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So this one is basically set post-Season 5 finale, and I will try to keep the tone for this light.


Three months. 12 weeks. 72 days. 1728 hours.

That is a lot of time.

Jess lay on her bed, staring at the ceiling as the first light of the morning woke her up. Her head hurt a little from all the alcohol she'd had last night, but it was like the pain was making things a little clear for her. She had clarity. She knew what she wanted to do.

Nick had left for New Orleans last evening, and though she felt slightly dejected at the idea of him not being around, she also felt a certain thrill at the prospect of the looming challenge.

There was enough time to get over Nick. Last night, she had drowned herself in a bottle of wine after everyone had left. She felt slightly rueful about being left behind, but decided that what she needed was some time for herself. She had at least one week before Winston returned from the honeymoon prank, but even after his return, he'd probably hang around with Aly. And then another week before Schmidt and Cece came back.

So at least two weeks of some life changing, reflective, solitude.

This will be good.

And she had three months before Nick came back, with a beautiful girlfriend on his arm, and that was more than enough time to brace herself and mentally prepare herself.

Three months. 12 weeks. 72 days. 1728 hours.

She would be ready for it, and when they came, Jess would welcome them warmly.

Jessica Christopher Day was not the kind of woman who would let her feelings for a man get in the way of life.

"Men may come and men may go, but I go on forever," she recited.

Thank you, Lord Tennyson, for your support.

She thought reverently.


Jess opened her closet and gazed at the list she had prepared that was now stuck behind the closet door. The 'list' was nearly 10 A4 size sheets long. It was everything - every single thing - she'd ever wanted to do, ranging from small activities to taking courses, purchasing oddities and even changes she'd always wanted to introduce into her routine but ah, lethargy had always been a bigger enemy.

I have a bigger enemy now.

She had taken three days to get the list together, and she couldn't be more excited to start checking things off of them. She had categorised all of them neatly of course. It was the most organised bucket-list anyone had ever made. The categories ranged from 'Long Term' to 'Expensive' and even 'Fun' and 'Not So Fun But Must Do It'.


She looked at herself in the mirror and threw a furtive glance at the brand new sports shows she'd bought.

It's just a ten minute jog, Jess. You can do this. Ten minutes. What's the big deal?

~Ten Minutes Later~

At least I'm not dead.

She lay down on the grass, panting, staring at the clouds and trying to inhale deeply. As her breathing started to go back to normal, she smiled to herself, liking the feeling of that exhaustion.

This is not bad.

She wondered if she start going to the gym to, but shook her head.

Jess, no. Stick to the plan. Gym isn't until the end of Week 2.

After a moment, she pushed herself back up and started to stroll towards the loft.

Tomorrow, I jog for 15 minutes.

She breathed in the fresh, morning air, revelling in the silence. All her life, she'd been surrounded by people, and found the need to talk. Talking came to her naturally, and any form of silence made her extremely uncomfortable. But after two days of being alone, she had started to enjoy her own company more and more, and learned to be more comfortable with her thoughts. She didn't spiral into sessions of overthinking anymore, and even if she did, the meditation classes she went to in the evening automatically calmed her down.

She reached home and took a long shower, humming initially but soon, she was singing at the top of her voice. Wearing just her underwear, she hopped to her bedroom and started to change when her eyes fell on her cellphone which sat on the dresser.

Nick hadn't called in the last four days at all. She started to feel her heart sink, and immediately, her body went on auto-mode and walked towards the closet to glance at her list.

Seems like a good day to make some creme brûlée.

A/N: Yep, this is another reunion fan fic cuz I'm a sucker for those and this also plays on the same idea of the show as Jess having developed multiple hobbies to keep herself distracted. This is a more fleshed out version though and I felt the whole idea had been underplayed. This fic won't have Reagan in it and I will try to keep this light-hearted lol (and try not to fail miserably with the light-heartedness like I did with We Found Wonderland lol).

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