Vic's POV

After voting out Lashawna we got to relax a bit before we were all rounded up for the next challenge, Spy Movies.

"Where are we?" Courtney yelled.

"Starting early, I see." I groaned a bit as a camera popped out of the wall and started displaying a video.

"Mwahaha!" Chris laughed.

"Why is he wearing an eye patch?" Katie wondered.

"Welcome to the world of spy movies." Chris said putting on an honestly awful accent.

"Is that Jamaican?" Duncan asked.

"I thought it was Japanese." Heather countered.

"Wait it's not supposed to be German?" I said.

"It's Russian!" Chris yelled "And I'd know I am an actor."

"Really?" Duncan raised one of his pierced eyebrows.

"Look any good spy must have essential spy skills like deactivating a bomb, jumping from an exploding building, and of course faking an accent that makes people think you really speak that language." Chris said "You'll need two of those three skills to get through this challenge players."

"Harold gets nowhere near the bomb." Duncan said.

"Agreed." Heather and I nodded.

"Oh yeah one more thing." Chris said "I'm kinda bored with the teams so we're gonna do the merge now, every man and or woman for themselves. Catch the nine of you back on solid ground."

"It was fun while it lasted." I shrugged.

Our first goal was escaping, and Courtney was already helping herself out with her PDA's GPS function.

"That stupid phone is practically cheating." I groaned.

"I don't normally trust technology…" Duncan followed her.

"He's such a doofus." Heather sighed.

Justin found a secret elevator that took us to the top of a town.

"Cool place." Duncan looked around.

"Good you made it to the first part of our Spy movie challenge." Chris pointed at the center "See that case, you have to get whatever is inside, you'll want it for part two."

"This is a joke right, easy to just smash and grab." Duncan walked in.

"You should let me finish next time." Chris said as a laser grid appeared in the room "Best be careful getting what's in the case those bad boys will cut you in half."

"Hmm, this one ain't gonna be easy." I stepped under a laser.

"Look at the bright side Heather." Katie giggled sliding by "If you get his you won't lose any hair."

"Grr, say something to your stupid girlfriend!" Heather yelled.

"Why are you ordering me around, and we broke up." I sighed

Confessional Cut In

"Well we broke up as part of our strategy…I think Katie is kinda bratty about the whole thing so I'm not super sure anymore."

Before anyone else could get close to the case Courtney smashed it opened and one the challenge reward, a pair of wire cutters.

The second phase of the challenge was deactivating a trash bomb. Everyone was arguing with each other but it made little difference to me, I just needed to turn off my bomb and I could worry about them later.

"This is connected to…then that one goes to…" I looked at the side panel "The blue one! Then Yellow and Red!"

I used my teeth to rip the wires and my timer stopped ticking.

"I got it!" I jumped off the platform "Booyah!"

"Vic wins the second challenge!" Chris said "Since Courtney won the first round and he won the second they'll be taking an all expenses paid trip to a local cheese factory."

"I refuse." I held my hand up "Spending a whole day with Courtney sounds like a bad time."

Confessional Cut IN

"This may have just been a reward challenge but I need to get planning for the next elimination. My alliance with Duncan and Heater as well as my partnership with Katie means I have at least four votes on my side, that's just shy of the majority. I need to thin the heard before they thin me."


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