Okay so this got suggested to me ages ago by I want to say The Silver Titan... and I just haven't been able to either think of a plot or just haven't had the time until now... I'll tell you why in the next author's note.

Chapter 1:

Pouting as she could see the white haired woman across from her rebuilding the stack of papers in front of her. Something that caused the brunette to pout. "You know when I offered you coming over to study Weiss I was only looking for a ride home and knew that you would want to watch that newest episode of that sitcom that thanks to the last two hours I can't even remember the name of." The brunette stated as Weiss just met her gaze.

"I know. But that is why we are actually studying. Think how good it would be to watch it with all your work done?" Weiss asked rhetorically not even going to fake like she was going to fall for Ruby's ploy.

"Thought once you got into college you'd cool it with all this annoying crap. Not become more annoying." Ruby stated as she could hear her phone ping with a message. Sighing, Ruby sat up in her seat and grabbed the folder she had open.

"Check your phone Ruby." Weiss stated as the teen in question pouted and looked towards the white haired woman.

"It is just going to be Yang telling me she is either going to be late home or early. And once I do we both know I'm just going to play some games." Ruby stated calmly as Weiss sighed placing the final stack of her notes down and looked towards Ruby. As though she was sending Ruby a silent nod towards it being okay that they stop studying.

Smiling as she slammed the folder closed, Ruby dove for her phone causing a gleam of mirth develop in the woman's face. "So is Yang bringing home pizza or something?" Weiss asked half serious knowing that that was probably the only thing that would get such a reaction from Ruby.

"Probably not... and you need to go. Arslan is back in town and coming over and I haven't been with my girlfriend for three months while she was with her family doing stupid charity work. I deserve some time with her by ourselves." Ruby pouted as she could see Weiss staring at her intently. "I swear if you give me the speech about age difference again. There is only three years of a gap." Ruby continued her small tirade as Weiss just continued to meet her gaze.

"Except you are still under age and in any court if she goes past kissing it is rape. And even then it can be argued in courts that her kissing you is rape." Weiss spoke seeing Ruby starting to glare harsher and harsher. She knew that this was constantly what bothered her friend now days since Arslan turned eighteen but it wasn't going to stop her any. As Weiss finished sliding her notes into her bag, "Before I leave Ruby can you at least answer me this? Does she actually return your feelings or are you just the embarrassing thing she uses as a notch on her bedpost?" Weiss said standing up.

She was feeling a little bad about the tears she could see in Ruby's eyes but she felt like when it came to Ruby she had to be a bit harsh. Especially when it came to something as sensitive of a matter as this. "I'm not going to apologise Ruby. I mean think about it, you've never even met her parents. Any time you get the courage to ask suddenly there is something going on like her and her family are doing charity work... it just seems suspicious." Weiss said causing Ruby to let the tears spill free from their silver prison.

"Get. Out." Ruby said with her vision being obscured by what she knew had to be a fountain of tears. She could see the white and blue blob that was her friend walk out of the room closely followed by the sound of the front door closing.

Grabbing her phone, Ruby started to rub the tears from her eyes, feeling a small amount of anger towards her sister. Standing up and walking over towards the tattered couch Ruby sat down and brought her knees up to her chest. Burying her head into her knees, Ruby just wanted to cry right now, but she knew that she couldn't. Not while her platinum blonde lover was on her way towards her.

But trying to contain her emotions at this time. It was just hard. Something that was becoming harder and harder as the time went on. Sniffling a little, Ruby pulled her head from her knees before pulling the cuff of her sleeves down to try and rub the tears away.

'Stupid Weiss. With her stupid words.' Ruby thought as she stood up and started to walk towards the bathroom. She couldn't believe that she let something Weiss said cut her that deep. But it isn't going to ruin her time with her girlfriend. She couldn't let that precious time be ruined by some comments that she knew Weiss didn't mean.

Turning on the cold water, Ruby looked up into the mirror to see some minor redness around her eyes showing she had been crying a lot harder than she thought. Shaking her head she cupped her hands under the near frigid water and splashed it up hoping it would bring down most of the redness or at the very least give her something she could lie about it.

Reaching down just by the sink, Ruby grabbed the towel and started to dry her face forcibly once she heard the buzzer sound through the apartment. Tossing the towel into the basket and quickly flicking the sink off, Ruby nearly sprinted towards the door where she pressed the button just to make sure.

"Hello?" Ruby asked carefully as she could hear a small snicker from the other side. One that was as distinct to her as the olive eyes that she knew the owner of the snicker belonged to.

