Serafall Leviathan was the Satan in charge of the public relations office. A job she was either very bad at or unbelievably good at, depending on your perspective.

Serafall went out of her way to go against every stereo type about being a Devil and flaunted her freedom of expression out where everyone could see it, no matter what people said about her. She could be said to be inspiring the next generation of Devils by telling them that they can be whatever they want to be. It could also be said that she was corrupting the minds of innocent children by spreading her weird ideas about love through social media and having mature and even disturbing content that was specifically aimed towards a younger audience. It was all a matter of perspective.

However, to anyone how actually knows her, watching one of 'Miracle Levia-tan's television series or playing one of the corresponding games was always a surreal experience, since she always took inspiration for her characters from the individuals in her life. It was the kind of weirdly funny depictions of their friends and family that kept Swan and Gasper playing each of the new installments. Well, that, and because Serafall always gave them free copies of everything she made before they ever even hit the shelves.

Which was why the two younger reincarnated Devils were sitting around in the dark of Gasper's fortress of near solitude playing the alpha to the newest MMORPG, doing a quest line involving the 'Bejeweled Princess' and her 'Allies of Justice', helping a cartoon version of Rin and her peerage to track down an evil sorcerer who was responsible for putting up the force field around the Castle that 'Little So-tan', Miracle Levia-tan cute baby sister, was being held in. The goal being to use the sorcerer to break through the force field so that Miracle Levia-tan could be united with her little sister and they could all go back home and ***CENSORED***.

It was the kind of thing that if Rin or Sona ever saw, the two of them would probably pull a Gasper and try to crawl into a box to hide away from the world, or at least put paper bags on their heads to mask their faces. Still, it was still a pretty addictive game.

"Drink your berserker potions already. If you don't increase your damage output, we aren't going to finish this mob off before my crowd control spells deplete all my mana." Gasper said, making sure to move around the monsters in a wide strafe in order to keep them clustered together for his area of effect spells. Gasper's custom character was a middle school girl with short blond hair who wore a pretty pink costume and used crowd control magic in order to hold off the enemy while the rest of the team thinned the ranks. An almost thoughtful recreation of the real Gasper, given that the real boy always cross dressed in a female school uniform and possessed the ability to freeze people in place with his Sacred Gear, the Forbidden Balor View, a Sacred Gear that the half-blooded vampire was very good at using on accident, the main reason why he wasn't allowed to attend classes, or even leave his room. Not that Swan really went to many classes either, her temper making her a little to dangerous to the other students. It was for this reason that the two similarly aged children were often left together during the day.

"No way! I'm not going to waste it on these weaklings when the boss is just around the corner. I can tank the blows if I have too once a majority of these little shits are out of the way." Swan said, not really caring to mask her swears. She had picked a high DPS rogue class with duel swords and ranged weaponry. While Gasper had picked his character to be as cute as possible, Swan had modeled hers a little more after her big brother, making him tall with red hair and dark clothes.

Then were more than half way through the dungeon when a shout came from outside of the room. "What were you th..!?" Swan glanced towards the door in surprise, but the all the sound outside stopped. Shrugging to herself, she turned back to her computer.

"Oh, what the hell!?" She growled as she stared at the respond screen, her character having been dead for over a minute already.

"S…sorry." Gasper whimpered from inside of his coffin. The girly boy must have been spooked into activating his Forbidden Balor View again, freezing Swan while her character got pounded into gravy. "I… I didn't mean too."

"…Jeez, get out of that stupid thing. I keep telling you it's no big deal. Why do you always have to be such a whiner? We'll just have to repeat the raid later." Swan grumbled to herself as she tossed her controller to the side. Even while she had a bit of a temper to her, Swan found it rather difficult to get properly angry at Gasper. It would be like kicking a puppy that has already been kicked.

The boy honestly needed therapy, and not to just be allowed to hide away from the world, or that was what Rin said. Rias however just coddled her bishop, not wanting to do anything that might cause him more emotional harm. She didn't have the kind of tough love needed to help people heal after trauma. Again, that was what Rin said.

"What was all that yelling about anyways?" Swan asked a little miffed that she only got to hear the first few words before being blocked out of it.

"I… I don't really know." Gasper's voice said. He was still not coming out of the coffin. Probably couldn't hear much from inside of that thing.

"Well, I'm going to go find out what this is all about." Swan said, venturing out from the dark room and moving towards the Occult Research Club's office room. She could still hear voices coming from there but not as loud as before. She stopped outside of the room behind the door, content to just listen in without letting her presence be known.

