"So was this when you killed Zechs or was it before?" Westfield questioned.

"Before, my killing of Zechs occurred the next day right before the duel with the Gundams were supposed to take place." White answered, his body throbbing with fury at the memory of conversing with Zechs. The thought of spending any time with the Lightning Count besides killing him sent the Flight Lieutenant into a great fury.

'I guess it doesn't matter too much. In the end justice has been served and Lizzie can rest easy with OZ being safe from treason.' White reasoned, calming himself down.

"Why did you not choose to kill or arrest Zechs then and waited until the last possible moment before the Duel?" Westfield asked. While the Canadian firmly believed that Zechs got what he deserved, what White was leading up to wasn't necessarily the best way to handle the situation and the lack of coordination with OZ proper to place Zechs in a court martial and let the Gundam pilots escape could get White dishonorably discharged.

"I suppose there are a few reasons that I did not take action against Zechs till later, though I admit that they could be nothing more than poor excuses. My primary concern was a building of evidence for when I did confront him, because until the last second Zechs could claim that he was deceiving the Gundams to ensnare them for OZ, thus covering his treachery, so I had to catch him right as he was about to commit the act. My second worry was about the mobile suits, if I had just killed Zechs then I would be shot and if I tried to arrest him when I met him his cult would throw me in a cell instead, so I had to take action in a matter that would protect Tallgeese and take down the Gundams. I managed to retrieve Tallgeese in the end and Unit 01 is in pieces in Antarctica, though unfortunately, I let Unit 04 and the pilots get away, a failure that rests entirely on my shoulders."

Westfield seemed satisfied with the answer and was about to move onto his question until White cut him off, a look of heavy contemplation on his face. "If I'm being honest with myself though, I guess I just wanted to see just why the hell would Zechs do something so horrible, and maybe somewhere deep inside of me I hoped that he would turn around in the end. I may not have ever idolized him like so many of my peers, but he was still a hero to me before Antarctica, a man who was the best of the best and a model that every OZ mobile pilot should strive to follow.

Squadron Commander, if a man who we once upheld as the paragon of virtue can so easily betray the organization and consort with terrorists who have high enough body counts to be considered as perpetrators of genocide, then just who the hell can we trust in OZ?"

July 21st, AC 195. Barclay Kamb Naval Station. Antarctica.

Marcus stared at the man who dared to defile the memory of Lizzie and all of the cadets and Speciali and non-combat personnel who had died by the Gundams hands, for crimes which no one in OZ had any idea of what they were being convicted of for the utter lack of the Gundam's communication with the Earth sphere, simply committing massacre after massacre without any desire for change.

If looks could kill, then Marcus was launching a nuclear bomb at Zechs. Recognizing that he was giving himself away, Markus faked a coughing fit, doing desperately to mentally steel himself and calm down to face Zechs and not kill him and let his plan go to total waste. Once Marcus calmed himself, he looked to Zechs, fearful that the man had caught on and would defend himself. Fortunately (and his own mind miraculously) for Marcus, it seemed that Zechs paid him little if any attention, staring at the Gundam with a mixture of awe and admiration, while Marcus was simply in his line of sight.

Saying a silent prayer for having not blown his cover, Marcus further Zechs, "We've been waiting patiently for the star of the hour to join us. Ever since Lieutenant Noin had arrived, the entire base has been dedicating 210% to ensuring that the Gundam could be restored and you can finally claim your victory." Marcus said, feeling bile rise in his throat over the disgusting nonsense he had to spew from his mouth.

Such garbage seemed to be perfectly acceptable to Zech's ears however, the man nodding absently. "I can see the results of such efforts and you and the entire base have my gratitude. However, while the restoration of the Wing is impressive, it isn't fully complete, why is this?" Zechs asked, now fully giving his attention to Marcus.

"Well sir, this is a remote outpost dedicated to the research of aquatic mobile suits and arctic warfare, this base had no machinery dedicated to working on Gundanium until Noin arrived, none of us have experience with Gundanium or fought the Gundams directly, and the cold temperatures make working 01's circuitry and machinery difficult at the best of times. We have all done our best on the restoration, but if you wish for a perfect job then we need more time, at least another week." Marcus explained, letting his passion for engineering take over his soul so that he would not collapse and commit any irrational choices.

