So Will really is alive, Paul says quietly after they open the casket and find it's empty.

It Looks that way son, John replies staring into the empty casket.

There's no sign there was ever a body buried in it, John adds as he looks closer into it.

But where is he, where is Will then if he's not here, Sami asks John as she looks inside the casket shocked?
What Weston told Kate must be true, John tells a stunned Sami.

But..but why, and where is he, Sami asks John?
John shakes his head wondering that to.
Sami stares into the empty casket, thoughts racing in her mind.
Why would Stefano revive Will in the first place, Sami asks John trying not to get her hopes up to much.
I can't believe Stefano would revive Will out of the kindness of his heart, especially feeling as he did about most of us in Salem that loved Will, Sami says.

Sami turns and walks a few feet away from the open grave and then suddenly stops and turns around very excited.

OH my god John, what if it wasn't Stefano but is EJ who had him revived, I have suspected that EJ was revived by Stefano or Kristen or both, EJ loved Will, EJ WOULD have had Will revived for that reason alone, Sami tells John sounding excited.

That would make more sense than Stefano having it done, but if EJ is alive, then why hasn't he been in contact with you or the kid or his brothers….. why would he stay away from everyone he loves for this long, John asks Sami?