Young Justice: Rise of the Spirit Warrior

Ch. 2 Today's the day Pt. 2

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Ch. 2 Today's the day Pt. 2

Washington D.C.

Halls of Justice

July 4, 2010

14:00 Hours EDT

The skies were just beginning to change as the sun began to set after having just passed just overhead a little over an hour before. A crowd of journalists from all over the country and some from various parts of the world with their own photographers and Journalistic News Crews stood outside the Hall of Justice.

It's location was far enough from, and yet close to the White House as agreed by the Heads of State and the UN, that the President made sure that Secret Service and other Government Agencies was at least capable of breathing easy knowing that the worlds 'Heroes' were nearby.

Like the Heroes before them, the Justice League was stationed near the Headquarters of where the Justice Society once held their own team gatherings and meetings.

As it was, the current Heroes of the Modern Era consisting of the Dark Knight known as Batman, the King of Atlantis known as Aquaman, the Emerald Archer Green Arrow, and the songbird herself, the Black Canary. All four mentors were stationed just outside the entrance, leading to the outer walk-in of the Justice Leagues main headquarters.

Standing beside them were their protoges, or as the Journalists would call them in this day and age, 'sidekicks'. For Batman, there was Robin. The Boy Wonders suit consisted of a red top of the toughest Kevlar, the lower addition was black with black boots and a yellow utility belt. Like his mentor, he bore a cape with the outer layer being black and inner color being yellow. Rumor has it that it enabled Robin to not only glide while in the air, but was virtually fire proof. He bore black gloves that also aided his arsenal of high tech gadgetry such as a holographic computer and more that none save the Dark Knight knew and or approved of. On his chest, over his heart, was a black badge-like circle with a single letter 'R' in yellow. The final piece of the costume of course was a small and yet simple black domino mask.

For the King of the 7 Seas, there was the water elemental Aqualad who was the second to carry the honorary title. His suit was a sleeveless near red in color Atlantean armor with a deep green pants designed to aid him when in the aquatic background where he spent most of his days. He was of african ascent with white dyed hair cut short and Atlantean runes running over the outer skin of his lithe built arms that when activated, aided him in controlling his electrical kinetic based powers and in turn, his own weapons called Water Bearers, Metal Hilts that aid him in channeling his Water based abilities. When not in use, they were both strapped to his back back via black holsters that were fitted to his physique.

For Green arrow, his was the red suited Archer known as Speedy, whose suit was a near replica of his own uniform, only red with a yellow quiver, belt, gloves and hat with a red feather sticking out. Like Robin, he too wore a black domino mask. And as for the Canary herself, she was joined by her very first partner, Kamen Rider Ghost whose suit could change into many forms at a whim. The default form was a suit of black armor with a glowing orange helmet that bore huge black lenses for eyes and a curved blade-like horn. A black parka with inner orange highlights adorned the armored warrior. A symbol of an wispy eye adorned his chest as well as bulky belt around his waist, the belt being the source of his armors powers.

The only one missing was The crimson suited speedster Flash and his own partner, Kid Flash.

Flashes of light from the photographers were going off at this historic moment when the first step of the young teens ascent into adulthood and into the League would take place.

The Halls of Justice was a breathtaking monument to behold. From the marble texture of the grounds and building to the blue tinted glass of the semi-domed structure with the miniature pools of water on either side of the walkway path leading to the doors of the building itself.

On the top of the outer dome of the Hall itself was the title representing everything that the heroes of the past, present, and hopefully the future, will come to honor.

Before them, was a marble star shaped structure with golden spikes that in essence represented fire. From it, stretched forth the pathway into the doors of the Hall itself.

All current four young heroes looked on in amazement, not actually having had the opportunity to actually be a part of something this Grand.

It was Batman who broke the silence as he looked down and smiled with pride, a feat that very rarely done. Laying a hand on Robins left shoulder, he spoke in his deep tone that had the same feeling as the expression he wore, "Today's the day."

"Welcome to the Hall of Justice." came the next words from the emerald archer. Next to him with a deep appreciative look, was his own partner. Each of the Heroes and their teen partners stood side by side, ready for the next chapter in each of their lives.

"Headquarters of the Justice League." followed the Sea King next.