"Are you going?" Kiba said, his tone not suggesting he was mad or upset about anything.

"Yeah, I am. I have to go. Asia is my friend after all. I'm the one who has to save her." Hyoudou said. It sounded as though the idiot was being as thick headed and stubborn as ever. Swan wondered what his friend needed saving from. Was this Asia another pervert who pissed off a group of girls by spying on them while they were changing? Asia didn't sound like a boy's name.

"You will get killed. Even if you have your Sacred Gear, and even if you use Promotion, you can't take down a group of Exorcists and Fallen Angels by yourself." Kiba said, giving it all as facts rather than opinions. Swan's eyes widened a bit. Exorcists and Fallen Angels, in Kuoh? Why? And why was the pervert trying to get involved. Who was this friend of his?

"Even if I die, I will set Asia free!" Hyoudou shouted.

"…Alright then. I'm going to." Kiba said.

"S…say wha..?" Hyoudou stammered out in surprise.

"I don't know much about Asia, but you are my comrade. Even though Buchou is telling us not to go, there's a part of me that respects your decision. Also, I personally don't like Fallen Angels and priests. Actually, I detest them." Kiba said, as if stating that the sky was blue.

Swan could understand the sentiment. After all, both of them had been experimented on by a Church; Kiba the Catholic and her the Orthodox. The only difference between her and Kiba was that the Sigurd Institution was a lot more up front about the fact that everyone involved was disposable.

"Remember what Buchou said? When you step foot in the location I acknowledge as 'Enemy's base', you are able to change into any piece besides the King'. So, isn't she indirectly telling us that 'I acknowledge that the Church is the location where the enemy of Rias Gremory is'?" Kiba said, giving a small laugh. "Buchou indirectly approved you to go. Of course, I think she also means that I should support you as well. Buchou probably has some kind of plan. If not, she would have stopped you by locking you up somewhere."

"…I'm going as well." Koneko said in her emotionally dead voice. "…I feel uneasy about you two going alone."

Swan had heard enough. Whatever it was they were doing, this wasn't any of her concern. Kiba might not have been as skilled as her big brother and sisters, his spars with Saber-nee-san had proven that, but he was strong enough to handle the average Fallen Angel and Rogue Exorcist. Plus, Koneko was there with them. Swan had never seen Koneko fight, but if she was even a quarter as tough as Kuroka, then there wouldn't be anything to worry about.

However, Kiba's next words caught the young girl's attention, making her halt in her tracks. "We can't exactly leave people like Freed to do what they want in our territory."

'Freed…' Hearing that name sent a chill down Swan's spin and a snarl twisted her face. Hot rage pumped through her body, carrying with it the boiling power that she harbored within her. 'Alright, now it's my business.'

Diodora couldn't help but to grin. Everything was going exactly according to his plan.

Through the rat he had among the Fallen Angels' Priests, it had been easy enough for Diodora to arrange for the newly excommunicated Asia to have a 'chance meeting' with them. Then he just had to use his tap he had placed in their communications network to convince the stupid birds that their precious leader was the one giving them the order to rip out the girl's Sacred Gear.

It was going to be perfect. The poor girl was going to know true despair as her last ray of hope was squashed by the people who had supposedly saved her. And then, at that moment, when she was less than nothing, he would take her. He would strip the girl of her will and add her to his peerage to be his sex slave, just like he had with all the others.

Not that the girl didn't have a special meaning to him. Out of all the holy maidens that he had managed to collect, she was going to be the closest to his ideal. Pure golden blond hair, eyes like shining emeralds, light curves and skin pale as moon light. She was almost identical to the one he really wanted in every way, a perfect substitute.

Yes, everything was going just the way he had planned for it… except for one little hiccup. Those damned Fallen Angels just had to take the girl to 'that' city.

After what had happened with the Crimson Dragon, the Fallen Angels had remained in Kuoh, trying to find an opportunity to lash out at the boy, still unaware that the orders they were trying to carry out were fake. So, when they had gotten control of the nun, they had transferred her there in order to perform the ritual that Diodora had given them. With his ever-rebellious bitch of a niece there, how was Diodora supposed to get at his prize without her getting in his way, the same way she always did whenever she caught a whiff of his plans.

He had been forced to arrange for Yuri to be called away so that he could have his chance to swoop in and caught the girl, all the while making it look like it was someone else so that she didn't get suspicious.

She would figure out that it was him eventually, but by then he would already have what he wanted.

The young master of Astaroth moved towards his own secret workshop where he had already prepared a teleportation circle to take him to the church were everything was going to go down. He had already disabled Astaroth's main teleportation grid. He would be there, ready to collect his prize, while his niece would be stuck in hell until the following day.

