"This is Saskia Munroe, 12 years old has acid poured over her abdomen and stomach" Sam said as she walked in with the girl who was sitting in a wheelchair. The young girl looked sat in a wet t-shirt sticking to her skin.

"Straight to resus" Elle shouted.

"Sash?" Alicia said as she followed then into resus. She didn't hear the rest of what was being said.

"Sash, what's happened?" Alicia asked. Saskia looked at her sister unsure of what to say or do instead she let a tear drop slip down her face.

"Saskia, speak to me please?" Alicia asked. "What are you doing down here?"

Alicia was worried that she wasn't receiving any response from her.

"Dr Monroe, can I ask what you are doing in here?" Elle asked.

"Sorry Dr Gardner, this is my sister" Alicia responded.

"I thought your family lived in Newcastle" Elle asked and Alicia nodded.

"They do, I have no idea why she is down her and I have no idea what has happened to her" Alicia responded.

"Right, we need to get this top off so I can have a look at the burn" Dr Gardner said as turned to Saskia.

"I'm going to cut your top off so I can look at your skin. It doesn't appear to have stuck to your skin" Elle explained as she tried to gently move the wet t-shirt from the girl's skin to see if it was stuck to the burns.

"No don't please" Saskia begged.

"Sash, let Dr Gardner cut your top" Alicia said grabbing her sister's hand.

"What are you worried about?" Alicia asked. Elle began to cut the girls white top off noticing that the girl was wearing a vest underneath.

"I'm going to have to cut this off too" Elle explained and that was when the girl went bright red before bursting into tears.

"Sash, why won't you speak to me?" Alicia asked frustrated. She lay her head on her sister's arm and sighed.

"Lesh" Saskia whispered and Alicia looked up at the girl. She moved her head towards her sister so she could whisper in her ear.

"Do they need to cut the whole vest off?" She asked. Alicia looked at the girl and thought that she knew what the girl was on about.

"It depends where the acid has been spilt" Alicia explained. "We can pull the curtain around and then it's just me and Elle or I can leave if you want?"

"I'm scared" Saskia said.

"I know, I'm not going anywhere" Alicia said as she grabbed the scissors and began to cut the vest.

"Can you pull the curtains?" Alicia asked and Elle did as she was asked.

"These burns need cleaned and then dressed. I don't think they are deep enough to have caused any lasting damage them" Elle explained as she checked the burns.

"Is there anymore further up your chest" Elle asked and Saskia shook her head.

"Do you promise, Sash?" Alicia asked. "Can I check?"

"Lesh, you are embarrassing me" Saskia complained.

"Can I just help you into the gown or I can get a nurse to help you?" Alicia said.

"Okay" Saskia mumbled knowing how head strong her sister could be.

"Let's get you to a cubicle first" Alicia said as she wheeled her sister.

"We have gotten in touch with both your mother and father, Saskia but they are unable to get here for at least 10 hours" Elle explained and Saskia nodded.

"Its fine, I am here" Alicia said. "I'll speak to mum"

Elle nodded.

"Can you get changed into this" Elle said handing the girl the gown.

"Elle, can I have a word?" Alicia asked and Elle nodded. They stepped outside the room.

"Is there any chance that I can finish my shift just now? You have enough doctors but I really don't want to leave my sister. I need to speak to her and find out what's happened" Alicia explained.

"Of course, go and stay with your sister. I think your sister was here with her school so I will send the teacher through in about 10 minutes or so" Elle explained and Alicia nodded.

"I'll get her changed" Alicia said before going back into the cubicle.

"Let's get you changed into this" Alicia said as she opened the gown.

"What can I keep on?" Saskia asked nervously, her arm was shaking in fear.

"Hey sweetie, come here" Alicia said as she looked at her sister. Her sister was acting so differently to how she was the last time she was home a couple of months ago. Alicia pulled her sister into her arms.

"What's going on Sassy?" Alicia asked and to her surprise the girl burst into tears in her arms.

"Let's get you sorted and then we are having a little chat" Alicia said as she moved the girl's white blonde hair that was stuck to her face.

"You can keep your pants on but take everything else off" Alicia said as she helped her sister take off her cut top and then she took her shorts off before turning around to take off her vest.

"Sash, do you have any other burns?" Alicia asked.

"Can I check your chest?" Alicia asked and Saskia started to cry again.

"Sash, listen to me" Alicia said holding the girl's hand.