Zechs contemplated the information that was given to him, choosing to respond with a tired sigh. "Well I guess considering the circumstances, this cannot be helped. I did ask you to go above and beyond the call of duty to create the perfect conditions for this final battle with little preparation and an already poor starting base, so the fact that we have come this far is impressive in hindsight. Thank you Flight Lieutenant, I am in your debt." Zechs acknowledged with a light bow of his head.

Before this whole mess, Marcus would have been estatic at having the favor of the Lightning Count and would have bragged to his colleagues, eager to cash it in. Now having Zechs in his debt filled him with hatred and self-loathing. Even though Marcus choose a noble route of sabotage and eventual justice, he still aided the treacherous count and the Gundam pilots, aiding his sister's murderers.

"Though you can restore the Tallgeese to full condition, correct? Aside from some damage to the left arm, the Tallgeese is in perfect condition." Zechs asked.

"Not to worry sir, the Tallgeese we can definitely handle. It's not made of Gundanium and we've all studied the Tallgeese schematics at some point in our training so while we probably wouldn't be able to do as good a job as Corsica, we can make it work."

"Good. If there are no other issues, I shall be taking my leave to greet Noin and the Gundam pilots."

Zechs spun and his heel and made to walk away, presumably heading towards the airfield. At the realization that the Gundam pilots were soon to be here, Marcus froze in shock, nearly letting Zechs out of his sights. Bringing himself back to full attention, Marcus dashed after Zechs, having one burning question that he still needed answered from the man he planned to kill.

"Lieutenant Colonel, before you leave there is something that I need to ask of you." Marcus called out.

Zechs turned around with a huff of annoyance, his body language twitchy to go and meet the Gundam pilots, but he gave Marcus his due. "Yes White, what is it?"

"Lieutenant Colonel, why are you fighting against the Gundam?" Marcus asked, blurting out his question before he could think of a response.

Zechs looked at Marcus with confusion, "I don't understand Flight Lieutenant, I thought you were supportive of this venture." Zechs looked accusingly.

Panicking upon realizing that he was betraying his act, Marcus tried to desperately improvise a way out, "I am Lieutenant Colonel, I do believe that this is a good idea, to defeat the Gundams one-on-one and finish what was started at Siberia. I was simply curious for your reasoning on what made you pursue such honor when every other leading officer of OZ would have chosen to let 01 lie at the bottom of Lake Victoria and engage the Gundams with dishonorable tactics like Lady Une." Marcus explained, forcing himself to express the words.

Fortunately for Marcus, it seemed that fate was once again on his side as instead of approaching him with caution or danger, Zechs relaxed and indulged the man's curiosity, "For many years I have pursued the path of the warrior, to become a relentless master of the art of war so that I could finally achieve my desire to gain absolute resolve to rise above myself and serve a greater purpose, one that I could happily lay my life on the line for its nobility and intent. Despite my many years of service in OZ, I did not achieve this objective, merely acting as a butcher for the Romefellers, only increasing my skill in combat and not achieving the path of the ultimate warrior.

When the Gundams arrived to Earth, I felt alive for the first time since my childhood as I battled with them, pushing my piloting abilities to the limits in the greatest battles in human history. Fighting against the Gundams, 01 in particular, laid me closer to my goals than ever before. However, before I could discover my purpose and become the ultimate warrior, my final trial was stopped due to the treachery and dishonesty of Noin, who sought her political agenda over the needs of the battlefield. I could not let our struggle end with a corrupt peace brought about by intimidation and coercion. Everything shall be settled tomorrow with the Gundams. Either I die and the Gundams prove to be the superior warriors, or I slay them and create my own purpose as a warrior, leaving my own life behind. Does that answer your question, Flight Lieutenant?"

Marcus stared at Zechs with complete horror at this madman's monologue, his mouth agape as he heard the blatant nonsense spewing from his mouth. He already knew from Noin's explanation that Zech's mission was pure lunacy, the act itself being an inexcusable treason to OZ. However, deep down Marcus hoped that there could be something that would justify Zech's actions. It may not have been the correct course, but perhaps there was some good coming from this travesty that Marcus could help create, that the Gundams would get some form of justice and his sister would rest.

