It would have been a peaceful section of old growth forest if not for the hollow dome of broken rock jutting from the forest floor. The branches were thick enough to support four ninja across the top near the trunk. Moss heavy with dew grew sporadically on the tree trunks and their branches. The air was filled with the early hint of the moss and loam dirt. Birds chirruped to each other in the distance. The forest floor was devoid of plant life fore the most part, the hard packed dirt interrupted only by the occasional bush or stone.

Breaking the illusion of this peaceful scenery was a large dome of dirt covered stones. Several smaller trees lay torn from the ground around the periphery of the artificial cave, and it seemed to have formed around an old tree as its trunk sprouted uninterupted from the center. located in a small clearing a large gap in the wall provided entrance into the dome. Murmuring voices drifted on the wind out into the forest, dissipating as the sound encountered the local trees.

Obito landed on a large branch above the entrance seeing the tracks stop. Turning one ear to the cave didn't help, the voices were still too muddled to make out. His arms trembled for a moment As he recognized one of the voices, he had arrived.

The lone ninja double slapped his cheeks in succession and declared "Time to go..."

"To where?" Obito froze for only a split second.

In the corner of his vision the air warped like a mirage. A man slowly coalesced wearing a slight smirk. The uniform was a mixture of faded tan and a muddy maroon. He was stocky and the clothing stretched across his frame. Despite the well traveled appearance his shaggy hair was held tightly against his skull in a tight bandanna bearing his Hitai-ate of Iwagakure.

An Iwa nin... Obito could see the nin's arm clench as it began to shoot toward him. The cold sensation gripping him broke. Obito spun, drawing his own kunai to meet the man.

A blur of silver and black landed before him. The Iwa nin lept back to another branch and narrowed his eyes at the now pair of young ninja he faced. Kakashi's lazy iconic voice now speaking out

'You really need to stop being such a loser Obito..."

Obito's face warmed as he clenched his teeth "Shut the fuck up!"

"Heh..." Kakashi inclined his head ever so slightly revealing the cloth mask covering the lower half of his face.

"I thought you were continuing without us?" Obito asked the sliver haired team mate.

Before either could continue the conversation the Iwa nin began to make hand signs rapidly. Obito tensed and glared at the bastard. Their enemy seemed fixated on Kakashi,

"That sword.." he began "Could you be the white fang of the leaf?"

Kakashi held out the shining white shōtō in his had, "This is just... A momento from my father"

Obito's eyes widened as he recalled Kakashi's words from earier that same day

"To carry out his mission, useful tools are essential to a ninja. Something like emotions are useless"

'Kakashi... You are contradicting yourself. You do feel something don't you?'

The man sighed and his shoulders drooped a bit as he smiled.

"I see, you're just his kid then. No need for me to worry" The iwa nin faded from sight, like a heat mirage approached too closely.

Both partners lowered their stances and began to scan their surroundings. The silence was almost deafening as the reluctant teammates looked around. Obito felt a drop of sweat tickling his temple as he strained his eyes behind his goggles.

"Obito! Behind you!" Kakashi shouted in warning. The hairs on Obito`s neck stood out as his team mate dashed behind him only in time to receive a slash. By the time obito looked the Iwa nin was again fading from view and leaping back. His teeth clenched Obito knelt down to examine Kakashi`s wound.

"My eye."

Kakashi held a hand to the left side of his face, blood oozing through his fingers.

'Crap, this is not good'

"Kakashi are you alright?" Obito pulled Kakashi into a sitting position.

"Our enemy.. He's good" Kakashi turned to look at a bloodied kunai nearby "He abandoned the kunai stained with the scent of my blood on it"

Obito's vision blurred just slightly as Kakashi moved his hand to reveal his left eye clenched shut despite the slash down his face.

"Don`t tell me you have dust in your eyes again. A ninja shouldn't cry... I`m not dead yet."

Obito mustered the best glare he could but lifted the goggles to his forehead again and wiped his tears onto his sleeve. Minato-sensei's words echoed in his memory "There is no way dust can get into your eyes when you are wearing those you are going to advocate self-control, don`t just mouth the words. ACT strong too"

'I'm tired of just being talk, always being saved by others... A big mouthed loser. but...'

'I believe the White Fang was a true hero...'

'Those who abandon their comrades are worse than scum! I don't want those words to be just talk.'

