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I've finished college with a straight A result in every subject. My aunt and uncle were proud of me, well... sort of. Or maybe 'proud' wasn't the right word to describe it. They were happy I finally could take care of myself. That day I decided to move to some other place. I thought that maybe renting a house would be a good start.

"Take care." My aunt said without even looking at me in the eye. She was busy with her breakfast, sweeping margarine to a slice of bread.

"I hope you don't miss me." It was a sarcasm. My aunt isn't fond of me, she kept treating me as if I am a freeloader step-daughter.

"In your dreams." She replied, still not looking at me. It's okay. I know my place. I do not belong here.

After checking my stuffs, I walked out of the house. My uncle looked at me concerned. He looked sad and somehow showed a slight of guilt.

"I am sorry my wife still acted like that until now." My uncle hugged me tight. He tapped my back and released me. "Be happy out there, Jaehee. Do not give up."

"Thanks uncle." I smiled. "Thanks for everything you've done for me, until now. I hope I can repay you someday."

"No, no." He refused. "I already am happy watching you achieved so many things in academic." He explained. "Your parents would be so delightful to see you success."

"Thanks." I glanced at my watch. "I have to go now, I'll stop by again someday." I waved, he waved back.

I travelled around the city looking for a job vacancy and a place to live. Then I came across a huge theatre near an intersection. I've always loved opera shows, I decided to snoop around a bit. And it was at that time I met him. I watched a show starring at a silver haired guy with a pair of red eyes. By that time I realized that he got a great talent I do not have. It isn't something I could achieve through academic. I heard the crowd shout out the name "ZEN! ZEN!" Anyone would felt like a superhero. I waited until the show's over so I could talk to the actor at the back stage.

At the back stage I slipped through the guards with my stealth. Then I saw ZEN standing nearby with a blonde girl giving him flowers. Of course, I am not the only fan. I am barely a fan, I have just became a fan like an hour ago and I knew nothing about him. Is that his girlfriend? I thought.

As I stepped backward slowly, I didn't know that my back had bumped into someone. I fell on my knees trying to recover my balance because of my high-heels. "I-I am so sorry..." I stuttered. Turned around, I saw a rare sight. The man crouched down, offering his hand.

"Are you okay?" He asked softly.

"I-I am okay!" I answered immediately and took his hand to get up.

My first impression was... did he dye his hair to turquoise? But on my second thought, that couldn't be. His eyes and eyebrows are also turquoise. Unique genetic I guess?

"Is there... something on my face?" He asked while pointing at his face.

"No, no." I got nervous, my eyes were glued to the floor. "Sorry I bumped to you." I picked up his scattered photos on the floor. They are all ZEN's photos with great angles.

"You... don't have an interest on a man, do you...?" I blurted that question out of blue and he chuckled so hard.

"Of course not." He smiled and giggled. "I am a photographer, the name is V. The girl over there is Rika, my girlfriend, and she is a fan of ZEN." He explained.

"Oh. Sorry how rude of me." I apologized and bowed down. Then he noticed my unusual attire.

"You are an employee here? I've never seen you before." V asked as I gave him back his photos.

"No, I happened to pass by here. I was looking for a job and a place to stay." I explained and V was smiling.

"Then maybe it's your lucky day. Because I have a job and a place to stay for you." He dug out his wallet and showed me a business card. C & R International. THAT'S ONE OF THE LARGEST COMPANY IN KOREA.

I took the business card and looked at V suspiciously. Is this a new way to fool people? Is the world this easy to achieve? Is this a dream? And so on I thought lots of negative thoughts in my head.

"Don't look at me like that." V giggled. "That company is my friend's and he is currently looking for an assistant. You could try submit your CV there. And if you are accepted, I will let you stay in an apartment," he showed me a key. "My friend gave me this key in case I need it, but I actually don't."

"What if I am not accepted?" I brushed my hair to my back.

"How much is your GPA?" He folded his hands.

"4. Cum laude."

"Then what are you so worried about? Those who get cum laude don't even need to participate with the test. You just submit your CV."

"I see. I will think about it." I nodded.

"Here, you can keep the key." V gave me a key. "With a condition."

Oh no, what kind of condition? Is he a bad guy? I thought, and just asked what is the condition.

"Join RFA, Rika's Fundraising Association, it's a place where we hold parties and donate money to those who need it."

Seems normal to me. "Okay. If that's the only thing they do, then it's good."

Before we left, we exchanged numbers and he told me the apartment address. I had a bad feeling about it. But when I checked out the apartment it is nice and comfortable to live. It's quiet and clean. I wonder how much it cost living here, if it is supposed to be rented.

The C & R firm is not so far from the apartment. I dropped by and gave my CV to the HRD. The person behind the desk told me that I am lucky because this is the last day for submitting the CVs. At that time, lots of people were on the chair, mostly parents waiting for their sons and daughters online test results.

"Oh my God." An old man stood up and was burst into tears. "My son passed the test!" He exclaimed, but cried as well. The crowds were looking at him, but he didn't seem to care until a personnel walked to him.

"Sir," he hold the old man's back. "It's just the first stage. There are more stages left in order to be accepted in this company."

"M-more stages? Ah... I see." The old main said. Somehow I find the scene quite hilarious.

After I've done registering in C & R firm, I decided to go back home and jumped onto bed and call it a day.

The next day came... I woke up and touched my phone, it's heating very hot. After inputting my lockscreen password, I saw a notification on the screen. "Installing RFA Messenger". What's happening? What the heck is this? I didn't install anything. Is this a virus? I thought in a panic way. I tried pressing other buttons but it won't work. My smartphone has stopped listening to its master. By then, I realized the install was 2 Gigabyte, and was using my mobile data too! Of course anyone would freak out. Well, at least I did. Then there was a phone call. The number 707 displayed on my screen, I answered the call.

"Welcome to RFA!" Someone with a shrill voice on the other side. "V told me about you, thanks for joining us! The app I installed is a RFA messenger. You can chat with us using the app, but for now you have to wait around 3 hours for it to work, I am coding your data."

I knew it. It was a very very very bad idea to agree with V. Even his name is only an initial. And now there's the 707 guy. He must be a stalker.

I forced my courage to reply, "Who are you and what do you want?"

"Nothing. Oh by the way, you are going to get another call in the next minute. Congrats on your new job." I don't know anymore where is this conversation going. But he was right. There came another phone call saying that I am invited for an interview on 9 o'clock at C & R International. I quickly jumped out of my bed to get prepared.

If I knew I would get myself into somekind of disaster... I wouldn't have left my bed...

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