Unfortunately, this was anything but the case. Instead of Zech's mission containing even the slightest sliver of righteousness, all it turned out to be was the ramblings of a madman, not sick for his morals, but for his lack of connection to those he fought alongside and complete disassociation from the war against the Gundams. There wasn't even any inherent right or wrong, good or evil in Zech's purpose. The entire reason he had consorted with the Gundams was to "find a purpose" and "become the ultimate warrior". It was an entirely self-serving agenda so that this man could selfishly find a dream to be happy like some child planning his career instead of a hero of OZ who was sitting upon the sacrifices of all who served with him in the war against the Gundams.

Not wanting to spend a single moment longer with Zechs, Marcus fought desperately to regain control for one final time, smiling weakly at Zechs, "Thank you, for your explanation sir. With such noble goals, I am glad to be participating in this historic moment."

With Marcus' request satisfied, Zechs left to join Noin and the Gundam pilots. Upon later reflection, Marcus realized that his loathing and feelings were so obvious that Zechs should have been alarmed and taken action. But instead, he was ignored and Zechs walked the path that lead to his doom. Marcus would never receive a firm answer why, but his most likely hypothesis was that Zechs never cared much about him in the moment, Marcus purely being an extra in the Zechs show where the world revolved around him, looking forward in the future to his duel with the Gundam and ignoring the present.

Once Zechs went out of sight, Marcus ran desperately to the restrooms, charging into a stall and spewing out his lunch and breakfast's worth of food into the toilet, crying out in pain and misery, bashing his fists on the floor in anger over the pointlessness of such treason. In another list of miracles that allowed Marcus to later perform his deed, the restroom had been empty for most of the time that Marcus had been crying in anguish, allowing him to release the torrent of emotions from the betrayal and focus on what he later needed to do.

Originally, Marcus had planned to perform the assassination with an intellectual touch, planting a bomb in the Tallgeese, which he had prepared on his own and merely awaited some opportunity to slip it into the chassis, and then blow it up and the Gundam. However, after his confrontation with Zechs, Marcus' mission turned from one of vigilante service to OZ to a personal vendetta. It was no longer enough to kill Zechs from a distance, he had to personally slay the Lightning Count.


Westfield crushed his cigar in anger, having begun smoking one in the middle of interrogation to calm his nerves over the frustration of hearing of the betrayal to OZ by several thousand of its finest, including two formerly amazing heroes. Having heard the account from Marcus, with the man able to fully relay the speech in perfect memory, Westfield's blood pressure rose and his eyes saw red, wanting to do nothing more than to resurrect Zechs and strangle him to death for his lunacy and dishonor.

It was bad enough that the Gundam pilots along with Noin had escaped, along with apparently Relena Peacecraft who was some sort of accomplice to the Gundams, but the fact that this had been allowed to happen and the Gundam pilots nearly received 01 along with OZ almost losing the Tallgeese, all thanks to Zechs Merquise being on some vague quest of philosophical bullshit that was so insane that it made the ramblings of a marijuana-addicted philosophy Major look like Aristotle, it almost made Westfield ashamed of wearing the OZ uniform, that he belonged to an organization where so many bought such rhetoric as righteous actions.

Still, as much as Westfield could agree with Marcus' anger, that did not make him entirely in the clear. Focusing on the task at hand, Westfield resumed his casual interrogation of the Flight Lieutenant, this time approaching the engineer with a degree of hostility and suspicion which had not been present before. "Flight Lieutenant, after your talk with Zechs Merquise, the Gundam pilots had arrived and you took no action to sabotage, capture, or kill the terrorists, resulting in them eventually escaping with 03. Why did this happen while you focused almost exclusively on killing Zechs Merquise?"

Westfield did not hate or even dislike Marcus as of yet. However, the fact that the Gundam pilots had escaped on his watch with the only victory coming out of this affair being the denial of 01, with the other three pilots still roaming the Earth sphere as dangerous fugitives, made the long-term strategic gains of this debacle minimal.

