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As I walk towards the kitchen I hear a round of giggling. I find it coming from the kitchen and burst through the door. I see a house elf tickling Antionalie. Her shoulder length straight black hair is swishing around her face and her icy blue eyes are filled with tears. Her pale white face is brightened by a sweet smile. I hear a sad sigh from next to me and turn to face the owner. Asher is leaning against the wall, his six year old form folded in upon itself. His messy platinum blonde hair covers his dark grey eyes. His creamy white arms are crossed and his head is tilted to the side.

"Antionalie Elayna Grindelwald, you are supposed to be doing schoolwork." I say, sternly. "Sorry, Amber." She mutters. "You should apologize to your brother. You interrupted his schoolwork, too." I reply. She turns to Asher and says,"Sorry, Kray." I notice the way she uses his middle name. Her nickname for him. An innocence play, no doubt. I crouch down and open my arms for her. She engulfs me in a hug. I stand up and put her on my hip. She wraps her arms around my neck and rests her head on my shoulder. "We need dinner. Have it done it five minutes." I order. The house elf nods before running off. I walk out with Asher trailing behind me. "Asher, please set the table for five. I don't want the house elf messing up again." I say. He nods his head and walks into the dining room.

I hear a pop beside me as Torstyn and my mom reappear. My mom hands me my wand and I thank her. "Antionalie, you are old enough to walk on your own." My mom scolds. "I picked her up mom." I explain, setting Antionalie down. "Your going to hurt yourself." My mom says with a frown. I sigh and lead them all into the dining room. The table is set and I see different platters of a variety of foods. We all take our seats. My mom sits at the head of the table and I sit across from her. Torstyn sits on my right and Asher on my left. Antionalie sits next to Asher and the seat next to Torstyn is empty.

"So, who is your friend?" Asher asks. "His name is Torstyn." I say, putting a slice of honey baked ham on my plate. "Why is he here?" Antionalie asks. "Because he is. Let's focus on dinner." My mom says with a sigh. I plop a scoop of cheesy potatoes onto my plate before digging in. First I eat all of my cheesy potatoes. Then I eat the entire slice of ham. One food at a time.