"You are almost 13 years old and I know that there are changes that your body is going through. I am both your sister and a doctor. I do not get embarrassed by things like breasts. Can you please get me check your chest" Alicia asked and Saskia nodded before letting Alicia check her chest.

"Well done" Alicia said pulling her sister into her arms again.

"I love you so much, Sash" Alicia said. There was a knock on the curtain.

"Hello, is everything okay in here?" A woman entered.

"Yes, we were just getting Saskia into a gown" Alicia said holding Saskia's hand.

"Sorry, are you the doctor?" The woman asked.

"I'm Saskia's sister and a doctor" Alicia said. The woman nodded.

"I am a PE teacher at Saskia's school. We came down here for a netball tournament" She explained and Alicia nodded.

"I did wonder why you were here" Alicia said helping Saskia into the bed.

"How the hell did you get acid on you then?" Alicia asked.

"That is what I am wanting to find out too" The PE teacher said. Saskia just looked down.

"Sash?" Alicia asked.

"I don't want to speak about it" Saskia said.

"Saskia, you can't just say that like you have previously being saying. This is a lot more serious than the other events" The teacher explained. Saskia just shook her head.

"Hello, I am here to clean and dress these wounds" Robyn said as she walked in all cheerful.

Alicia was really concerned about her younger sister now but decided it would be best to wait until it was just the two of them to speak.

"Where are mum and dad?" Alicia asked.

"Mum and Mal are at a university open day and Dad is at a conference I think" Saskia said.

"Why is Malia at university open days this year? She is still only 16" Alicia asked.

"I think it's because there is a lot of universities that Mum and Dad want Malia to go and see and not that many days or something" Saskia said and Alicia nodded.

"Well, you are going to stay with me just now and then we can speak to Mum and decide when and how you are going home" Alicia said.

"I'm just going to get changed and then I will be right back okay?" Alicia said and Saskia nodded. Alicia walked into the staff room and got her bag and clothes from her locker. She disappeared into the changing room to get changed before walking back to the cubicle. On the way she noticed Elle and was quickly called over to her.

"Do you want me to put you down on compassionate leave for the next three days?" Elle asked. "That means you have five days off if you want to go home and sort everything out with your family?"

Alicia nodded.

"I'd really appreciate that, Elle. I have no idea what is going on at the moment but that is not my little sister sitting in there" Alicia explained and Elle nodded.

"Look after her" Elle said putting her hand on Alicia's shoulder and Alicia nodded. She walked back into the cubicle just as Robyn was finishing dressing Saskia's wounds.

"So I will give you cream, antibiotics and painkillers" Robyn said and Saskia nodded. Robyn explained to the girl how to look after her burns.

"Your sister can help if you have any issues or questions" Robyn explained smiling to Alicia.

"I will" Alicia said putting her arm around her sister.

"I will just go and get your prescription" Robyn explained.

"Are we taking Saskia back to the hotel?" The teacher asked and Alicia shook her head.

"No, she is coming back to my house and I will get her back to Newcastle" Alicia said.

"I will need your parents' permission first" The teacher said and Alicia nodded.

She grabbed her phone and quickly called her mum. Her mum answered in a panic clearly worried about her youngest daughter.

"Mum, its fine. I will call you later once I have spoken to Saskia. She is fine and is currently being discharged. I need you to tell the teacher that you are happy for her to come to my house and I will come up to Newcastle with her within the next day or so" Alicia explained.

The phone was quickly passed to the teacher, where Jackie Monroe explained that it was fine for Saskia to go to Alicia's.

Once the phone call was over, Robyn came back with a prescription bag for Saskia and discharge forms. Once all the paperwork was signed, they were discharged.

"Do you want to share a taxi to the hotel and we can pick up Saskia's stuff?" Alicia asked and the other two nodded. They got into the taxi and Saskia was very quiet. She had barely said a word.

Once they arrived at the hotel. They went up the stairs to get the girl's stuff together. Luckily all the other children were still at the netball tournament.

"Do you want to get a taxi to the school?" Alicia asked.

"It's okay, I will just walk. It is only a couple of minutes away" The teacher explained and Alicia nodded.

"Saskia, text me and let me know that you are okay" The PE teacher said and Saskia nodded. They had all been given the teacher's number in a case of emergency.

"Let's get you home" Alicia asked as she put her arm around her sister as they got back into the taxi.

"I think we need to have a good sisterly chat when we get home" Alicia said pulling the girl in towards her chest. Saskia didn't say anything.

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