"Aahhh man!?" a new voice sounded as the air suddenly whipped about the grounds, with a bit of dust from the Earth itself. Stopping before the heroes was the last member to show up.

The first to stop before them in a blur until he became motionless with his fists on his hips, was the Crimson Speedster himself, the Flash in all his glory with electrical kinetic energy discharges trailing behind and over his suit, fading several seconds after he came to a complete stop. Less than a parsec later, was his own partner, Kid Flash in a yellow topped suit with red leggings, yellow boots, and red gloves. He also wore red goggles for eye protection. On his chest was a red lightning bolt in a white circle. Like his mentor, he bore a set of wings on either side of his head, but unlike the Flash whose wings were gold, his were red.

Pouting with his arms now crossed, the yellow and red clad teen speedster then said in a slightly jealous tone, "I knew we'd be the last ones here."

With a smirk, the female crime fighter herself then spoke up, "You're late, Flash. As usual."

"Yeah well, had to stop for some fuel. As you...well, you know," he replied as he patted his stomach, "Speed don't come cheep." he then let out a burp that caused her to cringe, and yet her off again, on again boyfriend and archer, Green Arrow could only smile at his long time friends antics.

As she shook her head in disgust, not even in the slightest amused, turned and began heading around and towards the many adoring fans and journalists separated by two isle barriers that allowed the Supers to walk freely towards the doors of the Hall.

Ghost followed behind as he too was un-amused at how Flash was handling the situation. Said Scarlet Speedster could only ask, "What?!" as he raised his hands, palms up, as if he was clueless.

As Canary and Ghost had turned and began heading inward, the other Leaguers could only look on, unsure what to think as Dinah Lance was one woman that even they and by extension, Oliver Queen had not yet figured out.

On one set of the isle as they approached the steps leading to the main doors, a voice of a "Is that Batman?"

Another voice came, that of a young child, "Oh my goodness, I see Flash and Flash Jr."

"His names Speedy." came the voice of another fan.

"No, Speedy's the name of Green Arrows sidekick." came the correction of another fan.

"Well, that makes sense."

"Is that the Demon Kid?"

"He's not a demon, it's Ghost. As in Kamen Rider Ghost. How many times do I have to tell you?"

"Oh right."

Dinah rested a hand on her sons shoulder in support. Hearing the term Demon Kid caused his confidence levels to drop as it has many times whenever he heard it, thus his shoulders drooped until he felt her hand lay upon him. He took a moment to breathe deep and release, just one of the many exercises he practiced with her in order to help both support and rebuild the confidence in himself, thus enabling him to stand tall and proud to have become the Legacy of a female Heroine who'd had to work hard at acheiving the recognition she deserves.

Meanwhile, the Green Arrow, having chosen to ignore the situation altogether, something Dinah consciously promised to speak to him about as her son didn't necessarily have a father figure, just a lot of uncles, leaned forward towards Speedy's ear, "Ready to see the Inner Sanctum?" he whispered jovially.

Barely turning his head, the young red archer answered, "Born that way."

"I'm glad that we're all here." spoke up the blond headed, dark skinned partner of the King of the Sea, Aqualad. Not much was known about the young hero in training, except to a few. What little was known was that he was a practitioner of Magic with Water as his element that he used as weapons thanks to his Water Bearers. They enabled him to use water constructs to form weapons, shields, and more. All possible for however active his focus and imagination required.

"Have all five sidekicks ever been in the same place at the same time?" Kid Flash asked his young compatriots.

"Don't call us sidekicks, not after today."

"Stuff the attitude, Speedy." Spoke up Ghost who walked beside his mentor and and secretly, his adopted mother, "We're all feeling nervous about this. No need to go all broody. That's Batman's department."

As the Dark Knight leveled a glare his way, Canary smirked, "He's right on that account, Batman."

The Dark Knight could not argue nor deny the point and so chose to grunt in acknowledgment at that fact. He 'was' the silent yet broody type, it was one of the quirks that helped put fear into the heart of many of both his own rogue gallery and the criminal element that still ran rampant over the streets of Gotham City, throwing them off their game when committing heinous, criminal acts. It also helped to get a confession pretty quick too.

