It was a rather peculiar sight when you looked down at the plaza behind the castle Guardia.

Lines of big broad shouldered strong looking knights were standing in straight lines, lifting their swords and making thrusts in unison.
With each thrust they let out a collected. "HAH!" and then retrieved, sweat pearls escaping their foreheads as they shouted.

This sight was impressive, and that was not the part that was peculiar, not at all. It was all the way back at the very last line in the left corner was a person whom didn't quite look like the rest.

There was a young boy, well more he was a teenager but he was so scrawny it was hard to tell. He was only half the seize of any of the knights. Not only was he short in comparison but also very skinny.
His green hair was already soaked in sweat as swung his sword in unison with all the much bigger knights. His movements lacked nothing, each swing was precise but it lacked any conviction. His thrusts were weak, as if he was holding back on purpose. It didn't look like that blade would be able to do much damage with such a weak thrust behind it. With so little conviction.

The man whom oversaw the training exercise elected to ignore it though as he walked back and forth. "Keep those backs straight!" Cyrus yelled. "You're almost done, don't give up now." he encouraged and all the knights yelled.

Everyone except the green haired boy whom just seemed to hesitate even more.

"Ten more!" Cyrus yelled. "Nine." and he walked around looking critically at his knight. "Five! Give it all your power now. Three!" he shouted. "Two, one. At ease!"

And all the knights dropped down in exhaustion gasping for air but looking happy, all except the boy whom looked dissatisfied.

Cyrus glanced at the young boy then finally walked over to him. The boy though didn't meet his eyes but looked down. "Glenn." he then addressed the boy.

Glenn swallowed then glanced up. "Sir Cyrus."

"You seem unsatisfied." Glenn pointed out and Glenn swallowed.

"I did not complete the task." Glenn pointed out. "I did do the 200 thrusts, but not nearly as well as I could have. I'm sorry Sir Cyrus, I let you down." he said in abashed voice looking down at the ground.

"Well, you tried." Cyrus exhaled deeply and Glenn glanced away in shame.

For a moment they both stood there, Cyrus looking down at Glenn and Glenn not meeting his eyes looking away.

"You'll get it." Cyrus then at last assured.

"I'm not so sure." Glenn muttered. "I.. I just don't think I have it in me." he said finally looking up.

"I'm confident you do." Cyrus then assured. "Just believe in yourself! You can do it!" he encouraged. "You have the skill! I've seen it myself! All you need is conviction and belief!"

Glenn though didn't seemed like he believed Cyrus at all, if anything he looked rather defeated at this moment.

It probably wasn't to much of a surprise that after the knights dinner, the green haired boy returned to the plaza with his trainees sword and started to swing again… Ones again his movements were flawless, but it lacked any real strength or conviction.

What he didn't realize though was he was being observed, by the fine knight whom was his tutor standing on the balcony glancing down.

"Sir Cyrus." The king of Guardia addressed him as he walked up beside him and then glanced down. "Oh, young Glenn is at it again I see." he commented.

"Yes, he is.. Well he is trying." Cyrus bit his lip a little nervously just as a little frog jumped up beside Glenn and the boy screamed in surprise falling down, gasping as he wide-eyed looked up.

"Very jumpy though." The king observed then looked up at Cyrus. "You truly do intend to make that child a knight?" he asked.

"Yes." Cyrus nodded. "He will be a knight." he stated surely.

"Sir Cyrus." The King frowned. "I do not mean to question your judgement, but to be a knight is a harsh job that has broken even the strongest of spirits. It means you have to be a strong as well as tough! That child showcases promises of neither." he pointed out as he looked down as saw how the young boy was now gently picking up the frog, very careful not to hurt it. "He is a gentle boy and very kind, and those are good qualities. But not the qualities of a knight."

"No you're wrong, those are exactly the qualities a knight should strife for." Cyrus stated. "One day Glenn will become a true hero, exactly because he is kind and gentle. His kindness will be his strength and his gentleness the thing that will inspire people. It is those qualities we must not forget! Especially in times like these! Beside his abilities are better than my own. He is the person we need! I am sure of this." he stated. "He will become a far greater hero than I ever was." he smiled in a soft smile.

"Ones again you're selling yourself short sir Cyrus, you are far to humble." The King exhaled deeply.

"That's very kind of you to say." Cyrus smiled amused as he leaned over the fence and glanced down, observing how careful Glenn was as he attended to the frog in his hands as if the frog was a precious and rare being. "Glenn posses a very rare gift." he then commented. "He knows what it is like to be weak and scared, because of that he will be able to empathize, understand in a way most can't." he stated. "We need more people like him, he has the potential. I know he does."

The king glanced at Cyrus then down at the young boy whom finally walked away with his frog, in the direction of the pond. Assumable to let the frog loose.

"I shall trust your words sir Cyrus." The king then finally exhaled.

