Chapter 17-All hallowed evening Part 1

It has being a month since the duel, and the school has become a lot quieter, due to an ego stomping and dressing down by his parents, Draco had toed the line and started to focus more on his studies, a blessed relief for those he bullied and antagonized. But while Draco had been subdued, Ron had not and it was clear to not only the students, but the majority of the staff (The ones who cared about their students' education), and would cause trouble just by entering a room or arriving to class late, loudly and then argue with the teacher, when they give him a detention.

It was not even half way threw the month – when Ron received his 60th howler from his mother, when the schools inhabitants realized that he was trying to use a non existent friendship between him, Harry and John, that they felt it was time for an intervention, so they all tried to get his older brothers to talk to him and they do, but it seems Ronald Weasleys head was to far up his own ass that talking never work (Percy mainly got the brunt of it and the twins had to much of a joker rep. to be taken seriously).

But Rons problem all came down to a head, when the 66th howler from his mother said, "If you can not take your studies seriously, we will pull you out and home school you until you are 50 years old," in a rafter shaking voice. After this howler, Dumbledore felt it was time to take matters into his own hands, the first order of business was to stop the howlers for Ron, so he set an appointment with the boy for the Saturday and set about helping him get threw his school work, second order was for Ron to cut back on trying to be Harrys friend.

With his mothers threat lingering in his mind, Ron finally buckled down and took his studies seriously, but it was too late with: 10 outstanding assignments, 5 late assessments and numeras down right failed to attend classes, but Dumbledores appointment was a blessed in disguise, as the Headmaster worked with him to complete the outstanding work and thanks to a knowledge transfer charm, Ron mentally knew what he needed for his missing classes, and so after working on his late assessments, Ron was now freed from his studies and was able to work on getting the rest of his work done.

With both Draco and Ron effectively curb stomped, Dumbledore had to begin to look elsewhere for his plans to use Harry, sure Ron was still useful to him but with his mother's threat, he could not do too much without it going back to his mother and he could not create a rivalry between: Harry and Draco, because Harry is not threatened by Draco in any form, then there was John, the fake James and the fake Lily, who were they and how did they trick the veritaserum, he simply refused to belief in true revival and that rubbish about the: gamer virus and Bugsters. Surveying his office, spying the now dead and shattered wards, that monitored the blood wards of the now deceased Dursley home, as well as the burnt out wardstone he used to anchor the wards to the house and Petunia, remembering the day he went to confirm the deaths of the Dursleys:

Flashback (1 month before start of term):

A loud crap, split the ears of the most sensitive listeners and herald the arrival of the most unwelcome man to the street, striding forth the man waved a stick in his hand and turned his purple robes into a crisp purple suit, which looked garish and out of place. The arrival of the man in any other location would have had him swamped with sheepeople asking to help with a problem or dispute, but here to his chagrin as he was not welcome, this man with his long-ass silver beard (that he applies a charm to make it glow) is named: Albus Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.

Once his suit was fully transfigured, Albus moved to the house he had not visited in 10 years and hoped he'd never needed to, on the way he idly noticed the sign in the front garden saying: [For Sale], before he reached the front door however, a voice from next door asked, "Excuse me sir, can I help you?" turning to the voice, seeing it had belonged to a lovely young woman and said, "Yes my dear, I was wondering if you could tell me if a Petunia Dursley was home?!" "Sir the Dursleys have been dead for 6 months! A blessing in disguise for their nephew if you asked me," with the confirmation of his pawns, Dumbledore thanked the woman and left, to get a confirmation from his squib pawn.

After get a 'yes' from the squib, Dumbledore left to returned to the school and once he arrived, he destroyed his office, in a rage that shook the foundations of the school to its core. With the office destroyed, Dumbledore returned stealthily to the Dursley house disable the wards and retrieve the wardstone.

End of Flashback:

Returning to the present, Dumbledore shook his head to clear it and concentrated on the task at hand: Minister Fudge had sent him an emergency owl, notifying him of a Wizengamot meeting to discuss and approve of some new law that had been submitted, on the other hand was a letter from the Board of Governors of Hogwarts, who had received a complaint regarding his newest Educational Decree and concern for the safety of students, it was a request to Dumbledore to have the decree removed to prevent the accidental deaths of students that end up taking the duel to far and since he no longer has a need for the decree, Dumbledore was all to happy to remove it and save himself the headache of more post for the Governors. As the Wizengamot meeting was more important than that of the decree, Dumbledore prepared for the journey to the ministry.

While this was going on, Harry, John, Neville and the girls they were friends with, had begun to enjoy a Ron free schooling, deciding to spend it with a lakeside picnic, with couple of card games (muggle and magical) and a gobstone tournament. What they had not known was that they had been watched, from her office overlooking the lake, Minerva observed knowing their classwork was as up to date as possible and allowed them the time for their fun, as it kept them out of trouble they have earned it after all.

Another casual observer had been Dumbledore, before he was called away by his paperwork – paperwork he tries to hand off to others or postpones as long as possible, but he couldn't concentrate will his plans for Harry becoming even more pear shaped as the year goes on, forcing him to think of backup plans and backup plan for the backup plans. Later in the day, within a large foyer fireplaces became a alight with green fire, as they ejected several wizards and witches, who of which made their way to the lift, it was this seen that presented itself to the headmaster of Hogwarts, as Dumbledore joined the mass of people heading for the courtrooms.

Down in the courtroom, seats of the lords or ladies were beginning to fill up and once the seats were filled, Dumbledore took his seat as the Chief Wizard and the meeting was on the way. The meeting was long and mostly contained ego stroking, as the Minister brought forth several new laws he had been 'suggested' to pass, with only 3 of them been passed: the Family Restoration Act – to allow an heir to have multiple wives, the Register of new Dark artifacts – Listing a dangerous artifact as dark or evil (this time it was a muggle toaster oven) and Dark spell registration – update the list of dangerous spells (Lucius found a rare spell in Japan that could be used to block the killing curse).

All in all, the meeting went without a hitch, even if they laws were unimportant to Dumbledore (especially the F.R.A.) and called the meeting adjourned. In the days following the meeting, the Potter family was kept busy by: many families requesting a marriage contract for Harry or John, most of which had been turned back due to the heiress being several years older than the boys. The boys were also kept busy during their class time, so they had to balance school and politics each day, but when they aren't in class, they are being chased over the school by: their fan girls.

The chases finally stopped, when they were caught by: Dumbledore, who proceeded to give them detentions for endangering the school populas or rather: complicate his plans to make Harry a martyr for the war and re-align his status a Merlin of the new age. As the days after the meeting turned to weeks, the school became abuzz with thoughts on Halloween and the costume party, Dumbledore was arranging (for fun) and for the occasion the headmaster had invited the public to the school to celebrate the day, knowing full well that a servant of Voldemort will try and use the time to get the Stone.

Time skip to October 31st:

It was finally time, the day of Halloween and the party that night, had arrived with the whole having a day off to prepare their costumes and make sure their parents had gotten their invites (muggleborns included). In the room of the Potters: Harry and John, along with their friends had their clothes for the party laid out on their beds, on Harry bed was his costume of: Yugi Muto of the Yugioh series, complete with: Deck, duel disk prop, Wig and Violet tinted contact lens, along with Hermiones Asuna's Berserk Healer outfit with: Rapier and wand, and Daphne's Vampire costume. John's bed was filled with: his Yusei Fudo gear, Padma's banshee suit and Lavenders Siren costume, around the other parts of the quarters were: Pavarti's mermaid suit, Tracey's Hydra suit and Susan's Auror gear.