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The Konoha village was home to some of the most legendary ninjas, The Sannin, The Professor, The Yellow Flash, and home to some of the world's leading clans, the Uchiha, the Hyuuga, but it is also home to a little boy who wishes nothing but the pain to go away and for the people causing him torment to leave him alone.

Everyday was a constant struggle for him, chase after chase after chase, relentlessly trying to catch the boy and punish him for things he couldn't even control, a situation he doesn't even know, yet they still try to capture him.

Even the efforts of the Anbu, those who had been assigned to protect the young boy, though helping the boy by chasing away the enraged people, cannot help and heal the emotional pain and loneliness he felt everyday.

Naruto Uzumaki, this child is the bearer of the Kyuubi, a Jinchuuriki of the strongest tailed-beasts. The same beast which was sealed by his own father. The source and reason for his harsh life.

However this fact was kept a secret as to keep Naruto himself away from enemy his father had made, and other ninjas who wishes to use Naruto as a weapon.

But Naruto doesn't know this, and even with this constant level of torment and agony, enough to drive a person insane and attempt suicide, it doesn't affect him. For he has the biggest heart of all. All he truly wants is to be respected and recognized by the village, the same people who attempted to take his life.

And so he decided to become Hokage. The leader of the village, the person who has vowed to protect the citizen in its entirety. A selfless dream, one might add. But it was his goal, to become the best ninja and protect everyone.

In his short years of life, he has always tried his best. In the academy, the spars, the studying, the training, even the pranks he does during his time in the academy just drives him more towards his goal, despite the teachers attempt at failing the boy.

Even so, this boy's dream was all thanks to some of the people who had truly cared about the well being of Naruto. This people are the treasures in the young boy's life. It was thanks to them, he didn't have to go through everything alone.

The Hokage, or 'the old man' as what Naruto likes to call him, is one of his precious people. Even with his duties as the leader of the village, he has never stopped caring for the boy and his actions to keep Naruto's identity a secret is only done as to protect him. He was like the grandfather he never had.

Ichiraku Ramen, a restaurant managed by an old but kind and caring man, Teuchi, along with his daughter, Ayame, both has given him what he needed most, love and affection. For they were the only ones who opened up to him. Even when they got scorn by the other villagers or the stall vandalized, they have never once turned their backs on him.

Iruka-Sensei, his academy teacher and his only teacher that actually wanted him to pass and succeed in life. Even when Naruto gets scolded by him and punished when he does his signature prank, he never truly hated him, despite Naruto's glares when his teacher caught him. He never understood why he always gets caught by him, but he never got angry while so. At the end of the day, Iruka awards him for finishing his punishment with a free Ramen at Ichiraku's. Despite Iruka's actions towards they boy, he was the only one who sincerely payed attention to him. Much like what a parent does to their children, for they want what's best for their children.

These were the people who makes up Naruto's precious people. It could be counted by one hand but they were the ones who helped him when no else would, they were the ones which cared for him and loved him, and they were the ones who helped shaped his dreams, a noble yet almost-impossible dream for the young boy, but it never stopped him.

Despite his resolve, on that day, the graduation exam, his third and final attempt at graduating, his motivation to finally become hokage, was crushed and reduced to dust the moment he could not attempt a Bunshin, a prerequisite for becoming a genin, the only obstacle that he always fails at no matter what he does, was the reason he could not pass.

Thus he sat by himself on the swing, looking at the other parents congratulating their children for graduating. Naruto's resolve, the only thing he has going for him has all but disappeared along with his hopes and dreams. As if the weather was responding to his emotions, it began to rain.

He cried.

He had vowed to never cry again, yet he couldn't keep himself from breaking down and letting all his emotions and grief out. He tried so hard to be accepted, but this is what the world has given him? Not even a chance to become a ninja?

Naruto walks away from the academy, his head heading down, as well as his feelings. He tried to brush it away, to hide behind his happy go-lucky behavior, but he couldn't. Not this time.

He finally accepted the reality that he was nothing to begin with, just a child with an absurd and hopeless dream.

He didn't even bother to go to Ichiraku's to lift his spirits up, like he always does. With no desire to eat his most favourite food along with some of his precious people, Naruto truly felt empty, his heart void of any emotions.

He tried to cry himself to sleep, to make the pain he has been bearing the whole time to go away but he couldn't sleep. He couldn't do anything.

He just wanted to disappear. To run away.

"Please make it stop. I just want to disappear" the boy uttered.

As if the gods themselves was listening to the boy's words, his vision faded and he finally closed his eyes as sleep overtook him. With his rhythmic breath and motion of chest, the boy glowed, shining bright as he finally disappeared.

Disappeared into thin air.

(A/N) It's a little bit short but I wanted to write this as a prelude and introduction to the story. I'll publish more soon! Very soon.