He hardened his eyes and started to scan his surrounding again. Slowly a transparent mist of varying color crept into the surroundings. Rather than interfering in seemed to enhance everything Obito saw. Fore images appeared as he glanced about. In one moment he turned to the side and was show images of a ninja running towards them in a deceptively slow pace. As the first image approached Obito swung about, planting his feet and thrust his blade forward into the images heart. The images merged and the last one proving solid. With a wet cough and wheeze the colored mist surrounding the enemy nin fell away as he stared at Obito in shock.

"Wh why... There`s no way you can..."

The shocked voice of kakashi interrupted the enemies reverie "Obito! You..."

"What is that eye..." With those words the Iwa ninja fell to his side, dead before hitting the branch.

With his now enhanced sight he furrowed his brow and declared "This time... I`ll protect my comrades!"

"Obito, that eye of yours..."

Obito watched as the corpse of the enemy ninja seemed to drain of realism to his new eyes. He stared down at his own hands. Seeing the faint flow of light within his own body and in the surrounding environment.

"Yeah, I guess this is the Sharingan. I can see the flow and movement of chakra now."

A grunt sounded from behind Obito and he turned to see Kakashi fall to a knee while gripping his injured face again.

"Kakashi! Are you going to be okay?"

"Ah, yeah. Looks like I lost my left eye though." Kakashi reached into a belt pouch and pulled out a familiar pack... The personal med kit he had received from Rin. "But I have the kit Rin gave me. I can use it for emergency aid, because we are going to save Rin immediately"

"Right!" agreed Obito

Kakashi fumbled with the med kit. He managed to get the snap open but was Having a bit of trouble getting to the contents while he still held a hand over his damaged eye.

"Knock it off taicho. I'll take care of this." Obito knelt down and took the now opened kit from Kakashi. He searched through the contents for not even a minute before coming up with the disinfectant, gauze, and bandage wrapping material.

"Thank you..."

"Just tilt your head back and move your hand" Kakashi complied with the request and then went still, squeezing his good eye shut while obito poured a bit of the disinfectant directly on the wound. Quickly soaking the gauze he pressed it directly over the socket and began to wind it tightly about Kakashi`s head. As he finished Obito noted Kakashi had a faraway look for a moment. Obitos gut clenched as he thought about the injury. This was his fault, Had he been stronger Kakashi would still have two eyes.

"You know, I know what I want from you as a promotion present..." the new jonin said softly.

A tick mark appeared on Obito's forehead "You IDIOT! we are going to save Rin and you bring up something that stupid now!" Kakashi's eye swiveled to reguard to dense team mate.

"Remember what Minato-sensei said about my jutsu? It's an ultra fast jab, so much so in fact I can't react fast enough to deal with any counter the enemy may use."

"Yeah I heard" Obito pouted in order to resist the urge to smile at the memory of Kakashi being told off.

"It's an incomplete jutsu. With the loss of this eye I can never use that jutsu... but with your Sharingan you can complete it for me."

Obito stared at Kakashi, the two tomoe in each eye spinning as he considered what Kakashi was trying to make him understand.

"You know I can't stand useless tools. I don't like to think I wasted my time making a tool that is useless. With your new Sharingan, you have the reaction speed to utilize it."

"We can talk about that later teme! We don't have the time right now."

Kakashi's eye expression went flat with his voice. "Did you forget why most ninja hate the Sharingan? It's because you can steal jutsu from the enemy. Now watch dobe..."

Obito felt a cool sensation as he blushed... He had in fact forgotten for a moment. He turned wide eyed as Kakashi stood. Everything moving in slow motion as Kakashi began to form hand seals.

Monkey Dragon Rat Bird Ox Snake Dog Tiger Monkey

He should see the chakra moulding withing Kakashi with each sign he wove, the nature morphing to a high frequency as it circulated within his network. With the last sign woven Kakashi gripped his wrist with the opposing hand and the chankra flowed out being concentrated to a single point. With a loud screeching chirp the sound of a flock of birds erupted. The energy became visible even without Obito's Sharingan.

Kakashi's hand shook with the contained power, some not quite being held in containment and scorching bits of his own hand. Kakashi released the jutsu after only a moment and dropped to a knee again before regarding Obito with a questioning look. Returning the gaze Obito nodded ever so slightly before flashing through the signs at a pace nearly exceeding Kakashi's before taking the same stance. The Chidori burst to life in his palm filling the area with the sound of birds again. Still holding the jutsu, he turned his red eyes to his teammate and smirked. "Damn right I'll make use of it!"