Kamen Rider Magic: the Gamer Rider;

By PotterFormers


At the same time as Emu, Harry Potter was working for a local Hospital, (when he was 10 due to losing the Dursley's (Vernon, Petunia, Dudley and Marge) in a car crash and had nowhere to go) when a new virus swept over the world and created the Bugsters. Eventual pairing: Harry/Hermione/Ginny, Ron/Draco Bashing, extreme Dumbledore Bashing. RPG class title Gashats, original weapons, Bugster O.C. that is Harry's brother, full Bugster Voldemort.

Prolog – Where it Started

I was 10 years old when the crash happened, the car crash that took my relatives and left me alone again, not that the Dursley: Petunia, Vernon, Marge and Dudley loved me, with all the beatings they gave me you would be hard pressed to believe they do, but they were my last living relatives after my own parents died in a car crash as well, though I have doubts on the truth of the matter and if there was a crash, then I should have died as well, as I was in the car with them. But I am getting ahead of myself, my name is to the Dursleys: Freak or Boy and to my teachers it was: Mr. Potter, however my full name is: Harry James Potter and during weekends and school holidays, I volunteer at the local hospital where I was staying after a particular bad beating, when the Dursleys died and this is where the fun started.

It came out of nowhere, an outbreak of a virus that was trying to digitize the populas, experts in Japan called it the Gamer virus and could only be combated by expert gamers, but with their specialists were busy trying to stop it at the source and that meant that my boss had to find and employ Gamers to battle the Bugsters, a bi-product of the Gamers Virus and the cure carriers. The Bugsters are creatures, created from the virus to help spread the virus further. 6 months after the outbreak started, I had gotten infected with a strain of the Gamer Virus myself, but something different spawned from the virus.

What spawned was not a Bugster, but an anti-Bugster and he made me immune to all strains of the virus, giving me the tools to combat the Bugsters and a kind of brother/partner to boot. This is where we are now, after a witch-like Bugster had spawned from a cute red haired girl, who was no more than nine years old and her parents, were using sticks to fire: balls of red light at the Bugster, but it was not doing anything.

John (My Anti-Bugster Brother) and I arrived on the seen to perform the surgery, strapping our Drivers to our waists, I held out a charcoal and forest green colored game cartridge as John raised his Gold, Red and Blue game cartridge and I yelled, "Class 1: Henshin," activating my Game as it said, "Final Fantasy," while John shouted, "Rank 1: Henshin," activating his Game with an exclaim of, "Maverick Hunter," and with a flourish, both John and I installed our games into our Drivers, both of which had said, "Click and Load, Lets Game! Super Game! Ultra Game! Watcha name?! I'm a Kamen Rider," as they both transform into their squat forms. (See Potterformers Legend for descriptions)

P.O.V. Change

After transforming, the brothers charge at the Bugster and engaged in hand to hand combat. Their hits were ineffective and they were both blown back by a blast of fire, getting up John holds out his hand and calls, "Gashacon Buster," equipping a deep blue cylinder that fit over his hand like a glove. With the buster equipped, John took aim and fired seven energy bullets in rapid succession, while Harry calls, "Gashacon Eagle," to be equipped to him, the knights broadsword flying into his hand and then he dashes forward with an overhead slash.

Direct hit, when delivered his slash and dealt massive amount of damage to the Bugster, but the Bugster just regenerated the damage to heal and went on it own attack, with a sword gun hybrid fashioned from viral fluid that leaked for the now healed wound. Blocking the strike with his sword, Harry got pushed back a meter, before John fired off more shots at the Bugsters back to free Harry from the clash and Harry then went back on the offensive, cutting horizontally Harrys sword glanced off the Bugsters arm scaled sleeve.

Seeing their attacks not doing anything, Harry and John met up together at a good distance away from the Bugster and with the flick of their Drivers handle, they commanded, "Advance to/Proceed to Class 2/Rank 2," as the bulky armor of their level 1 forms shot of them in all directions, to reveal Harry in a green piped Black Magicians Robe, with a silver knights chestplate (A.N. it is more like the Level 2 form of Ex-Aid Kamen Rider Wizard form., than the Taddle Fantasy or Taddle Legacy forms of Brave) and what looks like a thieves satchel (a bag they would carry to hold stolen loot and lock picks) at his waist, while John had the appearance of the evolved blue bomber himself: Megaman X. With the level up, Harry and John easily evaded the burst of what appeared to magic from the Witch Bugster, before John summoned an upgraded version of the Gashacon Buster: the Gashacon X Buster, while Harry converted his Gashacon Eagle into it Bow mode and cocked back the energy string.

With the string cocked back, the Gashacon Eagle began to materialize an arrow of green energy, the light from it getting brighter and brighter as he keeps it cocked, before Harry let the arrow fly, which drill itself threw the chest of the Bugster and was then driven threw it's back by a pinpoint shot from John's X Buster. The wound was healing, but it gave the Riders time activate their finishing moves and they both delivered a flying spinning heel kick to the Bugster, finishing it off.

Potterformers Legend:

The Level 1 forms a the same as Ex-Aids level 1 form, but Harry's rider face looks like a combo of: a knights helmet, wizards hat and a hunters/thieves hood, while Johns looks like a white armored Megaman.

Kamen Rider Bios

Kamen Rider Magic

Name: Harry James Potter.

Video Game Skills: Fantasy Roll Playing Games, Sandbox games, Bike and Skateboard games, TCG video games, Poker and Black Jack skills, side scroll and platforming games.

Gashats Used: Final Fantasy.

Gashats Owned so far: Final Fantasy, Phoenix Strafe, Tony Hawk Skateboarding, Dragon Knight Hunter Z, Yu-Gi-Oh legacy of the Duelist and Pokemon TCG online.

Weapons: Gashacon Eagle, Gashacon Crane, Gashacon Wolf and Gashacon Summoner.

Kamen Rider Gunner

Name: John Charlus Potter.

Video Game Skill: : Fantasy Roll Playing Games, Sandbox games, Bike and Skateboard games, TCG video games, Poker and Black Jack skills, side scroll and platforming games.

Gashats Used: Maverick Hunters.

Gashats Owned so far: Maverick Hunters, Guts Smasher (Based on the Gutsman Power up), Torch tower (base on the Torchman power up), Shuriken Shadows (Shadowman) and Dragon Knight Hunter Z

Weapons: Gashacon Buster, Gashacon Z Buster and Gashacon Elemental cannon.