Canada's POV :

Arthur was taking me to Diagon Alley to get my supplies for the upcoming school year, we breezed through getting quills and ink as well as parchment, a cauldron, a scale and potion ingredients. When we were getting robes, Madam Malkin remarked on how thin I was for a growing child, which made Arthur quite grumpy. At Flourish and Blotts we were looking for the correct books, it was taking awhile to find the first years books in french. Lastly when we went to Ollivander's to get a wand, I tried several wands but none of them worked till this wand was placed in the palm of my hand, "Beech wood, Canadian wolf fur core 11 and a half inches" Ollivander said as he handed the pale yellowish wand to me, I felt a surge of power and I knew instantly that this was my wand. "9 galleons please, Mr…" "Williams" I piped up "yes yes, that will be 9 galleons" "Of course." I paid Ollivander and left with Arthur back to the house.

As soon as we got home I ran up to my room with all of my school supplies, I had pestered Arthur to buy me at least 12 packs of 24 pencils and 13 erasers because I was very sure that quills would be annoying seeing as I hadn't used one in over a century. I was sorting all of my school supplies when I heard a crash come from downstairs, "What on earth was that?" I thought to myself. I quickly got up and ran downstairs to see Alfred standing in front of a broken window covered in broken glass, "Yo! Mattie! I was looking everywhere for you!" Alfred shouted even though we were 2 yards away from each other. "Hi Al, what brings you here other than looking for me?" I said to my twin, "I came to see if you were here or if Iggy had seen you, anyway, Why the fuck are you a child?" Al asked in a pretty obnoxious way. "Well Al, Arthur asked if I could help him with a problem in his country, do you want to help as well?" I spoke softly as show I didn't want to pressure him in any way, "Sure Mattie! I'd love to help! What are we doing to help?" Al asked and shouted at me, I sighed out of being tired from walking for the entire day. "Al you should go ask Arthur 'cause he hasn't told me very much yet, also ask him if you can help or not because it would be rude to just come along without permission." I told Al.