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The journey to the Titans Tower from his San Francisco penthouse felt much longer than it usually does. Especially when he was on his own without his lovely girlfriend, who is away from their home helping Constantine's Justice League Dark on a mission in another dimension.

And he hasn't been able to contact her in the five months; today is the day she's coming back.

"It's been a long time, Damian. What'cha doing here?"

He turned from the files on the computer and saw Changeling leaning on the door way with his arms crossed and a smirk.

Damian returned the smirk with his own, "Yes it has, Logan. How are the Titans doing?"

"They've been doing great. A little rough for newbies, still gettin' used to being away from home and in the city. Now stop trying to change the subject why are you here?"

Nightwing rolled his eyes under the mask, "Can't I just come to visit?"

The green skinned adult rolled his matching eyes, "You only visit when you want files on the new recruits or to scare them off."

"It's called discipline, Garfield. Something that you were taught a little too late in your life."

"Nah uh. Anyways, does this visit have anything to do with Rae-Rae returning from her mission with the Justice League Dark today?"

"And if it does?"

Changeling shook his head with a smile on his face, "I can't believe that you're whipped."

The former Boy Wonder scoffed as he went through the students' files. Keeping his eyes on the files, he fired back. "You couldn't believe I liked her. You couldn't believe I asked her out or when I asked her to move in with me."

His green skinned companion mischievously smirked, "That's not true. I just couldn't believe that she agreed to all of that."

Damian grunted as a response. "Fuck off."

Garfield opened his mouth to respond, but the alarms went off covering the Main Ops Room in red lights.

Sighing, Damian went through the cameras on the main computer stopping at the lower levels of the Tower. Suddenly he saw something on the camera that caught his attention and ran out of the room. Once he left, Garfield scrunched his eyebrows and looked at the screen and smiled. He ran out following his friend.

They met a sight of a familiar sight of a similar black portal with John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara, Deadman, Jason Blood, and Swamp Thing stepping out.

Nightwing and Changeling stood by the portal, out of breath.

Nightwing cleared his throat and managed to sound professional, "Welcome back, Team Dark. I hope your mission was a success."

Constantine grinned, taking out a cigarette, "Who the bloody hell d'ya think we are? Of course, it was a success! But you didn't come for us, did ya kiddo?"

Swamp Thing and Deadman whistled and howled at their leader's comments, while Zatanna and Jason Blood rolled their eyes.

"Hello Damian."

Damian looked past the four older members and noticed his girlfriend. His eyes widened in surprise. It's been five months since he's seen her, but he could have sworn that she didn't have that on her…

Garfield's eyes widened as well, "Woah, Raven. Did you swallow a mini watermelon?"

Her small smile was wiped off and she gave him a glare (and her eyes flashed red).

Constantine chuckled, "Be careful, green one. I would think about what I'd say to her if I were you."

Zatanna rolled her eyes and brushed her bangs away from her eyes, "Of course, John learned the hard way. It's never a good idea to mess with a pregnant woman, who also happens to be half-demon."

Said Half-Demon walked over to her boyfriend, who was still in shock. She smiled softly at him and grabbed his hands placing them to her stomach.

"Surprise, Papa!"