It also helped when one of his so called allies stepped out of line and or irritated him to no end. He internally smiled to himself as many a time he remembered people like Barry and Oliver cringing when he surprised them as he stepped out of the shadows and used his voice to scare them.

Kid Flash could only grin as he then continued, "It's my first time at the Hall. I'm a little overwhelmed."

"You're overwhelmed, Freeze was underwhelmed. Why isn't anyone just whelmed?"

"Oh please, bird boy. Stop talking. You're giving me a headache with your attempted jabs at wordplay. We all know you only do it thanks to Nigma."

"What, you jealous, Ghost Boy?"

"Dream on, Tweety."

"Okay you two, that's enough." came Canary's rebuke as she stopped the group from outside the doors. "Squash this thing between you two or we can all go home right now and try again another day."

Properly chastised, both teens, seeing and sensing eyes on them both, could only take a moment to breathe and sling an arm towards one another in order to grasp and shake each others hand before they fell as the female vigilante looked on with a raised brow, "Sorry." both said simultaneously. But of course, when she wasn't looking, Robin began to chuckle as Ghosts shoulders showed that he too was having his mentor on as both fist bumped one another.

"Geeze, remind me to not get on her bad side." Flash said, only to receive a glare from the blond bombshell hero. This caused him to cringe and take a step back with raised hands. Green arrow could only nod as he too knew that it was a never a good idea to be on her bad side.

It was no secret that both Robin and Ghost shared a personal, yet friendly rivalry with one another. When working with their mentors, they were professional, but on the downtime when not in the field, both outright loved to compete in order to attempt to out do the other when catching and knocking around the bad guys. At the current time, both teens were even on who out did the other when either on a mission or when partnering up.

Don't get it wrong, there was tons of respect between the two for their respective skills and abilities, but to them, it was an unhealthy amount of competitiveness that just would not die.

"You got to admit, it is a bit...whelming." Snarked the boy wonder with a smirk.

"Gee, I wonder why?" came the murmuring reply of the horned helmeted hero.

"Zip it you two." Came Aquamans deep toned voice.

As they passed the first barrier, the glass doors receding to allow them in, they came upon the main lobby of the Hall of Justice. Standing before them were the statues of the heroes of the current day, with the statue of Superman in shining bronze. On the left was the statue of the Dark Knight himself with Wonder Womans statue on his right.

From the left next to Batmans statue was the similar busts, only they were of the Flash and Aquaman, and on Wonder Womans right was the the statues of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and the Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onnz.

All of the statues were imposing and something to behold as it allowed the world to see their heroes standing tall and proud before the world. That no matter the amount of danger evil may bring, the Justice League would undoubtedly stand victorious in the end.

As the teens really took a moment to take it all in, with the lights adding to the theatricality of the statues, it still took their breath away.

"Maybe that's why." Robin said to no one in particular. He then felt a presence on his right as he saw Ghost turn his head to the right as another statue had taken its place some time earlier and was still in the process of being adjusted to allow the lights to shine on her as the statue of the Black Canary took her place among Legends.

Just beneath the feet of Supermans statue, was a set of metal doors with a black sign.

'Authorized Personnel Only' the sign said in bold gold lettering.

The doors then parted with the hero J'onn J'onnz and the android hero Red Tornado on the other side. Whereas the Martian Manhunter wore a compassionate expression, the Android was devoid of one.

It was J'onn who stepped forward first with Tornado following as J'onn addressed the young heroes, "Robin, Ghost, Speedy, Aqualad, Kid Flash...Welcome."

The Martian Manhunter recently had undergone a wardrobe change sometime back. Gone were the outer blue trunks and chest straps, he now wore a full body black suit with a blue cape clasped on both shoulders with a giant red 'X' chest strap upon his chest followed up with a red belt. It was a much better look than what he had originally been seen in.

As for the Android, he was more or less an armored machine decked completely in red since his solid bodied form was just multiple pieces of fitted organic metal and circuitry. There was a red 'T' inside of a yellow oval for his insignia and a yellow arrow on his forehead near the area that acted as his face plate. On his shoulders was a blue cape with golden outlays.

The Manhunter then turned and led the group of teens and Mentors inside the complex with the photographers getting in some last shots in, just before the doors closed behind them.