"Gonna buzz me up Rubes? Or do you expect me to just stand out here."

At that simple comment, Ruby pushed the button hearing the buzzing sound, she opened the door, just stepping out a little she could feel her heart fluttering with each and every second that passed. Almost like this was the universe's cruel joke being played on her. Being denied even contact with her as she went and helped some poorer country, which Ruby still found stupid just because she couldn't talk to her lioness whenever she wanted, now the seconds seemed to move like hours, she was even sure the seasons were changing outside.

But before long she could see the blonde hair of her girlfriend walking up the stairs looking a little tired, but that didn't matter to Ruby. She nearly sprinted towards her, leaping knowing the woman would catch her.

The feeling of the strong arms encircling her, lightly drifting her around, making a near full circle, all the while Ruby laughed. Something that increased once she heard the sound of something dropping. "I missed you." Ruby said once she felt her feet touch the ground. Head just resting on the slightly taller woman's collarbone.

"I gathered that from the sudden attack. But I brought you a present. One I'm not taking out in the middle of the hallway. And I hope isn't broken." Arslan said as could feel the comfortable weight that was resting on her shift as she looked down and could see the silver orbs stare back.

"Give me a kiss first." Ruby demanded as she could see Arslan look around before she leaned down, hands wrapping around Ruby's waist and planting a chaste kiss on the woman's lips. As the older woman tried to pull away, Ruby wrapped her arms around her neck preventing the retreat that would ruin her time. As she felt the tanned woman gasp a little, Ruby seized the opportunity and proceeded to let her tongue investigate the woman's mouth.

Something that was short lived by the taller of the two as Ruby pulled back and covered her mouth. "Have you not brushed your teeth in like forever?" Ruby asked as she could see an eye roll.

"I was like a day round trip to the nearest clean water well. We were in Swaziland to help build a school and a clinic. Dental hygiene isn't the top concern when it is hot as balls outside at the coldest time... in the shade."Arslan said as Ruby just rolled her eyes.

"Before you kiss me again, you are scrubbing your teeth. And out right drinking a bottle of mouthwash if it comes to it. Because garlic breath can take a lesson." Ruby said covering her nose as she knew that the smell was only going to get worse. "And if you don't have a tooth brush we are going to get you one unless you just want a handshake goodbye."

"Brought one. Literally dropped the heavy stuff off, grabbed your present, stopped off buying a toothbrush and came here." Arslan said causing Ruby to just smile. Grabbing her hand, Ruby started to lead her way towards the apartment she shared with Yang. Once the duo was inside, Ruby pointed towards the bathroom.

Something that caused Arslan to laugh as she walked over to the small table and placed the bag she was holding down on it. Opening a smaller pocket the woman pulled out a cheap toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste. "Don't look in there. I'll be back in a couple of minutes." Arslan said as Ruby crossed her arms and pouted.

"Three minutes minimum!"

As Ruby could see Arslan walk towards the bathroom she couldn't help but smile. She knew that no matter what she said Arslan was going to make sure she wouldn't make Ruby uncomfortable in any sense of the word. Something that was made clear by the sound of the teeth being brushed furiously.

"I'll make some hot cocoa!" Ruby yelled as she heard Arslan spitting into the sink.

"I wouldn't! Just because once I'm done here we are going to probably start kissing and then it just gets so complicated and by the time we figure everything out it will be cold." Arslan called out as she could swear she could hear the blood rushing to Ruby's face in an almost laughable fashion.

She knew that no matter what that Ruby blushing was going to be a guarantee. Especially over something like that single comment. She also knew that if history was anything to go off of, Ruby was going to be staring intently at the bag wondering what it was that she got her.

"Mouthwash is in the cabinet... don't laugh." Arslan heard yelled at her causing her to wonder a little. As she opened the cabinet Arslan couldn't withhold the laughter. Barely being able to hold herself up, Arslan could just feel the anger that was coming off of Ruby through the walls. "I said don't laugh!" Ruby pouted stomping her foot lightly.

"I'm sorry. I was expecting like strawberry... or flavourless. Not cupcake and a pina colada one. Why is there two?" Arslan asked once she figured most of the laughter had left her voice.

"Yang got the song stuck in her head when she went shopping for things like that. And then proceeded to call me a child because only one company makes the cupcake one and only does it to make kids care about dental hygiene... so it doesn't taste nasty." Ruby pouted as she could hear Arslan spitting once more.

"Not touching that one." Arslan said walking out of the small room to see Ruby's arms crossed staring intently with a pout on her face. "It isn't because I think you are childish Ruby." Arslan stated calmly as she walked up to Ruby. Resting her hands just on the teen's hips. "It is because there is a four year age gap here." Arslan added noticing the pout intensifying.

