

"Future husband? Isn't that insane. I'm going to marry Rory Williams". Amy couldn't help but giggle at the thought.

"Nah. You've always been going to marry each other. Everybody knew it, even when you two refused to admit it. Have you set a date?"

"It only happened yesterday! I don't know, May?" Amy shrugged, then had a thought. "Hang on. Mels?"


"You said, 'You said yes'".

"So? You did say yes,"

"But you've only have said that if- Mels, did you know?"

"Did I know you and Rory amori were going to get married? Only since ever," Mels replied theatrically.

"No, I mean, did he tell you? Did Rory tell you he was proposing?"

"I have no idea what you are talking about," Mels said innocently, and Amy could hear the smirk.

"He did! What did he say? What did you say?"

"Oh, he was being so sweet about it all, bumbling about how much he loves you and how you've been off and on but he thinks it's forever this time and should he do it, are you both too young, were you going to say yes, what if his Auntie Irene can't find the right hat to wear, bla bla,"

"What did you say?"

"I told him that you're as crazy for him as he is for you, you're just better at hiding it. I told him that if he thinks this is it then he isn't too young. He thought perhaps you should both should wait, but I said no. And I told him that under no circumstances should I be expected to make a speech at the reception,"

"But you're my maid of honour. Duh,"

"Well. We'll see," said Mels vaguely, "By the way, could you open your window?"

"What? Wh-"

The question died in Amy's mouth as she glanced over to the window to see Mels herself, clinging to the windowframe. Amy's hand dropped the phone and her mouth dropped open into an O shape.

"What are you doing there? What are you doing here?"

Mels stuffed her phone into her pocket and called through the glass, "Never mind, can you just let me in,"

Amy huffed, grinned and opened the window. "What are you on? Aren't you supposed to be at university?"

Coming as a surprise to nobody, Mels had passed all her A Levels with flying colours and was currently in Glasgow studying History (there'd been talk of Oxford and Cambridge, but Mels had dismissed the idea, scoffing that they were "full of nerdy posh types". Glasgow, with its busy town centre, party nights and cool art galleries, was much more her scene). Rory had gone straight into nurse training from school, and would be fully qualified in a few months. Amy had also stayed in Leadworth, taking up various jobs including shop worker, netball coach, kiss-o-gram (that one had initially been a dare from Mels but Amy found that she actually rather enjoyed it. She'd given it up when she got back together with Rory, although the policewoman costume was still in her wardrobe), plumber's assistant and occasional secretary to the editor of the local paper. Often she felt jealous of Rory and Mels, who seemed to be moving forward with their lives; getting qualifications and planning careers. It wasn't that Amy wasn't bright; she just wasn't good at making decisions. She was fairly good at quite a few things, but there wasn't one area in which she shone. That was what you needed to get into university wasn't it, one subject you excelled in and could be bothered to study for three years? (Well, actually Mels excelled in most subjects, but Mels was a special case). Amy had hoped that knocking around in Leadworth trying things out would provide her with some career ideas, but nothing had turned up yet.

"Oh and hello to you too, best friend," Mels said sarcastically, clambering through the window, "Nice to see you,"

"Don't you have exams coming up?"

"God, always on my case. I'm revising, I promise. But more important than revision is seeing my two favourite humans who are going to be married," Mels shrieked, then added hurriedly, "By the way I'm gonna have to stay at yours tonight. And maybe borrow twenty quid for the train back,"

"You are the limit," Amy reprimanded, folding her arms, "Well. I'm not gonna hug first,"

"Hmph, nor am I," Mels shot back. She shoved her hands in her pockets and glanced around the room, looking anywhere but Amy. After a few awkward moments, they both burst into laughter and hugged, hard. And that now familiar but still uncomfortable, powerful feeling flickered inside Amelia's body. A lurch in her heart and stomach, making her skin tingle. She'd felt a similar feeling with Rory sometimes- cuddled on the sofa watching TV, looking into his eyes during sex, having a conversation where they were exactly on the same wavelength. It made her chest heavy and her stomach feel like mush. That, she knew now, was what being in love was like. This feeling was in the same ballpark, but significantly different.

Mels peeled herself away from Amy. "You alright?"

Amy brushed the tears out of her eyes. "Yeah. Course. Just been an emotional couple of days". Her voice was raspy.

"I'm sure," Mels nodded, then said bracingly, "Dude, you're getting married. Oh, so much to do- dress, hair, food. Shoes. We're gonna need a whole week looking at shoes-"

"Mels," Amy blurted, surprising herself, "Mels did you, err, feel something?"


"When we..." and now Amy's brain had caught up with her mouth, she knew what the words she wanted to say were but they sounded ridiculous, "When we touch, sometimes I get this...feeling. I don't know what it is, it's nice but it's... scary. I've had it since I was little and I don't know what it is or what it means. Do you get that too?". There was her confession, out there in the open. Amy wasn't sure when in the last ten seconds she'd decided to say it, but there was no taking it back now. Amy had never felt more stupid or more embarrassed in her life. It didn't help that Mels looked her in the eye for a long time, unspeaking.

"...that wasn't me trying to hit on you, by the way". This was true but Amy wasn't sure whether to say it seriously or like a joke. It came out a horrible mixture of both. "It's like being in love but it isn't the same thing, I know it isn't the same, but I can't describe...". Mels was still looking intently at Amy, and Amy wasn't sure if she should keep talking, or shut up sharpish. Unhelpfully, her mouth took over, attempting to describe what she'd just admitted was indescribable, "It's like fuzzy, like a stomach ache or something, and it's on my skin and my...heart". Amy grimaced at herself.

Slowly, quietly, Mels spoke. "I understand".

Amy bit her lip to stop herself gasping. She understood? "Do you get it too? Or do I sound crazy?

"Amy," said Mels. She spoke in a serious, calm tone which Amy had rare heard her use. Her eyes were locked on Amy's, her expression unreadable, "I understand". There was a beat. A moment of acknowledgement, perhaps acceptance, although acceptance of what Amelia wasn't sure. The feeling prickled inside her again. Amy closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again.

Then, Mels grinned wolfishly, grabbed Amy's phone from the bed, unlocked it, and announced, "Now, let's call your fella and so I can celebrate with both of you."

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