~England's POV~

I was at a world meeting in London, my capital, everything was going how it usually does with that stupid git America saying ideas that were stupid and impossible, the Frog was trying to talk to me about a "calendar" and Germany was becoming a time bomb ticking slowly closer and closer to exploding in rage. I kept rather quiet waiting for the meeting to end so I could talk to Canada, I really feel terrible for not remembering him when he got older but I can't change the past, I really need to talk to Canada about the wizarding world so I could ask a favor of him. Right now in the wizarding world, Voldemort is at large on a killing spree of mortals and wizards alike, it hurts to feel my capital being attacked as well as the screams of pain my people let out as they are attacked but I can't even imagine how Scotland feels which is why I have to make this right and help my older brother so he can attend meetings again, I can't wait to be rid of the extra paper work. I check my watch and see that in 1 minute the meeting will be over, I scan over everyone trying to find Canada as to talk to him as quick as possible.

~Canada's POV~

I sat in my chair at the world meeting keeping quiet to draw little to no attention to myself, I'm not a shy person around humans but around the other Countries I feel inadequate and weak, I don't know why though. I pet my polar bear, Kumajiro, on the head and waited for the meeting to pass by.

As the last few seconds passed by on the clock on the wall, i began to pack up my papers and notes of what was discussed today, everyone began to pack up their own things at different paces and left. I was aboot to leave when England came up to me asking if we could talk, I was shocked that he remembered I existed but I said yes as my polite side showed through. England directed me to the other side of the room where there was fewer Countries to over hear, "Canada, can you please do a favor for me? You don't have to but it would be much appreciated" England ask in a rushed sentence like a Tsundere. "Sure, I'd be glad to help my Dad with almost anything" I responded in a kind tone to the fidgety England, "Okay, this maybe a long explanation but it also might not so please promise you won't freak out at anything till after I'm finished explaining everything." I looked at him confused but I promised anyway, "Alright, first things first, Are you in touch with your magical government?" I nodded slowly completely perplexed at what he could possibly ask of me and of what it had to do with the magical governments. "Well, um, I have been in touch with my magical government and we are having some trouble.." "trouble with what?" I asked confused "We may have a problem with some dark wizards on a rampage, but more importantly there is a boy that the most powerful dark wizard of all time is after and I was wondering if you would help me protect said boy?" I put on my thinking face to annoy England a bit, I quickly replied "Sure, what do I need to do first?"