"It is only three years. I'm sixteen in two months. That means we just need to wait two more months before you lift your stupid rule of kissing in public. Speaking of which let's test that breath out." Ruby said as she unwound her arms and wrapped them around the blonde's neck. As Ruby said those words, Arslan leaned down and captured her lips once more.

Before Ruby could even register it, she could feel the tongue invade her mouth, followed by the distinct taste of a clean mouth. Smiling as they pulled apart, Ruby rested her head on her girlfriend's shoulder, a smile ever present as she just felt the arms around her holding her tighter.

"You went with the cupcake mouthwash. I like it." Ruby muttered as Arslan just smirked.

"It is because I don't like getting caught in the rain... and I am into yoga. And come next summer we can make love in the dunes of the cape." Arslan said with a small snicker as she could hear a groan coming from Ruby.

"This is why I started shopping with Yang. So she doesn't buy something because of a song or buy something because it is a pun she likes. I mean I had to eat bowls of pasta and rice for weeks because it was called 'bowl appetit' or there was that time she spent half of our food budget on bread because it was called 'I loaf you.' and smacking her on the nose didn't help." Ruby muttered as she pulled back from the embrace. "Now I believe I was promised a present..." Ruby added causing a smirk from her girlfriend.

"Go over to the couch and close your eyes then." Arslan said causing Ruby's mirth to bubble to a near explosive level. Quickly bounding over to the tattered couch, Ruby jumped onto a spot and closed her eyes and slamming her hands over them knowing what she would say next. Hearing some shuffling around the bag, Ruby just let her mind wander to what she could possibly be getting. It didn't matter what it was really considering how precious the items Arslan gave Ruby really were to her.

After a few seconds she could feel the couch dip beside her before the words left Arslan's mouth Ruby could almost feel her heart in her throat. Just wondering what the gift was, that was when she heard the words that removed all doubt as to what it was going to be.

"Go on, open those pretty eyes." Arslan said causing Ruby to look at the small piece of leather that looked like it was hand made with some small decorations meant to tighten it. Things that made her want to just ask if they were real because they looked like tiny fangs.

"It is made out of this tiny pseudo nuisance called a cape fox that started to chew at the wooden structures we had started to build and these children built snares caught a few and taught me how to make a soft leather bracer." Arslan said as Ruby started to roll up her sleeve offering her arm to the woman to slip it on. "And before you ask, the beads are clay... the fangs are real, it was either them or losing me for a few more months."

"They had it coming then. But was he really that small?" Ruby asked as she felt it get tightened.

"Actually he was large. They grow to be about two... maybe three pounds." Arslan spoke as Ruby smiled at the feeling of the leather against her skin. She had to admit that it was actually a little neat of an item. She just wished that they hadn't had to kill something that small. "You hate it don't you." Arslan added as Ruby rolled her eyes.

"No... I just think the teeth was a bit overkill. But it is cool. Allows me to shove it in Weiss' stupid face." Ruby pouted as Arslan smirked a little and pulled her down into a mock laying position. "And no... this isn't like the time she played thunderstorm sounds because I forgot to put away those robotic mice I made to not only taunt the cats in this building but also use it for engineering project towards the end of the year."

"What happened?" Arslan asked as she could feel Ruby squirm up into resting her head just under Arslan's head. "Is it something that I should talk to her about?" Arslan continued as Ruby just started to grumble a little. "That bad? Because I swear I will totally accidentally run her over until the kicking sto-."

"What do I mean to you?" Ruby asked as she started to sit up to look her girlfriend in the eyes. "Do you actually love me? Or is Weiss right and I'm just some notch?" Ruby blurted out as she begged for Weiss to be wrong. Weiss couldn't be right about something like that, and Ruby's subconscious seemed to just want all doubt that Weiss might have implanted to be removed.

"What? Of course I love you. What is her reasoning that burrowed into your brain?" Arslan stated sitting up holding Ruby in an upright position.

Ruby started to pout as she moved to the far end of the couch, crossing her arms. She knew from the second she posed that question that this was going to come up, but she didn't really want to repeat those same annoying statements. Those things that made her feel so used.

