A.N. Just a heads up, I have altered some enemy behavior as well as some of the way this level normally was. I hope you enjoy the changes.

?: Plains of Passage

BGM - Strike the Earth! - Shovel Knight

The warriors started moving, quickly advancing through the plains. But apart from a couple oversized ants that barely acknowledged them and a few aggressive skeletons, which were dealt with quickly, they fought no real opposition.

As they reached the large hill, they made their way into it, as it was too steep to climb and no way around it, and found their path quickly blocked by a large cracked wall.

Not one to admit defeat too easily, Josh shot forth a burst of wind, scattering the cracked rocks away and revealing another path forward, and a ladder leading upwards. As they climbed the ladder, they found another cracked wall blocking their path, another bash from G'dhap, and the wall crumbled to reveal their path forward, and another skeleton that was quickly reduced to nothing from a blast of stones.

They climbed up a second ladder to find yet one more cracked wall and a quick blast sent it crumbling, revealing a slime enemy and a hole behind it that was their only way forward. After sending a Jolt through it, Josh shrugged at G'dhap and jumped in the hole, with his friend following seconds later.

As they landed, they cut through another slime and skeleton before finally arriving at what they considered to be a mini-boss. A sleeping dragon that blocked the only way forward.

"We've fought bigger," G'dhap said, and charged forward, bouncing his shield off the dragon's head. The dragon woke and let out a fierce roar before… blowing bubbles at them. Josh curiously poked a bubble and the force of it sent him straight into a wall.

"Josh! Don't do that! I'd rather not have to explain to R'idill about how you killed yourself being stupid!" G'dhap yelled, ducking a swipe from one set of claws and blocking the other with his shield and taking the opportunity to send a series of slashes into the dragon's scaly side.

"Noted… Ow," Josh groaned as he peeled himself off the wall and shot out the Fleche and Contre Sixte swords, before opening into his chainspells.

The dragon quickly switched its repertoire and extended its wings alongside the bubbles, slamming them into the ground and just barely missing Josh, who took off running the second he saw them extend over his head. The tail then swept out and nearly hit him, before it swept back again and knocked him into the wall.

He extended a tether for Corps-a-Corps to shoot him back into the dragon to deliver his melee combo before flipping out of the range of another tail swipe and sending down a Verholy as G'dhap knocked the dragon's head upward with a Goring Slash, and slashing into a combo for the Rage of Halone.

With a ferocious roar, the dragon snapped at G'dhap and sent out more of the bubble breath. While it hit G'dhap, he had used his defensive stance of Rampart to lower the damage. Where Josh had been knocked into the wall, G'dhap was merely pushed lightly by it, and a Vercure quickly patched what wounds had been taken.

After a couple more minutes, the dragon groaned and fell over and a pile of rocks that had been blocking their progression vanished.

"Not that bad," Josh said, sheathing his blade and walking forward.

"You got blown into a wall by a bubble. How is that not that bad?" G'dhap said, following him.

"Have you seen some of the stuff we've been through? A bubble is the least painful thing, even if it hit that hard."

As they moved onwards, they saw something that unnerved them.

"Over there, just beyond that gap," Josh muttered, unsheathing his blade once more.

"I see it," G'dhap replied, moving to jump the gap and engage, "Heartless."

"Looks to be just Shadows but let's not take chances, no holding back!"

Given how low on the totem Shadows were, they were taken out in only a minute, but as they pressed onwards, exiting the hills interior and climbing upwards, they soon encountered Soldiers clanking towards them and soon followed by Large Bodies.

As they continued onwards, fighting off more Heartless, they reached the top of the hill and saw the second boss arena in front of them.

"That's a big one!" Josh exclaimed.

"No kidding. Look! There's two people already fighting it. Let's go lend a hand," G'dhap said, quickly running forward and throwing his shield to distract the large Heartless currently fighting the two other warriors. They had similarly shaped armor on. Both wearing plate mail with horned helmets as well as instead of fighting with swords, they had sharpened shovels in their grips. The only difference between them was one of them had light blue armor on while the other had black armor with red highlights.

"Allies?" The blue one exclaimed.

"Aye," G'dhap said, glaring up at their foe. A towering black Heartless. Bipedal with a giant heart missing in its navel area and two black wings extending from its back. A Darkside.

As it plunged its hand down towards the arena, everyone scattered as it created a dark pool where the hand impacted. Josh made quick work of the Shadows that spawned as G'dhap and the two knights whaled on the hand before it pulled back.

