It was the following week and they had relaxed back into their routine. Alicia was enjoying not being the one in charge all the time now. She felt like she could move away from her sisters slightly and not constantly be on top of them.

Jackie was started to be the main leader of the house again and things were sinking back to how they used to be.

Alicia headed to work and noticed that she had a letter. She opened it and realised she had been accepted into a fellowship at Manchester. She had not been expecting it at all. She had honestly forgotten that she had applied for it in the first place.

She felt so torn as to what to do. She knew that this was such a good opportunity and it would allow herself to continue with her paediatrics training but it scared her. She also had other things to think about: her mum, her sisters, Ethan. She knew that it was going to be a tough day.

And boy was she right, the day go tougher and tougher. Ethan found it and then she had a challenging case. Elle was desperate for her to take this offer and even Connie was supporting her. It was making everything so much more challenging. Then things went from bad to worse. She ended up having to go to the patient's house and was involved in a slight accident with the mother.

It was a hard day, made even harder when Ethan proposed to her. She closed her eye. She loved Ethan but she wasn't ready for this. After everything that happened, she needed a fresh start. It was all getting too much for her. She needed to get away for a bit.

She walked into Connie's office and handed in her resignation and stated that she would be taking on the fellowship. She had lots of holidays to use and Connie was able to allow her to leave. She wanted the girl to get settled in and find somewhere to stay in Manchester.

Alicia drove home. It wasn't until now that it had all clicked. She was going to have to tell the girls. She had a house which she had just bought what was she going to do with it. The girls were finally settled she couldn't move them again. There was only one option.

Alicia walked into the house and noticed her mother and sisters in the living room. She needed to speak to her mother alone.

"Girls can you give us a minute?" Alicia asked and both Saskia and Malia nodded. They were both very understanding girls and instantly disappeared up the stairs. Alicia explained the situation to Jackie and she was so relieved that she was game for what she had planned.

"You need to tell the girls though. They will be very upset" Jackie said and Alicia nodded.

"I know but they'll understand" Alicia said and Jackie nodded well at least she hoped they would.

Alicia called the girls down and they came running down the stairs. They were nosy teenagers and wanted to know exactly what had gone on.

"So I have been offered a fellowship in Manchester and I have decided to take it" Alicia explained.

"Why?" Malia asked confused.

"Because it's what I want to do. It will give me the best opportunities for my future. I need to do something for myself and I need a fresh start" Alicia explained.

"But what about us?" Saskia asked concerned.

"Well I spoke to mum and you are going to stay here with her and then we'll decided either stay here, go back to Newcastle or move to Manchester to me nearer me" Alicia said.

"But you said you won't leave us" Malia said.

"I'm not exactly leaving you. I'm just moving to get on with my life" Alicia said getting frustrated at her sisters.

"But you said that I could live with you until I was 18. Alicia you promised you would never leave me" Saskia said starting to cry.

"Saskia grow up. It's not all about you" Alicia snapped. Saskia stood up and ran up the stairs crying.

"Well done Lesh, you know how hard she has had it recently and then you go and say that" Malia said angry.

"You know finally life was actually good and everything was on track and then you go and throw this into the spanner. Smart move" Malia said rolling her eyes and storming out the room as well.

Alicia sighed. She had had a really hard day and that was just the topping on the cake. She couldn't deal with the girls tonight. She was shattered. That was a job for tomorrow. She needed time to think and so did that. Most importantly she needed sleep.

Alicia headed up the stairs and went to sleep. She was shattered and didn't know what else to do. Just as she was drifting off to sleep she heard the bedroom door open and looked up. She saw Saskia at the door just looking at her.

"Now that's weird, you weirdo. Come on and give me a hug" Alicia said softening when she saw her sister. She opened the duvet and Saskia dove into it.

Once under the duvet the tears started and once they had started they weren't going to stop. By this stage, Saskia was howling.

"Baby" Alicia said trying to hold her sister enough to calm her down.

"What's all this about?" Alicia asked.

"I don't want you to leave me" She sobbed. "After everything. I just don't know how I would have managed without you and now I'm going to have to"

"No you aren't. Listen, Manchester isn't as far as Newcastle and you can come and see me. All the time and I'm only a phone call away. I don't even know how long it will be for. I promise you that it will not go back to how it was before" Alicia explained.

"But I'm too scared" Saskia explained.

"No baby, you don't need to be scared. Just trust me" Alicia said and Saskia shook her head.

"I can't trust you. You said that I would stay with you and I thought that everything was going to be okay but now it's not okay. It's never going to be okay again and I don't want to carry on like this" Saskia sobbed again but instead of crying into her sister. She cried into herself.

"Please continue to trust me" Alicia said crying as well.

"I'm sorry for this. But nothing will change I promise you" Alicia explained.

"Can we just sleep just now?" Saskia asked and Alicia nodded.

"Of course" Alicia said.

"I need you to hold me" Saskia whispered. Alicia almost didn't hear her. Alicia pulled the girl into her arms and hummed a soft lullaby to the girl as she sobbing slowed slightly and she drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Alicia started to doubt her opinion. Was it right? What would happen to her sister? Was it worth it?

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