Being the amazing Big Brother that he says he is, Dick Grayson decided he go visit his little brother, Damian, at his new apartment for surprise movie night. So, in preparation for the movie night he went to the supermarket near the apartments and bought some popcorn and candy for himself and some dried fruits for Damian and drinks for them both (not alcohol, Bruce would kill him if he ever gets Damian drunk again). Exiting the market, he headed towards the apartment building on his bike.

Once he got to the front of the building, he hopped off with the bags of snacks and heading towards the entrance leading him to the flight of stairs to his brother's apartment. Checking for the correct number he lifted his knuckles on door to knock, but he caught the noise of shuffling on the other side of the door. Being the curious human being that he is, Grayson leaned his ear close to the door. He heard shuffling of clothes and things being dropped to the floor. Putting his ear to the door, he heard whispering and a small moan coming from a female.

He had enough of hearing the noises, he knocked the door loudly. He heard the same female let out a gasp and whispering, "Damian, someone's at the door."

Grayson heard shuffling of clothes and the foot stomps got louder as they approached the door.

Once the door flew open, Grayson came face-to-face with a red-faced Damian (who looked frustrated… he didn't want to know what kind of frustration it was) only wearing black sweats. Grayson glanced behind the younger man's back spotting familiar black hair popping over the couch in the living room. His blue eyes met the woman's violet eyes, who shrieked and dropped her head down to the couch.

Damian cleared his throat and crossing his arms (restraining himself from throttling Dick for interrupting them), Dick looked back at his younger brother with shocked face.

Damian sneered at him, "What in the Hell are doing here, Grayson!"

Dick's shocked face transformed to a smug smirk, whilst he copied the younger man's body movements.

"Well, I wanted to come over for a surprise movie night, but I can see that you're busy. I guess I'll just leave this stuff with you and maybe next week we could watch a movie don't you think?"

The only reply he got from Damian was a fiery angry glare and a slam of the apartment door. Dick chuckled as he yelled, "USE PROTECTION!" and ran off towards his bike.