"The fiend's legs cannot be harmed!" The black knight said, as G'dhap turned to try hamstringing the Heartless.

"Tis true!" The blue knight confirmed, "We've only had luck even scratching the hands. As well as the head when- Incoming! Let us handle this!"

They shoved their way to the front as energy balls started raining down from the sky. With deft swings they started reflecting them back at the Darkside's head, staggering it back.

"Reflective shovels?" Josh remarked.

"If we get materials, we are trying to make some," G'dhap replied.

"Key word being 'if'"

"Another fist, incoming!" Josh and G'dhap jumped out of the way and started whacking away at the hand when G'dhap got a small idea and hopped on the arm, running up it.

"What in the seven hells are you doing?" Josh shouted.

"Testing an idea!" G'dhap called back, swinging his sword straight into the Darkside's head.

The Heartless staggered a bit at the impact, reaching up to clutch where the sword was. Only to recoil again, and again, and continually as G'dhap kept hammering away at it.

"Ha ha! It works!" G'dhap crowed gleefully.

"Interesting… the legs are invulnerable, making it so that you can't topple it normally to get to the head. The arms are more lightly armored than the legs but if one were to reach the head, it's just like any other enemy." Josh mused, having stepped back to observe the falling titan. "Something to add to my notes then."

"That was fine fighting!" The blue knight said, walking forward, "I am called Shovel Knight!"

"I am Black Knight," his companion said, much less boisterously.

"A pleasure to meet you, and an honor to see a new fighting style. I am Josh Corvus and my companion," He paused to look at G'dhap, who was still stabbing the ground where a bit of the dissipating Heartless still remained, "Is called G'dhap Tia. I assure you he's not insane, he's just been taught to make sure something is actually dead and not just faking it."

"Shovel Knight, we do not have time for pleasantries. Our goal still lies ahead," the Black Knight interjected.

"Quite right! We heard tell of a miscreant attacking a village not too far from here, and with Shield Knight still recovering from her wounds, we thought it best to remove this threat ourselves," Shovel Knight explained.

"Hmm, would you care for a bit of assistance?" Josh asked, pulling out a strange device and a small set of cards, as well as putting away his rapier and attaching a sleeve to his hip. "Both G'dhap and I know how well a couple extra hands can help."

The two knights looked at eachother and backed away, speaking to one another in hushed tones.

"So-" G'dhap spoke up from next to Josh.

"Gah! Must you always sneak up on me?" Josh said, as he jumped to the side.

"Apparently. Anyways. You think it's this Garland you mentioned earlier?"

"No idea. He mentioned something about a master, so there may be other 'minions' so to speak. That or it could be just someone causing trouble. We don't know."

"True… Actually there is one other 'miscreant' that's been mistaken as an attacker more than on-"

"You speak his name and I hurl you off a cliff. We don't need him showing up here."

"You think just saying his name will call him?"

"Given what he's pulled off in the past, I wouldn't doubt it."

As they continued talking, the two knights rejoined them.

"Very well! You may assist us!" Shovel Knight proclaimed.

"Don't make us regret it," The Black Knight added in, causing Shovel to side-eye him.

To this, Josh merely grinned and pulled out the device, which quickly expanded into several rotating rings, complete with a glowing orb in the middle.

"What on earth is that?" Shovel Knight asked.

"An Astroglobe. It's something that a sect of healers use where we come from. I took some training with it a while ago. If we're going to be dealing with whatever is in the nearby village, It'd be best if we had some healing, don't you think?" Josh asked, as he placed his hand to the globe and charged a small blue light, before casting it out. As the light impacted all of them, a small hexagonal barrier encompassed all of them.

"A little extra shielding as well." He announced.

"Hmm. You going Nocturnal or Diurnal?" G'dhap asked.


"Very well. Let's move out!" G'dhap said, striding forward.

"Nocturnal? Diurnal?" the Black Knight muttered under his breath.

As they moved on, down the hill. They came across more Heartless, the Soldier and Large Body variants. It began to get to the point where G'dhap was frustrated.

"Dang it! They're too tough on the front for attacks and they keep turning when I get behind them," He growled.

"Leave them to me and handle the Soldiers," Josh responded, sending a burst of starry magic into one of the Large Bodies and putting a small orb nearby another. "They're just as vulnerable to magic all around."

"Gotcha," G'dhap said, darting off to the Soldiers.

