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Frog was standing absolute still as he looked at what was in front of him. It looked like just any ordinary mountain. But this mountain had a secret… It was actually the entrance to Magus's castle. His hideout. Merely shielded by magic. Magus's magic.

The only thing able to cut through this magic… Was the Masamune.

But…. Last time, ten years ago. When Cyrus had tried to cut through Magus's shield, the blade had broken. It hadn't worked.

"Frog?" Marle asked. "Are you all right."

Frog glanced down, somehow he felt melancholy. He remembered how he had been, when he was just a little boy. All alone, with no family and no friends. An easy target for the villages bullies. Then Cyrus had stood up for him.

Not because Cyrus wanted to get anything from it it was just… What Cyrus did. Protected those weaker than himself. Frog glanced up. "I'm quite all right dear princess." he assured as he turned to the rest and they all looked at him. Then he turned to Chrono. "Please." he asked. "Hand me the Masaume."

And Chrono smiled as he pulled out the sword, though instead of just giving it to Frog he thrust it into the ground with the sword tip down so it stood up ready to be pulled out by the hilt.

Frog stepped over the sword then looked down, he had only lifted it that ones. Back in his lair when he had agreed to come with them. After that he had let Chrono carry it… This was Cyrus's sword after all. Still.

Frog frowned, a deep determination coming over him as he closed his eyes, then opened them up again as he looked up. "Glenn! My name is Glenn!" he stated surely. "Cyrus's hopes and dreams, and now the Masamune. With those! Please let me slay Magus and restore your honor!" he asked as he reached forward and grabbed the sword pulling it up.

Ones again Glenn was astounded how easily the sword seemed to fit into his hand, how natural it felt. Then he felt it, the sword pulsating, warmth spreading from his fingers and to his body as if the sword had a mind of its own guiding his hand.

"Master!" it seemed to say. "How I waited! Please! Let me fulfill my purpose ones more! Be the legendary hero and allow me to help you protect this realm!"

And Frog held the sword over his head as he felt all the magic it had and finally, thrust it down, litterately cutting through the magic that shielded the entrance and a big opening directly into the mountain had appeared.

Wide-eyed everybody looked at it.

"Wow." Lucca breathed.

"Did… did he just cut straight through a mountain?" Marle asked.

"Affirmative." Robo replied.

Frog turned to them, to tell the truth he himself was extremely astounded then he straightened up as he put back the sword. "Magus's castle is on the other side of this mountain. The mountain though is where all the mystics lives, those are our enemies. It will only become even more dangerous from here."

"We get it." Marle assured. "We are ready for it."

Frog smiled amused. "That is what I am starting to suspect when it comes to you people." he admitted then turned back towards the entrance he had created. The Masamune now in his belt, where it seemed to pulsate brimming with life, yearning to be of use.

Frog closed his eyes. "Cyrus…. I shall atone for my weakness. Please, lend me your strength." he asked as he looked up and finally took a step inside leading their little group towards the enemies.

Now… It was all or nothing. They had to give it all they had or they would loose.

Glenn though refused to yield. Not this time! He would not!