Marcus sighed in response, showing clear disappointment at himself for his actions. "I apologize for not taking greater actions to subdue or kill the pilots. If the Comissariat deems to court martial me for my failure in dealing with them, I'll happily accept my punishment. I failed in my duties as a soldier, and I failed Lizzie and the others who died by their hand. However, with my strong emotional and physical reaction to Zechs' explanation, I felt I could not deal with the Gundam pilots in any appropriate way without blowing my cover and resulting in my death before any meaningful impact could be had. The pilots may have been boys, but they were killers in their actions and demeanor, from my brief observations I felt they could easily dispatch of me, and they would not be as absent-minded as the others in observing my actions.

So I kept away from them and kept interactions to a minimum, focusing on my new plan and waiting for the time to strike. I must also admit, that in my moment of weakness, my objectives had shifted not for any external circumstance, but due to my hatred of Zechs Merquise. I wanted to see this man die first and foremost for his betrayal, so I let my hatred overcome any other action. I am forever happy for what I did to Zechs and shall regard my action with pride to my death, but at the same time I shall accept full responsibility for this misconduct, most importantly the lives of however many soldiers of OZ shall die due to my allowance of the two Gundam pilots to escape. Though in all honesty sir, I fear that letting Zechs live may have been just as or even more dangerous."

July 21st, AC 195. Barclay Kamb Naval Station. Antarctica.

Deep within the bowels of the Antarctic base, in one of the many storage rooms, Marcus White sat on a oil barrel facing a tripod he had set up with a camera which he would use to record his confession for his upcoming plan to kill Zechs Merquise, explaining his reasonings with testimony, with the camera also having been secretly used earlier throughout the day to record the operations of the base and their aid to Zechs and the Gundam pilots.

Marcus had originally planned to record the confession within his room, but the walls weren't soundproof and he couldn't risk the chance that someone next door or a passing soul would hear his voice. Thus he elected to occupy one of the storage rooms which was a couple floors into the ground and far away from the main barracks and hangar, unlikely to attract attention and its walls thick in steel that nothing save for something akin to a gunshot would be heard. It wouldn't be the first time that Marcus had used a storage room for illicit purposes, having had a few sexual encounters be used in some bases. This time though, if he was discovered he'd get imprisoned or shot instead of receiving a lecture and spending a week on hard labor.

Looking throughout the room to make sure that no one else was present, his pistol steady in his hand and ready to strike down any eavesdroppers, Marcus felt secure enough to begin and put his pistol back in its holster, looking at the piercing gaze of the camera lens.

He had already been active with his plan since he was first briefed by Lucrezia on the batshit insane mission of aiding the Gundam pilots, but once he spoke his confession then a line would be crossed mentally and he could not back out, it would be time to go all in at the table and purge OZ of its greatest traitor and hopefully rid the world of two Gundam pilots.

Marcus sat still for half a minute, gaining the confidence to move forward. He found in his contemplation that there were absolutely no moral complications in his act or any fear of ostracization within the rest of OZ or legal persecution for his vigilantism, only fear of death in his attempt, a fear which Marcus had not had to face too often in OZ due to his usual non-combat status as an engineer.

However, when the pits of cowardice and survival were forming in his stomach, they were almost immediately filled by the image of Lizzie, of her beautiful smile, infectious optimism and kindness, of the compassion and determination she had shown as a cadet, how it was all ripped away from the world by the Gundams, with that bitch Noin failing to protect her and actively aiding the murderers of her students while Zechs shat on all of OZ's principles and the memories of the fallen for a chance to play renaissance with terrorists.

Such feelings instantly and heavily overrode any fears of death, allowing Marcus to go forward and press the record button.

The video would show Marcus staring silently at the camera for a few seconds, mulling over the words to say as he didn't exactly have a speech planned and wasn't a great orator. After deciding on a path to follow, Marcus began to speak.

"Hello to anyone who shall be watching this. If you are viewing this recording, then I am either alive and being rewarded or imprisoned, or I am dead. No matter what happens, the truth needs to get out of the immense treachery that is taking place here in the Barclay Kamb Naval Base, on July 14th of the year 195 of After Colony, of the betrayal against OZ through consortion with the Gundam pilots. Speaking of, if the Gundam pilots somehow view this." Marcus then flipped the middle finger of his right hand up, staring at the camera with utter loathing and hatred. "Burn in hell."