In about a minute, all the Heartless were dispatched and Shovel Knight was still spooked when the orb exploded in another burst of starry magic, revealing a set of constellations in a small dome before it vanished.

"What sorcery is that?" He muttered as they continued onward.

As they dispatched more and more Heartless, the village got closer and closer. It was obvious that something was going on as smoke was rising from said village and a couple of the houses were on fire. Oh and Air Soldiers were flying around to the screams of the residents.

"And there's the target. Time to work for a living, Josh!" G'dhap said, running forward.

"Oi! Do not leave us behind!" Josh yelled chasing after him with Shovel and Black Knight trailing closely behind.

When they reached the village, they saw the Heartless destroying whatever they could get their hands on. And standing in the middle of all the chaos was a yellow haired man. He had on very gaudy yellow armor with a purple cape. His hair went halfway down his back and had two long lines halfway down his front as well with purple highlights towards the end of them. It also extended out from the sides of his head, reminiscent of horns. His armors pauldrons extended upwards to resemble horns as well and clutched in his right hand was a bladed staff.

"Fascinating creatures aren't they?" He said, "Born of darkness yet able to act intelligently. And if someone has more darkness than they, it seems they will follow orders."

At the sound of unsheathing weapons behind him, he turned around to reveal a smirking face.

BGM: FFII Battle 2 - Dissidia Final Fantasy

"But where are my manners? You may refer to me as the Emperor. You may kneel before me."

"Pfft. Haven't kneeled before royalty before," G'dhap said.

"Likely won't anytime soon," Josh finished, motioning for Shovel and Black Knight to go help the villagers.

"Well now. That is a pity. But even if you had, I really can not let you live unfortunately. Do try not to bore me," The Emperor said, flipping his staff lazily in his hand before moving towards them.

As he got close, Josh and G'dhap jumped to the side as he tapped his staff on the ground, sending up two orbs. When G'dhap got close, he deftly jabbed the staff in his gut, pushing him away and sending him skyward with a small explosion. As he moved to chase him upwards, He got hit by a burst of starry magic and looked to see Josh charging and firing shots.

He responded by drawing a sigil in the air as G'dhap fell and landed on his feet. The sigil quickly fired light shots at Josh who dodged out of the way, pulling a card from the sleeve on his hip as he did so.

"Bole going out!" He shouted to G'dhap and the card lit up. Almost instantly, G'dhap felt his defenses increase. He then quickly drew more cards, setting one in the sleeve, sending one to the royal road, turning one into a lesser arcana and finally keeping the last one.

"Oh that's a nice one," He muttered, setting down another orb.

"Now that is interesting, I do not think I've seen your magic before, boy." The Emperor said, tapping his staff on the ground and creating another spark that lay there.

"And you aren't learning anything but what you see," Josh replied, before crunching the card in his hand and feeling his own magic start regenerating quickly. With a quick gesture, a sphere encompassed G'dhap and another did the same to Josh. G'dhap quickly charged forward, nailing the Emperor in the back of the head and sending him skidding with a Royal Sovereignty combo.

"And now you pests are being annoying," he muttered, as he started moving quickly. Setting down light circles on the ground, and hurling large fireballs in the air as he continued laying traps. It was all they could do to avoid them as Josh kept hurling spells and G'dhap started casting Holy Spirit. They could not get close at all.

Josh drew another card and set the orb behind the Emperor again. As he was still focusing on the duo and setting his trap, he didn't notice the orb right behind him. Well not until ten seconds later when it grew a bit and Josh clenched his fist, sending him hurtling forward towards G'dhap as the orb exploded into the starry dome. G'dhap did not waste his chance and smacked him in the face with his shield, stunning him long enough to send another Royal Authority combo into the Emperor. This actually hurt a lot as the card that Josh had given to G'dhap was the Balance, powered up by a potency Royal Road.

G'dhap hit him skyward with a Goring Blade combo and sent him landing on his back. As G'dhap charged forward, he stepped on one of the traps and got blasted backwards by a series of orbs that exploded.

"That is enough, you miserable little rats," the Emperor said, getting to his feet. In a flash he looked far more menacing. Gone was the golden hair and in its place, a dark demon head scowled at them.

"Oh shit," Josh said, "Careful, that Garland did something similar"

"Oh so you ran into him already as well? I'm impressed you survived him. But you will not be repeating that with me!" The Emperor yelled, sending a fireball towards them.

Oh dear that's not going to end well. Hold on tight, it's about to get crazy.

