"G'dhap! You've got some on your right!"

"Got it! Crap, behind you Corvus!"

"That was close, what the hell are these things?"

"I wanna know where they keep coming from! Iri, on your left!"

"There's too many! We may need to retreat!"

"To where? We're already as deep as we can go in here!"

"G'dhap, look out!"

"Little buggers! It's as if we're only temporary blocks for them."

"Makes you wonder what they're after… That actually is a good question."

"Corvus! Stop daydreaming and keep fighting!"

"Is that any way to speak to your- Take that you buggers! -boss?"

"Kept you focused didn't I, dear?"

"Yes. Yes you did, R'idill."

"Hey guys! It looks like they're swarming to where we fought the Adjudicator!"

"What in the seven hells are they crowding around? It looks like a… keyhole?"

"Keep smacking them! I don't wanna know what happens if they pick the lock!"

"You say that but for each one we take out, two more take their place!"

"Oh shite."

"What happened?"

"One went in. Well we're about to find out what it does."

"Ladies, Gents, Sosoloji."


"If something goes wrong here, which it likely will, it was an honor serving with you... Wait a moment. What's that?"

"What in the seven hells? That looks like the ground is fracturing... Oh SHI-"

BGM - Magical Mystery - Kingdom Hearts 2.5

On the grassy ground, under the starry skies, and under a tower no less, a red cloaked figure appeared in a small burst of light, lying prone on the ground. His attire was unique at least amongst the worlds of light, wearing a red hat with a feather in it, a red cloak that was attached to a red duelist's tabard, alongside red leggings. His two black gloves concealed the two rings on his hands and attached to his side was a rapier with glowing blue lines down its hilt. On his other side a strange orb was clipped on.

Within a few seconds, he stirred, getting to his feet and shaking the dizziness from his head.

"What in-. Where am I?" He muttered, looking around. He soon caught sight of his predicament. The grassy field turned out to be an island, floating in orange clouds. There were many stars in the sky, but no moon. And in front of him rose a tall tower, with a giant door, and a wizard's hat on top. He soon got the feeling things were worse and a quick glance around confirmed it.

"R'idill? G'dhap? Iri? Sosoloji?" He yelled, turning rapidly and while doing so, noticing a set of train tracks that were behind him. "Shit… where are they?" He thought.

He placed his hand on the pommel of his rapier and walked towards the tower, constantly swiveling for every little sound. On occasion he'd pause and whip out the rapier, pointing in the direction of the sound, take a few seconds, then sheathe the rapier and continue on.

When he reached the door, he reached out and pushed it open, wincing at the creaking, before peeking inside. It was rather plain to say the least. A large spiral staircase leading upwards on the left and a strange glowing spot on the right. He let himself in quietly and shut the door behind him, moving to inspect the spot first as he felt a sensation most familiar from it.

"Feels like an Aetheryte, I wonder," He thought, reaching out his hand to it and focusing. A thin strand of light flowed out and in a couple seconds he felt himself attune to it. "So… these things can act like Aetheryte? I've never seen anything like this on Eorzea or Doma. Where in the seven hells am I?"

With that done, he quietly and slowly walked up the stairs, keeping an eye out behind him as well should anything or one try to sneak up behind him. As he climbed, he began to hear voices from ahead of him, causing him to slow his pace. But he soon learned he didn't need to worry about that, they were from behind a closed door at the top, no one had seen him. At least that's what he thought. He considered pressing his ear against the door to listen but the voices were loud enough that he didn't need to bother.

"The Heartless are acting up, Master. They haven't done this for two years," a young man's voice called out.

"Yes, Xehanort's defeat caused much of the darkness gathering to vanish. Yet I fear a new source may have appeared. I am sure you noticed, Riku. Last night, a star vanished,and in a most curious manner that did not go unnoticed by others," an older man's voice answered. He had a confidence about him, as though he had seen many years worth of things and you'd be hard pressed to surprise him.

"Yeah, it was less a blinking out and more of an explosion. People in Twilight Town are talking about the falling stars. If these rumors are right, fragments landed near or in the town. But I don't see how that's possible."

"There is only one world that could cause this, and until recently it had been sealed for millennia. You and Sora would not have known of its existence. One must delve deep into the records to even find mention of it."

The man in red got an inkling in his head, there was only one reason it would've been sealed and they may have been right in doing so.

"But then, how did it become unsealed? And why did the Heartless target it so quickly?" The young voice spoke up again

"This world was teeming with darkness. While the sentience protecting it would bless warriors with her light, there was only so much they could do. And it seems this sentience may have played one final card to avoid being devoured by the Heartless. You see, this sentience also serves as the world's heart and takes the form of a crystal. That explosion, as you put it, was her way of making certain the Heartless wouldn't succeed, she fractured herself. Sending pieces of her light, and in turn, her heart to the worlds."