Cyrus smiled amused. "Hopefully in time you will not have to put your trust solely in my words, as Glenn proofs himself and you can trust him due to his actions."

"I see you have high hopes for the child." The King exhaled deeply. "I suppose we shall see." he then finally admitted.

Being completely unaware of the conversation that had just taken place did Glenn walk towards the pond with the little frog in his hands.
His mind was elsewhere, filled with doubts and questions and finally he sat down on his knees in front of the pond letting the frog go as he sighed deeply. "What am I doing?" he asked. "I can't be a knight, it's just not within me." he muttered sadly.

"Glenn?" A soft voice asked and Glenns eyes widened as he screamed in shock and fell over headfirst into the pond.

"GLENN!" The female voice shouted as Glenn wide-eyed sat up, now soaked from the water and covered in duckweed as he wide-eyed looked at the young girl in a beautiful dress standing in front of him.

The girl blinked then she smiled amused, and then she had to cover her mouth with her hand to stop herself from laughing, all though a few chuckles still escaped her mouth.

Glenn swallowed. "Pr-Princess Leene." he stammered. "I.. I apologize for." he halted then blushed deeply as he looked down.

"No don't apologies, I shouldn't have been sneaking up on you." Leene smiled amused. "Here let me help you." she asked offering Glenn a hand.

Glenn swallowed as he hesitated but then finally accepted and let the young princess pull him up to where he could sit on the ground wringing his tunic from water as Leene amused looked at him and Glenn glanced away.

Leene was Glenns own age, the exact same age in fact. Also they were the only two people in the castle whom weren't adults yet.

Glenn was not entirely sure why, but Leene seemed to have taken a liking to him. Ever since he arrived they had spend a decent amount of time together. Talking about palace life, walking in the garden, but only ever on Leenes request. And at one point they had even played chess against each other.

Glenn didn't mind, he did like Leene. She was both very kind and very intelligent, yet she also seemed to be very sad.

Being the sole heir to the kingdom was a heavy burden laying on Leenes shoulder and she had confessed her fears to Glenn. Her fears that she would fail as a queen, that she wasn't good enough.

It was a feeling that Glenn could only sympathize with, how on earth was he ever supposed to be a become a knight? Let alone a hero like his master.

In that way, the two were a lot alike. Perhaps that was the reason they could feel so much at ease with each other.

"I'm glad I found you." Leene then spoke softly.

"Your highness?" Glenn asked in a blink. "How come." he finally asked.

"The mystics are coming closer." Leene then swallowed. "Magus himself seems to lead the front troops I… I have a bad feeling about this." she admitted.

"You do not need to worry." Glenn assured. "Cyrus and the knights will protect you."

"Yes I know." Leene assured in a sad smile. "Still, I got this terrible premonition." she admitted then looked at him. "You will protect me too, wont you Glenn?" she asked. "I feel a lot safer when you're protecting me."

Glenn blinked surprised then blushed as he looked down. "You should not feel that way." he muttered. "I am not nearly as strong as any of the knights. Nor am I the least bit brave like them." he said. "You would be better served asking Cyrus for his protection, not me."

"Cyrus believes in you Glenn." Leene then said. "And I believe in you too, I know you wish to become a true hero, and I believe you will become it. In due time."

Glenn glanced down. "I do wish I could be a true hero. Like Cyrus." he admitted. "But I am not. Still!" he stated looking up. "If the mystics dare to come here, you have my word I shall do all I can to protect you. It might not be much, but I will do all that I can!"

And Leene smiled softly. "That's all I needed to hear." she stated. "Now I know you'll always be there to protect me, you just promised." she pointed out.

Surprised Glenn looked at Leene then swallowed as he nodded. "Yes, you do indeed have my word." he stated a little bit stunned.

"I'm so glad you would be my friend Glenn, I hope you know that." Leene smiled a little sadly.

"You as well your highness, we are friends… Are we not?" Glenn asked. "I mean." he blushed abashed.

"Indeed we are." Leene smiled softly. "Since you came, I didn't feel quite so alone. And even if that can't last, it means a lot to me." she stated.

"Yes." Glenn smiled a rather melancholic smile. "I grew up all alone, I would never have imagined that a hero would take me under his wing, nor that a princess would consider me her friend. I will do my best, to live up to your expectations." he then stated. "I wont let you down!"

"I know you wont." Leene assured in a soft smile. Though behind her smile there was a fear and a sadness, as if she already knew what was soon to come.

Even Glenn could feel it, the disaster drawing near, a disaster that could not be stopped.

AN: Yes I know I am not writing Glenn's… or Frog's speech like people usually would, like the way he talks in the game.
The thing just is, English is not my native langue and I struggle with ordinary english already, so for simplicities sake. I elected just to have Glenn speak mostly normal.
I do not mean to be dis-respectful towards the game. It's just to make it easier for myself.