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"Miss Kang" the person behind the desk called my name. I raised my hand hoping that they would notice me drown in the ocean of humans. "Please enter the room on the right of the hallway."

Without wasting time, I swam through the crowds and managed to get into the CEO room. The moment I got inside, I felt the air conditioner ruffled my hair. I saw a man in his twenties with a black hair. On top of his table, there is a name board carved, 'Jumin Han, CEO'. I approached to his table and sat on the chair in front of it.

"Who told you to sit down?" He said. And that was rude.

"I-I'm sorry." I stood up and bowed down. "Pardon my reflexes."

"Don't do things without permission okay?" He looked at my files. Such an annoying boss, I thought to myself.

I don't know why but I got the feeling he's kind of authoritative. Hopefully, he isn't a dictator. He started asking me basic questions related to my major. Then he went rambling about his entire business and the management. Cherry farm, grape farm, wine business, coffee franchise and etc.

"Okay, so you are hired. Come to work tomorrow at 7 o'clock." Mr. Han said.

"Thank you so much!" I smiled and signed the contract.

Afterwards, I stood up and reached for the door, when Mr. Han spoke again, "Don't be so hasty. I am not done yet." I turned around.

"What is it, Mr. Han?" I gripped my purse.

"Before you go to work, cut your hair short. And wear a glasses." Mr. Han pointed at his ear. Meaning my hair should be cut that short. "This is an order. Not an advice."

I loved my hairstyle since a really long time. Cutting it short would actually raised a question. Why would Mr. Han gave an order like that? Is he... is he Gay? Does he want me to become like a man? Like how Mulan dressed like a man? I couldn't thought of any other reasons for the time being. Though the criterias were disturbing, but I was left with no other choice. It's like a chance in a lifetime to get employed here.

"Alright." I said and left. There's a mall right next to the C & R International building, so I cut my hair in the saloon and bought a glasses frame. It felt like as if I just received a spy job. I went back to the apartment because tomorrow's the first day of work and I need to take care of my health. Lots of energy should do the job tomorrow.

Darkness filled my sight as my phone blasted to life. I opened my weary right eye to see the clock. It's freaking 2 A.M. and I don't remember setting an alarm for that. My phone screen showed an incoming call, and I realized it wasn't the alarm. It was Mr. HAN. Great... what now?

"Assistant Kang!" He said. "What are you doing right now?"

"Riding a roller coaster." I answered.

"Really?" He was surprisingly astounded. "At 2 A.M.? How on earth are you able to answer my call in such condition?"

"Then, what were you expecting I was doing?" I asked back.

"Sleeping?" He guessed.

"Exactly! Then why did you call if you knew?" I was trying my very very best to be patient with him.

"This is extremely important." Yeah... right... "so, I wanted you to arrange a meeting for me tomorrow at 10 o'clock."

"Mr. Han." I said. "I come to work at 7 o'clock, why don't you just tell me later at work?"

"I don't need to repeat myself, but this is EXTREMELY important." Mr. Han sounded so flat until I can't comprehend what was on his mind. "Don't try to order me around, I am your boss. Deal with it."

"And may I know what is so important that you keep repeating about?" I stood up from the bed and turned on the lamp.

"The meeting is going to be about cat hotel, cat clothes, cat shelter, cat food, and etc."

I shouldn't have asked. I shouldn't have asked. I shouldn't have asked.

"Please take notes of the details." He said. I grabbed a pen and a paper.

God, I can't believe it's already been this hard when I just got hired. As expected of a huge firm I guess, money talks, job descriptions are increasing. But, isn't it against the rules for calling me outside my work time? I am an assistant, not his maid. I took a note on his what so called important meeting. After that, I jumped back to the bed.

I arrived at work on six past thirty. My C&R ID was not ready yet, so I did my attendance manually. I sat on the desk's chair near the CEO desk. But there was no sign of Mr. Han. Speak of the devil, he emerged in with another employee behind him. He showed her a document from his desk. It was an attendance record.

"Look, you are late 2 minutes." The employee gulped. "I will cut your salary by two hours work." Then the employee apologized again and went out.

At that time I was hoping I don't end up like that employee. Now I regret that hope. I got extra hours and extra salary instead, which made me very exhausted everyday at work. There were also those times where he had dropped his cat to me to take care of. Since then, I hated cat for their c-hair and claws. I thought I wouldn't last a week. But then the next day Mr. Han suddenly asked me to buy a kitchenware.

"A kitchenware?" Mr. Han's requests were mostly weird and related to cat, but I couldn't figure out what a kitchenware for. Imagining Mr. Han with an apron would be so much hideous.

"Yes. You have talked to the RFA right? Since the day you became my assistant?" He asked.

"Yeah. I did." I answered with a frown. Was there something important? That's not good, I've only logged in to save Zen's photos.

"V wanted to buy a kitchenware, he is going to marry Rika." Mr. Han said, but somehow I felt his voice a bit heavy while saying it. Thus, I looked up the kitchenware catalog on the internet and ordered.

"Mr. Han. Are you joining RFA just because you're V's bestfriend?" I asked while looking at him in the eye. "Or you liked Rika?"

"It's a bad manner to ask such private question, you know. But tell you what," he said. "I joined RFA because I wanted to help those who needs us. Orphans especially. Rika was... one of the orphans. She told me her life was though back then, and she got bullied a lot. She envied my life. That's why she created that association... to help other people." Mr. Han paused and inhaled.

"I was touched after hearing her whole story. So was V. Everytime I thought about it, I scolded myself. I said to myself... why can't I change their world? I have almost everything I want, why don't I share it with them? We... wanted to make the world a better place." Mr. Han emotions caught my attention. I thought he was a flat robotic machine all this time. I was wrong.

"What am I talking about..." his sudden realization has closed the gate of emotions. "Forget it. Assistant Kang. Here's your first paycheck for the month. You can go home early today." He gave me a white envelope.

"But I haven't fi-" I haven't finished my sentence but Mr. Han told me to go. "I can handle the rest."

I walked out of the room with a confused look, yet happy face. At that time, I thought Mr. Han was probably posessed or his robot brain is hacked by Luciel. But no, he wasn't. I arrived to that conclusion after I opened my paycheck envelope. Why, I thought he would just send the money to my account, why did he choose a more complicated traditional way? The envelope was not only contained money, but there's a ticket to ZEN's Jalapeno show that I couldn't get because the tickets were sold out. I smiled.

And that's the reason why I stayed.

Mr. Han was not a bad person after all.