The man in red caught his breath, and wiped his brow. Now he knew his goal. But how did one reach these worlds? As far as he could tell, this island was all that he could get to and he didn't think any of his mounts would be able to respond. If the old man was right, his world was gone. For now at least.

"Who did it expect-" The young voice spoke, and got cut off.



"The sentience is referred to as the Mothercrystal by the world's residents, thus, she."

"Fine, who did she expect to find her fragments?"

"Her Warriors of Light, and as it turns out, one just happened to drift here," The old voice spoke with a bit of an amused tone, before the door swung open. At last the man in red had a view of the two speaking voices. The younger one appeared to belong to a boy with long silver hair and light blue eyes. He didn't exactly approve of the boy's armor, which appeared to only be a white shirt, black undershirt, and some sort of leggings that he'd later learn were called jeans. The old man had a pointed blue hat with stars on it, a long blue robe, and a magnificent black beard.

While the boy was standing, the old man was sitting behind a desk. And while the boy was the one who looked like the fighter, the man in red was staring at the old man intently. After a few seconds, he bowed very respectfully.

"How long did you know I was there?" He asked, with a smirk suggesting he knew the answer.

"From the moment you arrived. I am Master Yen Sid," The old man introduced himself before gesturing to the boy, "This is Master Riku."

"My name is Josh Corvus," The man in red introduced himself, "I'd ask how you knew when I arrived, but I did yell a bit upon arriving didn't I."

Yen Sid merely inclined his head before continuing, "If you would be so kind, Master Corvus, please tell Master Riku here what it is you are."

Josh thought for a few moments before nodding and turned to Riku. "Master Yen Sid called me and my kind a Warrior of Light, but that's merely a title. All you need to be a Warrior of Light is a power called the Echo and to find a Crystal of Light."

Riku tilted his head in confusion before Josh clarified, holding out a small but bright blue crystal, "This is the crystal I speak of, as for the Echo, it's a unique power that grants a protection against unwanted influences. On Hydaelyn, the world I res-," He paused as the realization hit him, and grew somber as a result, "The world I used to reside in, we would use it to fight beings called Primals, constructs formed from crystals, aether, and a wellspring of prayer and wishing. They drained the world's life so long as they existed so it fell to Warriors of Light like myself to dispel them."

Riku's eyes drifted to the rapier at Josh's side before nodding. "Now then," Josh continued, causing Riku's eyes to snap back, "I've given you some information, now I want some answers. What in the seven hells are these Heartless you talked about? Who is this Xehanort? And what do you mean by the World's Heart?" He asked, giving finger quotes to 'Heartless', 'Xehanort' and 'World's Heart'.

And so Riku and Yen Sid began telling him about the Heartless, how they consumed worlds, and how Xehanort had incited a war out of sheer curiosity. Yen Sid conjured images to assist, but the Heartless image met a quick end as Josh slashed through it reflexively. He had been all the way across the room the second before. After that, he had suggested perhaps a book would not cause the same reaction and now sat reading through it, studying the different varieties of Heartless that had been recorded, from Sora's adventures actually, as Yen Sid and Riku conferred quietly.

"Go and gather Masters Sora and Kairi," Yen Sid said to Riku, "They will need to be made aware of the situation if they are not already. I would assume Masters Aqua, Terra, and Ventus have already noticed something awry."

"And Roxas, Xion, and Lea?" Riku asked.

"I anticipate them visiting shortly, despite no longer being tied to the darkness, they will not have missed the outpouring of light." Yen Sid said. "Hydaelyn contained a large light alongside her world's darkness, light that now inhabits the worlds."

As Riku nodded and left to find his friends, Yen Sid turned back to Josh, who still had his nose in a book and was rapidly flipping through another that he recognized as Sora's other journal on the Nobodies, with a third book containing information of the worlds he had visited. "Things will become most interesting indeed," He noted as he went to his bookshelf to find the worn records of other worlds.


Mirage Arena

Mirage Arena

"Down for maintenance?" Ventus wondered aloud as he stared at the Mirage Arena's console. He had come here with plans to train with Terra and Aqua, plans that now seemed like they were not happening.

They had donned their armor, approached the console, and promptly found the options greyed out as a message scrolled through the screen.

"System down for maintenance, please contact local administrator for assistance."

"But who's the administrator it's talking about?" Terra asked, as a Moogle floated past them towards the teleporter, carrying a steaming styrofoam cup. It stopped short in its tracks and floated back, backwards, to them.