As they were being led inside, he began what was no doubt a rehearsed intro into the Leagues base as a means of slowly easing them in to the next chapters of their lives, "You now have unlimited access to the Gym, our fully stocked galley, and of course, our Library."

The Flash and others stepped past their teen companions, but then turned to make them feel welcome with his arms outstretched, "Make yourselves at home."`

Without a need for words between the two, Dinah placed a warm gentle touch to her young charge who could only nod at the hidden unspoken message, seeing the smile she gave off as well as the sense of maternal aura she exuded. He watched as she walked up to and stood among her fellow Leaguers as Batman himself decided to speak.

Ghost didn't miss the glare and anger beginning to rise up in the young red Archer who placed his hands on his hips as if he was the center of attention and didn't like how the League was operating from his point of view.

Turning to and facing his fellow Leaguers, the Dark Knight began with an update on the days events regarding both the Leaguers and their partners actions, "Quick debrief to discuss the coincidence of five Ice Villains attacking on the same day." he said as he then turned to look at the boys, "We shouldn't be long."

Turning back around, he and the Leaguers looked up as a hole in the ceiling opened. A spherical object connected to a metal scepter with a wire connected to the back that ran back into the ceiling, came down. A beam of light emanated from the sphere as it then scanned each member of the Justice League. The light that scanned them had an aquamarine color to it.

Ghost recognized it as a Zeta-Beam device used to do deep scans of the League to ensure they were the people that they were supposed to be and not impersonators.

A digital based voice with a feminine tone to it called out each member of the League as it scanned them and ensured they were who they were.

{Recognized...Batman 02}


{Black Canary...13}


{Green Arrow...08}

{Martian Manhunter...07}

{Red Tornado...16}

After the device finished its scans, it shut down and rose back into the ceiling with the spherical hole filled once more by patch that covered its existence.

Within the 'Library' was a golden statue of the being known as Lady Justice at the forefront of the room. The room itself was huge, massively so. Books and outdated software lined the walls of the Library. Of course, the software was a reminder of times gone by as no doubt that there were even greater equipment within the room, recording everything being said and done within the room.

The young teen proteges each took a seat minus Speedy and Ghost, the latter whom walked over to one of the bookshelves, his eyes searching the many volumes of books.

There were books on Law, Medicine, and History as well as books on Legends both historical and fictional. A rare volume find of the Iliad in its natural language caught his eye. The story written long ago as told by Homer, was removed from the shelf in which it wrested.

With Diana Prince, known to the world as Wonder Woman, being his godmother since his reincarnation in this life, he had studied and learned to read, write, and even speak in both Greek and Latin. Under the tutelage of others within their diverse community of both Super Powered and none Super Powered Heroes, he learned to also speak, read, and write other languages from around the world as well in the off chance that his vocal and literary skills were ever needed.

Leaning his left shoulder against the shelf, he took great pains to not damage the pages as he turned them while he read the words printed in their natural language. His head shot up at the loud obnoxious voice of the crimson archer that was the Green Arrows partner.

"That's it?"

Everyone turned to the person in which the voice belonged to.

"You promised us a real look inside, not a glorified backstage pass."

Not liking the youths tone, the King of Atlantis spoke up, ""It's a first step. You've been granted access few others get."

"Oh really." As to get his point across to the contrary, the young archer turned and raised an arm and upturned hand, showing journalists whom were taking pictures and recording what they could from a higher level vantage point, being separated via an unbreakable glass barrier.

"Who cares which side of the glass we're on?" he snarled.

Stepping up and hoping to calm the crimson archer down, Green Arrow replied in a placating tone, "Roy, you just need to be patient."

"What I need is some respect." Turning to the other teen heroes, he held his gloved arms out, "They're treating us like kids. Worse, like sidekicks. We deserve better than this."

As three of the seated teens looked to one another, it was Ghost whom spoke up as he turned to the side in order to place the book back where he found it once he closed it, "You're so full of it."


"You think everything should be handed out to you on a silver platter thanks in no small due to your civilian background. News flash, the world doesn't revolve around you. You're still growing just as we are, on the cusp of graduating from teen to adulthood with only a few years left to go. There is still room to grow and learn. Look at them," the armored teen demanded. An open palm right side up and pointed at the adult Leaguers.