"Do you wish for us to accompany you, master?" One of his bishops asked, her emotionally broken voice was like music to his ears.

"Hmph, way would I need any of you? With the power of Ophis on my side, all of those Fallen Angels and Rogue Exorcists will be like ants before me." Diodora said with an arrogant smirk, letting a bit of the chaotic power leak out of him, just so that he could feel its intoxicating chill. "No, I need you girls to stay here and make sure that Yuri doesn't try anything."

"As you wish, master." The girls echoed together, bowing there heads.

With this taken care of, Diodora stepped forward into the massive teleportation circle, prepared to be transported into the human world.

The world flashed green around him and Diodora found himself completely submerged in extremely hot water.

Shock and confusion took over, leaving the man flailing about in the water until his head broke the surface. "Wha… what the hell!?" Diodora said as he gasped for breath, trying to figure out where exactly he was.

"Diodora? What are you doing here?" Diodora froze as the voice registered with him and heavy steam around him started to clear. It was in the middle of a massive pool, and off to one side was not only his own older brother, but all four Satans as well as several members of their peerages. He had somehow been teleported directly into the Satans' private bath.

'…but how did… Yuri… That brat! How did she…!? When did she…!?' Diodora's thoughts were a jumbled mess as it slowly dawned on him that he was in the presence of around twenty of the hundred strongest Devils in all of hell… none of whom liked him very much, and all of them were naked as the day they were born.

"Ah, it's the young Lord of Astaroth. It has been so long since I have seen you that I didn't recognize you at first." Sirzechs Lucifer said in a welcoming tone, seeming not to mind the fact that Diodora had been teleported straight into the middle of their bath. History's strongest Devil sat with his wife, legs spread wide to reveal a monstrosity that left Diodora feeling extremely inadequate as both a Devil and a man. "Well, don't stand on ceremony. Strip down and join us."

"L…lord Lucifer. I'm sorry but I really must be go…" Diodora started but Serafall Leviathin cut him off.

"You can't stay clothed in the bath silly! Now hurry up and take off those layers!" The self proclaimed magical girl said cheerfully. Waves started to appear in the water, small at first, but slowly getting stronger. "You actually got here just on time! We were just about to start our splash fight!"

Diodora didn't have time to say anything as a wave crashed into him. Within seconds, all the Devil's in the pool were all throwing the water around, until it seemed like they were in the middle of a water spout. Diodora was thrown left and right, unable to do anything to resist as he was completely outclassed.

In the moments before Diodora was pummeled unconscious by the crashing waves, he cursed his niece. He would have his revenge for this… somehow….

I originally had a section devoted to Rin going to see her mother, having it explain why the woman isn't a part of Rin's life and why she didn't just go home after her business in hell was dealt with. However, this scene was extremely dark and uncomfortable, so I removed it.

Some people are already getting on my case about things being too dark when a good deal of the tone is light. I would like to point out to these people that I didn't make this shit up when it comes to Angels raping non-Christian women. That was just how the Nephilim are defined in the Book of Genesis. Though admittedly they were supposed to be something like fifty feet tall (Making Goliath who was supposed to be fifteen feet tall look like a hobbit). As for why god would have Angels use non-Christian woman for breeding his super soldiers, there isn't a better way to turn a family against you then taking away a woman's baby. Would kind of alienate his followers. Then again, I guess God never really had any problems with killing his followers' babies (see the Book of Exodus).


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(Fate/Stay Night X Seiken Tsukai no World Break): Savior of One: Miyu's wish for an older brother didn't stop with just a single life time. With both brother and sister reincarnated together once again, Shirou continues his duties as her brother, turning down the chance of becoming a Savior so that nothing could get between them. However, when Shirou is forced to reveal his strength in order to take down a Metaphysical being, he is pushed into the political world of the Saviors and must fend off any responsibilities that might mean he would have to leave his little sister behind. The words over-protective doesn't even begin to cover it.

- A possible way of introducing Shirou and Miyu into the world is to have them be Moroha's cousins, since the boy was supposed to have been raised by his uncle and aunt after his parents deaths.

- I would have Shirou being the one to take down the Hydra.

- Whether you want Shirou and Miyu to maintain their old age gap or not is up to you.

- Shirou openly admits to being a reincarnation, so that he doesn't have to go to normal school, but doesn't apply for becoming a Savior and claims that he doesn't have any combat related skills in his previous life, up until the point he stabs whatever monster he was made to fight with a couple million swords.