"Would you like to meet him, kupo?" The Moogle asked, causing the Keyblade warriors to turn to it in surprise. After a few seconds, Ventus nodded and the Moogle waved them over to the teleporter.

"Just one thing! Please be patient with him, he's been working for the past few days to fix things. So he may be a bit short-tempered," the Moogle said before activating the teleporter.

The room they found themselves in resembled an ordinary office, there was a filing cabinet next to some guest chairs, a coat hanger in the corner with a cane and top hat hanging from it, and a desk with some papers, a cup full of pens and pencils, a computer, and one very harried looking man who had a mountain of styrofoam cups behind him.

"Ah thank you Mogmon," He said, gratefully accepting the cup as he rapidly typed away at the computer. "This is a massive pain but I'm nearly done. Should be another day or so."

The Keybladers turned to eachother again, then back to the man as Aqua walked forward.

"Are you the administrator?" She asked, causing him to look up and over at her.

BGM - Title theme - Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

"Oh, combatants! Yes, yes. I'm the administrator. Have been since I built this place." He answered, looking back at his computer as he rapidly typed "Sorry that the system's down but there was a recent event that caused a massive overflow of data that I need to fix."

"Was it the star explosion last night?" Ventus asked, the man pointed directly at him without looking away from the monitor.

"Yup, got it in one. I was working the week before it happened to add stuff in manually to prevent this very problem from happening. Let's face it, it was a foregone conclusion that that world was gonna get taken by the Heartless. Sealed off for millennia and the darkness within it made it a prime target. No chance for any Keyblade Wielder to fix it, not before it got taken anyways. So it's own defense system was sent out as well and they're now in the worlds of light. What you may not know is that the Mirage Arena works by taking your memories and constructing fights based off them. It didn't have access to the memories of these Warriors so when I saw this was about to happen, I went about constructing the fights manually myself. I could do this while the Arena was up, but the second they appeared in the worlds, the data overflow of what I hadn't added crashed the system. My wife is gonna kill me for putting myself through this again."

"So…" Ventus began, but the man cut him off.

"Short story is the Arena's down for the time being," he took a long drink from the cup and tossed the empty one behind him, only to have it immediately replaced by Mogmon. "I'll send Mogmon to fetch you when I get it up and running again, shouldn't take more than a day or two at this rate. Do me a favor and if you ever meet any of the Warriors of Light-," He looked up at them, sensing they were about to interject, "I don't mean you this time. You'll understand what I mean when you see them, send them here at least. I'm sorry to have wasted your time but I really gotta get back and finish this. Mogmon, please show them out for now."

"Aye Aye!" Mogmon gestured to the door that had appeared behind them. "Right this way, kupo!" He said, guiding them out. While they exited through a door, they still appeared on the teleporter.

"Who-, what?" Ventus got out before the Moogle appeared in front of them.

"Master Nexus is a bit busy for now but I'll come get you when he's done with the Arena! Until then, have a good day!"

"Wait a moment," Aqua spoke up. Mogmon paused and turned curiously, motioning for her to go ahead.

"How old is he? He said he was around since the Arena was built, but this has been here since our training, since Master Eraqus' and Master Yen Sid's training. Yet he looks no older than Terra," She explained, instantly putting Ventus and Terra on guard. Terra moreso than Ventus.

"Master Nexus is very old! He's existed long before the Arena did and he built it with his own hands. At least that's if he was telling the truth. To hear him tell it, he fell in love with a mermaid and the mermaid gave him immortality," Mogmon explained, tilting his head as he thought about that last line, clearly finding it as silly as Ven and Terra, who were holding in chuckles. "Regardless! We, the Moogles who work under him don't really know, nor do we care! He's a good boss and while he does have his moments, he really does care about us. We've been promised a prank day next month after he wakes up!"

"A prank day?" Terra broke in, keeping the laughter held in. Ventus wasn't having as much luck.

"Yup! We moogles love our pranks. But, he's not gonna be awake for awhile. He pulls this each time he pulls one of these long work weeks. So in response for our diligence, he gives us prank days where we see who can do the best prank! The winner gets a prize!"

"How long-" Aqua broke in, with concern in her voice, but Mogmon cut her off.

"He's been awake for a week straight. This is nothing, he's done a month straight once. If you're wondering how he didn't kill himself, that's for him to tell. Now if you'll excuse me, I have one other task to do. Can you point me towards Twilight Town?" Mogmon asked, holding a small clipboard and a workers kit in his paws.

AN: Well. Here it is, my first fic on this site and to be honest, bit nervous about how it turned out. Regardless, I hope you enjoy and I'll be working on this whenever the busy, busy, holiday season and college work lets me. I'm always open to feedback so fire away!