Hey guys, Just wanted to give you an update after a long time of waiting. As it stands, the next chapter is in the works, though I have to figure out how to get it to flow the way I want to. But truthfully, it might not come. Now the reason is that we've got KH3 coming in two days at the time of this posting. I'd like to make certain that things won't need to be rewritten entirely to accommodate what we will learn from it. On the other hand, I honestly feel like a rewrite might be worth it. I've got those author eyes, looking back on the work and wondering how the hell I thought this was passable. I've seen ways where it might work better a different way and even found a better way for the intro. So for now, consider the story on official hiatus while I work this out. Until then, I have a non-crossover that I'm writing for fun that might be coming out soon.

For those who read and enjoyed, thank you for reading. For those who were willing to even give it a shot, thank you. If you need an absolutely amazing FFXIV story, I highly recommend RoseDragonWitch's "Eyes Ever Heavensward" and its sequel, "Hells Open, Heavens Weep"

Until next time, take care.