"How come you've never introduced me to your parents... or let me see the inside of your house let alone your room... I mean whenever we run into them outside getting something you always call me your 'good friend'... and anytime you do seem like you'll introduce me you get pulled away on some charity work... and you haven't even held my hand in public in two years." Ruby said as she could hear Arslan shift a little. "Swaziland doesn't even sound real." Ruby added as the pout intensified

"I was doing charity work. Literally every time. And Swaziland is real. It is a small African country. But there are reasons I don't hold your hand in public Ruby. Legally I'm raping you anytime you force my hands onto your tits causing me to grope you or anytime you grope me I'm still raping you." Arslan said as she looked at Ruby.

"What about all the other things?" Ruby asked as she spared a glance towards Arslan who had a look of minor anger at what Ruby knew was going to be directed at Weiss.

"I... haven't... told them... about me yet... or possibly ever." Arslan began as she could see Ruby shift to look at her with slight anger in her eyes. "Don't give me that look Ruby. My family are Mormons. You know the sect of Christians that are beyond not accepting. If I came out I'm about eighty percent sure I'd be stoned for being a harlot and twenty percent sure I'd be flogged to death. I mean the plane crash sucks. It caused your dad to be a deadbeat who ran off, and killed your Mom... but..." Arslan continued before she quickly regretted her choice of words from the tears that just seemed to spill freely from Ruby's eyes.

"I'll see myself out." Arslan stated standing up, feeling her heart being stabbed with guilt at causing who she considered to be the love of her life that much pain. She didn't even want to look at Ruby again. Not until Ruby was ready to talk to her. She grabbed her bag and quickly walked out the door.

Once Ruby could see the door close, she pulled her knees up to her chest and buried her eyes into her knees. She was just about ready for this day to be over. First one of her best friends put the idea into her mind, and now she found out from her girlfriend herself she clearly didn't mean enough to her to cause her to come out to her parents.

'This day can't get any worse.'

As Yang heard the cracks of thunder and could see the blinding white light temporarily light up the sky, she was at least a little thankful that they wouldn't be staying late. She could get home and make sure Ruby was alright.

Rubbing her eyes as she slipped the key into the door, Yang cautiously opened the door stopping at the sight of a ball of human on the couch. Walking over to a small lamp, Yang pulled the chain down and she could see tear stains on her sister's face, a slight trail of blood drifting from the thumb that was in her mouth.

Gently shaking her awake, Yang could almost see into her sister's mind as her eyes drifted open. "Come on. Let's go fix your thumb." Yang said softly, praying that there wouldn't be another clap of thunder. Nodding a little groggily, Ruby began to be lead by Yang into the bathroom.

Climbing up onto the toilet seat, Ruby brought her knees to her chest again and held her hand out. Grabbing one of the face towels, Yang dampened a corner to try and clean up some of the dried and drying blood.

"What's wrong?" Yang asked softly as she gave the hand a once over. As if sensing the next question, Yang continued. "You only chew your thumb till it bleeds when something is wrong and you don't know how to tell me."

"This day just sucked. And it all went down hill with Weiss being a stupid head and ended with me figuring out my girlfriend never came out to her parents. And both of them just made me feel bad." Ruby pouted as she could see Yang reach into the box pulling out a small rectangular packet.

"Weiss probably didn't mean to make you feel bad. You know she has the social skills of wall. As for your girlfriend tell her to choose. Be free with you or stay in the closet as the Christmas presents just pile up." Yang stated as she could see her sister's unwavering mask never shift as the alcoholic wipe was placed onto her thumb. The same mask that shattered in a matter of seconds at the sound that Yang dreaded Ruby hearing filled the apartment followed by the power quickly giving out.

Even in the darkness she could see the fear still present on Ruby's face. "You can sleep with me tonight. The thunderstorm won't get you." Yang said as she reached into her jacket pocket to pull out her phone. Flicking the flashlight on just so she can give Ruby some comfort and finish the job of making sure Ruby's thumb didn't get infected.

Tossing the trash that had started to collect from the simple patch job Yang stood up and smiled at Ruby. "Come on. Before another clap." Yang spoke with confidence that Ruby knew she could place her trust in, as she stood up on shake legs to grab hold of her sister's arm as she lead the way to the only safe haven to Ruby at that moment. Somewhere that she knew the storm wasn't going to get her.

Author's Note:

Okay the challenge was posed to me as and I'm paraphrasing here 'Make a story where Arslan and Ruby were the main ship. After that I couldn't care what the story was about.' and while normally I would have told the person to shove it because something like this would happen of me not knowing what direction to take… but it is a trash ship and I do love those… so I had to write it once I figured a story out.

Again I think it was 'The Silver Titan' that gave me this challenge… if not… I still send the same regards… this is actually going to be very challenging down the road.

Finally… this was just to test the waters. Not gonna start writing this properly for a while.