"Wait, what?" Josh asked. Right before a hole opened up underneath them, dropping them out of the path of the fireball. The hole closed as quickly as it came. Leaving a confused, and soon very enraged Emperor.

Olympus Coliseum: The Coliseum

The cheers were roaring through as the combatants were clashing fiercely. On one side was the one-armed swordsman Auron. Many believed that his arm in a sling was perfectly usable but he preferred to fight like that to handicap himself or because he enjoyed it.

On the other, was the mysterious newcomer R'idill. Her cat ears and tail had made her a favorite amongst many of the kids and some of the men. The fact that she had a very good win/loss record alongside the fact that she never used the same fighting style twice in a row also added to her popularity.

As the two kicked back from their blade lock and landed on the opposite side of the arena, breathing heavily, to gauge their opponent, R'idill's ears twitched and she quickly held up a sign for one second as she looked in the sky. Auron followed her gaze. It didn't take long for both of their eyes to widen and they jumped out of the arena as two meteors crashed straight into the middle of the field.

"What in the seven hells was that?" R'idill muttered, "Oi, Auron! You alright over there? Would rather not have that knock you out instead of the fight!"

"I'm fine," Auron's voice echoed. He never really spoke much if he didn't have to.

R'idill got up and cautiously made her way to the crater to see what had landed. What she didn't expect to hear, was very familiar voices from her past.

"What in the seven hells… Ow… G'dhap, you still alive?"

"Barely. What was that anyways?"

"I don't know. Can you see my Astroglobe? I think we're going to need a Helios."

"I can't see anything. I'm kind of stuck in the ground."

"And here I thought that only happened to-"

"What happened to not saying his name?"

"Who says I was going to? I was gonna just refer to him as that inspector."

R'idill's eyes began watering, as she softly called out, "Josh? G'dhap?"

Both voices fell silent. Before one of them spoke up again.

"No way… R'idill?"

"I don't believe it!"

She jumped into the hole to see two pairs of legs sticking rather comically out of the ground, one of them wiggling frantically. She quickly ran and pulled one pair out then the other.

"You… You're alive! You're both alive!" She cried, and promptly got bowled over by a hug from Josh, knocking her sword out of her hand with the impact.

"Thank the twelve," he muttered, clutching her tightly.

"Oi! Don't I get a hug?" G'dhap shouted, with a huge smile on his face. R'idill rolled her eyes and motioned for him to come over. The coliseum crowd had been stunned into silence at this point, not sure what was going on.

Auron merely smirked, and walked off muttering, "How touching."

He'd gotten the feeling that the match would have to be rescheduled. As the trio just sat there in silence, reveling in the knowledge that one of their own was alive. G'dhap finally spoke up.

"Now if you two need some private time after this I can totally-"


A.N. I am so, so sorry that this took so long to come out. My muse has pretty much deserted me at this point when I started replaying Fire Emblem Awakening and got an idea from there. I will continue working on this but the problem is I need a bit of inspiration to go on a chapter. And you can probably guess where it fled to. Hopefully I can continue on this one quickly enough but if not, you'll likely see a Fire Emblem crossover appear.

Onto one of the fun things that you may have guessed will be appearing. I will not stick to just the worlds in Kingdom Hearts. As you can tell from this chapter, other games will be appearing as well as small worlds, usually just dungeon cameos. Villains from other Final Fantasies will be appearing and I have also already decided which ones will be present in here.

Truthfully, the Emperor was not supposed to be fought here, I had planned for him to summon Manikins or just an even bigger Heartless. But looking back on it, I don't think he would've left it to chance. If he could take them out here, why bother siccing minions instead?

I also realize I forgot to give a little description for some of the attacks. Goring Blade is an upward slash that leaves a painful wound and deals damage over time. Authority is best described as a spinning slash with an upward tilt, taking the user a bit off the ground. It's not exactly like the spinning slash from LoZ, that would be Total Eclipse

Now as a last thing, enjoy this little omake of Nexus heading to other worlds. Try to see how many you recognize!

"Right… Left the wife at home after the city flood, where are we now?"


"Oh crap, flying vending machine!"

"That was a close one, where exactly did I wind up now?"

"Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god!" -CRASH!-

"And that was a flying jeep. This is what I get for going to random worlds."

"This looks like a desert tomb… That is a very orange marsupial. And that looked very painful."

"Huh, where am I now? Area 51? And are those zombies?"

"Oh! I can see Dempsey's house from here! IT'S ON FIRE!"

"That's it, I'm done for the day."