Composing himself with heavy breathing, Marcus charged on. "Approximately a week ago, Flight Leiutenant Lucrezia Noin arrived at the Barclay Kamb Naval Base. She arrived with the remains of Unit 01, which was supposed to be destroyed at the Lake Victoria Base, but in reality the destroyed mobile suit had been a fake, created from the spare parts of the Tallgeese while Noin had smuggled Unit 01 to Antarctica. Flight Lieutenant Noin's mission in defying her orders and smuggling 01 was for the purpose of restoring the suit to give it to the Gundam pilot to fight against Lieutenant Colonel Zechs Merquise, a fight which is planned to occur tomorrow. I know the claims may seem fantastical, but within this video along with other recordings are evidence of the Gundam pilots, specifically the pilots of Units 01 and 03, two boys by the names of Heero Yuy and Trowa Barton, to be consorting with all on-base personnel and Zechs and Noin." Marcus paused for a short period of time to allow for whoever would view it to see clips and images of such evidence, with him planning on editing it in later tonight.

"Since the beginning of the restoration of 01, I have been actively attempting to sabotage the process and hopefully bring the traitors and Gundam pilots to justice. I plan to do so tomorrow by killing Zechs Merquise, claiming the Tallgeese, and then destroying Units 01 and 03, then clearing the base of traitors until the arrival of reinforcements, though this is of course the most optimistic plan and is unlikely to proceed as exact as possible.

I am a lone operative in this conspiracy and the actions which shall be undertaken are solely of my mind and body. Despite my best attempts to look for accomplices, or perhaps stage a revolt against Zechs and Noin, as far as I can observe every single man and woman aside from myself within the base have fallen under the complete and total sway of Lieutenant Colonel Merquise. Completely agreeing to his plan with zero hints of anger or resentment, with some even being excited to meet the Gundam pilots and interact with them."

Marcus paused, vile clawing up his throat at the memory of many of his comrades having, or more attempting to have, animated conversations with the Gundam pilots, chatting with them as if they were Speciali instead of the most dangerous and vile terrorists in human history, terrorists who had killed tens of thousands of their comrades. If Marcus had the ability he would nuke this entire base and make everyone's final seconds be those bathed in agony from nuclear fire.

"Perhaps I have failed and there were genuine patriots to OZ and the cause who may have stood in solidarity with me. To such true knights of OZ who existed, I apologize for not involving yourself. However, I truly could not find any hints of rebellion among the ranks. Such a claim may seem impossible, but in my personal impressions, and as you'll see in the later clips of OZ personnel at work and off-duty leading up to my mission, everyone seemed to be truly invested in Zech's treason.

I am not a superstitious man, but what I observed in the past week was truly incredulous, as if the entire base had become members of a cult dedicated to Zechs and serving his every whim and pleasure, including treason and consorting with the Gundam pilots. I don't know how the Lightning Count did it, especially since he's only been here for less than a day and the base acted through Noin as his proxy. However, because Zechs wished for the base to commit treason, everyone happily marched to his tune with high levels of energy and commitment, even if it meant aiding the killers of so many of our brothers and sisters." Marcus said, taking a shaky breath at the reminder of Lizzie.

"Before I was well aware of Zech's cult of personality within OZ, but this has grown far beyond mere adoration, with Zechs being fawn as some messianic figure by the Speciali present, a man whose idea of engaging in a duel with the Gundams to satisfy his personal honor is being seen as virtuous simply because he said so. While I highly doubt that Zechs has some supernatural ability, his actions and ability to rouse thousands of men and women to treason shows he is a threat to OZ and the greater Earth sphere, a man with Hitlerian powers that can make an army abandon their morals and loyalties and do whatever he wishes. For this alone Zechs Merquise needs to die.

