And Time for the Epi...


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" The chorus of people screamed as Ruby jumped at the sound. She was shocked that it was something that was clearly a big thing to her friends. Especially when it fell on what she considered to be only the second best holiday of the year.

But that didn't matter really, this time there was something a lot more important to her. Something that was going to bring the best thing possible to her. Being allowed to finally get closer to her girlfriend.

"What are you even meant to be?" Reese asked as Ruby rolled her eyes hard.

"I asked Yang to get me a costume and she got me a trash can..." Ruby said pointing to the metal cylinder like object she had been forced to wear. "Now where is my girlfriend!? I've gone a whole twenty four hours without a kiss." Ruby demanded as she started to look around for the blonde hair of her dark skinned girlfriend.

"She is in the kitchen... But I gave Arslan mine and Pyrrha's gift to you. Don't worry you can thank me later. Just remember the walls won't be sound proofed, so if you are a screamer, the rest will hear." Reese said raising her eyebrows up and down suggestively. Staring a bit aghast at Reese, Ruby quickly began to slowly walk away from the teal haired woman dressed in some sort of biker like outfit that Ruby was positive Reese already wore as casual clothes.

Slowly walking into the kitchen, Ruby was at least a little thankful that there was other people here that Reese was entertaining. Truthfully she wasn't going to really look behind that curtain. She'd much rather not question what Reese was implying. Just figuring it would be much better for her sanity, especially with most of these people her having never seen before.

Or at least that is what she was thinking. Thus far her favourite though was the tall almost kinkajou like animal walking around. It was actually something a little funny to Ruby. The only thing that made it a lot funnier to Ruby was how the animal was acting around Reese. She was actually debating if she should remind Reese about her girlfriend... but the more and more Ruby was around them the more and more she learned to not question their relationship once they were behind closed doors.

Shaking her head, Ruby was dead set on finding her own girlfriend. Quickly walking into the kitchen Ruby could feel a small squeal die in her throat at the sight of her lioness dressed as one. Quickly jumping up, Ruby was shocked that the woman was quick enough to place the bottle in her hands down and turn around to catch Ruby.

"I thought you were going to be a ro-"

"I asked Yang this year to get me my costume for my birthday... and she is still mad from the blackmail last week. I don't get why... cookies are cheap."

"You threatened Weiss by saying you'll post naked pictures of her online if you don't get seventy cookies by the end of the hour." The woman in the lion costume spoke as Ruby rolled her eyes.

"That is nothing. Weiss literally has a cookie butler. Whose sole job is to make cookies on demand. Seventy is nothing either..." Ruby spoke trying to defend her stance as Arslan just rolled her eyes and leaned down to plant a kiss, something that was made better by Ruby quickly meeting her half way.

Wrapping her arms around the taller woman, Ruby smiled as she started to deepen the kiss. A smile that increased twofold as she quickly jumped up, feeling Arslan's hands quickly wrapping around under her for support.

Pulling back, Ruby smiled down at Arslan. "I've always wanted to do that... no more stupid consent laws stopping me either." Ruby said with a smile as she could see under the light make-up Arslan had on a faint red dusting on her face. Something that made her just feel that much better about it. "But before I get your gifts... what did Reese and Pyrrha get me? Is it something fun? Please tell me it is something fun." Ruby said lightly bouncing up and down in the hold Arslan had on her.

"I mean... it can be." Arslan began with a smile as she could see a gleam start to develop in Ruby's eyes. "Reese thought it would be funny if she rented us a hotel room for the rest of the weekend." Arslan said as she could see the gleam die a little as Ruby started to chew her lip as if she was trying to figure something out. Deciding to just remove the doubt from Ruby's mind, Arslan spoke up again. "She wants to give us somewhere private to have sex for the first time Ruby." Arslan said as she could see Ruby's face rival her namesake.

"I'm not going to lie... I thought about that... but I mean... I wouldn't want to put you in a situation you wouldn't be comfortable with." Ruby said as she leaned in to hide her face from Arslan.

"Ruby, we can go there and just cuddle for two nights. I've gone this long, I'm fine waiting until you are ready." Arslan spoke as she was shocked to feel Ruby jump down from her small embrace.

Before Arslan could even speak up, Ruby was already explaining her reasoning to her. "Then why are we waiting here? Yang is working for the next five nights, Weiss is drinking with an on duty Yang... and honestly I don't recognise anyone here besides Reese who is going to be in so much trouble when Pyrrha finds out about the kinkajou flirting with her." Ruby said lightly tugging on Arslan's hand.

"Fine Ruby. I just need to get the details from Reese... and I'd rather keep my arm." Arslan said as she could have swore she saw Ruby roll her eyes as she let go of her hand. Looking down at the woman in the small trash can costume, Arslan just smiled at her leaning down for another kiss. Letting the woman know exactly how important she is to her. How she meant everything to her and made her happy that nearly two months prior she had forced her to come out.

Everything really from this point on, was just proof how much Ruby meant to her. How the one woman was able to remove all her worries and doubts so easily. Pulling back from the kiss, Arslan smiled at the woman who seemed to have grown just as impatient as before. "Come on Lioness..."

"I'm coming Ruby..."

Author's Note:

Boom done. Hope you guys enjoyed this story... I'm already moving onto my next. but guest review time...

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