I know that many within and outside of OZ may see my actions as extreme vigilantism, of a murderous sociopath who took justice into his own hands. I admit that the actions I shall undertake are not the most righteous or moral, but they are the actions I feel must happen to avenge the fallen and protect OZ. As I explained, Zechs needs to die to prevent his cancer from infecting the rest of OZ. If he can move this base to ally with the Gundams, who knows how a trial would perform, he could sweet talk his way to a full pardon. I also personally feel that the betryal of our mission and the pain we have suffered against the Gundams is far too much to allow him to live another day, though I shall admit this is my personal feeling. Through my plan I shall prevent the Tallgeese from being further tainted and in the process kill the Gundam pilots and the rest of the traitors. I will happily face scrutiny and accept the consequences of my actions if I shall escape from this base alive, but as an engineer with limited combat experience and lacking in resources or personnel, this is the solution which I feel as not only the best for OZ, but the most practical with my constraints.

No matter what happens tomorrow, Zechs Merquise must not be allowed to be seen or remembered as a hero to OZ and the Earth sphere. His crimes must be laid bare for all of humanity to witness and the main to face justice or be executed for the gravest of his sins, of disobeying his orders and allying with the Gundams after we have just removed the tyranny of the Earth Alliance and had our first taste of victory against the Gundams, after all the blood we have shed against them. Zechs Merquise is a criminal and the worst of scum, the Lightning Count must face retribution for his actions."

July 22nd, AC 195. Barclay Kamb Naval Station. Antarctica.

After Marcus had finished his recording, he spent the rest of the day within his quarters, spending several hours preparing the evidence that he would use and mentally and physically preparing himself for the act that he would execute within hours, killing Zechs. He did not have an ounce of sleep the night before the duel, not trusting his body to betray him and have him miss the opportunity to avenge Lizzie and seek justice against Zechs. He also couldn't sleep even if he tried, his nerves too active in anxiety for the coming deed.

After tomorrow he would either be the most infamous man of the decade, or he would be a pathetic footnote in the After Colony created by Zechs Merquise. From this point onward, Marcus didn't care if he lived or died, all he wanted was to see Zechs' reign over OZ end.

After several never-wracking hours, it was finally time to execute his plan. Marcus exited his room, forgoing his mechanic's jumpsuit in favor of his uniform, with his pistol kept within his holster while he had six magazines within his belt. Despite his extra ammo and being actively armed, the staff of the base paid absolutely zero mind to him, Marcus simply being a passing face in green, something that he had been desperately trying to keep for the past week.

He had considered instead going to the Gundam hangar and shooting the pilots dead on his journey, but at the crossroads between the two hangars, Marcus steeled himself and moved forward to Zechs. The Gundams, while ridiculously overpowered and seemingly invincible with their pilots having God-like skills, could be defeated. Plus for all the talent of these boys, they were no masters of charisma and could not have any allies or partners beyond those currently in their disposal. Zechs could corrupt all of OZ to his beck and whim, he had betrayed the cause. He had to die.

Entering into the hanger, he was fortunate enough to have arrived precisely on time as Zechs was about to enter into the tallgeese from the gangplank. Not wanting to miss his opportunity, Marcus ran forward and hailed the Lightning Count.

"Lieutenant Colonel! I was running over the Tallgeese's data and there's a critical error in the reactor!" Marcus shouted.

Thankfully his lie had been bought hook, line and sinker. Zechs turning from the Tallgeese and walking towards Marcus. Some mechanics nearby looked to the pair in concern, but Marcus didn't heed them any mind, solely focused on the mission.

"What seems to be the issue Flight Lieutenant? The Tallgeese hasn't had any major issues with the reactors since I had activated it." Zechs asked in caution and light concern.

Marcus caught up to Zechs, closing the distance between them to a meter, enough to ensure he could land a fatal shot yet not give Zechs the ability to react and defend himself. "It's not an obvious issue and easy to overlook, but if we let it fester you could blow up as soon as you power the Tallgeese."

"So what exactly am I dealing with, and how soon can you fix it? I do not wish to delay my date with the Gundam any longer. It is already bad enough that Heero Yuy is using Unit 03."

"Oh it's something easy to purge, just a case of treason that I shall now rectify." Before Zechs could react, Marcus swiftly grabbed his pistol and fired two shots at Zechs, hitting him twice in his legs.

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