Despite scoffing, Speedy did.

"They are our mentors, all with differing histories. Some so damn similar, it's scary. They have had years to perfect their minds, bodies and skills in using whatever they had to get by, to get to where they are as experienced crime fighters before uniting and coming together, forging a League of men and women with a single goal, to make the world a better place."

"You're kidding right? You're playing their game?"

"It's not a game," shouted the Rider, "don't you get it? This is our lives at stake with our mentors reputation on the line. Yes, it may be difficult to believe that we're not a part of the League yet. And that's just fine with me because I know that I still have time to learn and grow, to make mistakes and learn from them, thus gaining the experience required as time passes that when it is time for my Mentor to step down, I'll be there to pick up the slack and honor her by continuing to fight the good fight at the same time."

"But today was supposed to be the Day." Speedy insisted through grit teeth, jabbing a finger towards the ground. "Step one in becoming full fledged members of the League."

"Well sure, but I thought step one was a tour of the HQ." the younger speedster replied from where he sat.

"Except the Hall isn't the Leagues real HQ. I bet they never told you, it's a false front for tourists and a pit stop for catching Zeta-Beam teleporter tubes to the real thing, an orbiting satellite called the Watchtower."

Green Arrows masked eyes widened as his fellow Leaguers turned to him with suspicion, Batmans arms crossing over the other as his masked eyes narrowed, the Green Arrow saw the looks he was receiving as he then turned to the last who used his civilian name, "Ollie?!"

Her arms at her hips, he mentally sweat dropped as he tried to keep from chuckling nervously. Raising his arms and shrugging, he said, "I know, I know. But I thought that maybe we could make an exception,"

The famous glare of the Batman had nothing on the betrayed look of mistrust followed by anger showing on Dinah's beautiful face, as with a gulp, he then said, "Or not."

Aquaman then stepped up, causing both Archers to turn to him with the others looking on, his deep tone of voice filled with the power of the seas. The King though wise and a hero in his own right, like all men, was flawed, but was still someone in which when he spoke, you listened lest you provoke a man whom was quick to anger if pushed to the brink, "You are not helping your cause here, son. Stand down or..."

"Or what? You'll send me to my room?" Roy demanded in a seething tone, "And I'm not your son. I'm not even his. I thought I was his partner. But not anymore."

Reaching up, he grasped the edge of his uniforms hat, he ripped it from his head and tossed it to the floor. As the armored Riders gloved fingers clenched, the other teen heroes eyes widened with disbelief.

The young archer stormed away from both his mentor and the elder Leaguers, walking or in this case, stomping past his fellow would be Junior Leaguers, "Guess they were right about you four, you're not ready."

"That's rich, coming from the one who's throwing a fit like a spoiled child, not getting what he wants. That's real mature." This caused Speedy to pause just as he neared the double doors.

"Evans!?" The Emerald Archer began only to receive an elbow from his on again off again girlfriend whom when he looked at her, she shook her head.

"For all the time you've been out there in the field with Green Arrow, and the amount of time in which we have been forced to work together, you're just going to turn your back on us. If anything, it just goes to show the flaw in your Logic. You're the one who's not ready."

"You son of a -" Speedy said as he quickly notched an arrow and as he turned, let it loose.

"Roy, NO!"

Just as Oliver Queen shouted, the arrow had already sailed upon release. To most, time seemed to have slowed to a crawl as the arrow flew true.

For the Flash who was already reacting at the time the arrow had been released, he wasn't too happy at the way things were going. Roy's attitude to which in a somewhat logical standpoint, Ghost was right, Speedy was acting out of character.

But on the other hand, the armored teen was egging the crimson archer as truth be told, he didn't think that the two had ever really gotten along since Speedy was known for having a big head and an even worse mouth whereas Ghost was someone who took the time to observe, analyze, and react when needed, was often a quiet one and at most got along well with both Robin and Wally.

The lightning streaking speedsters hand, outstretched as it was in order to capture the loosed arrow, wasn't close enough to reaching it, and yet as it drew closer to the flame orange parka wearing armored teen, he watched in awe as Ghost actually caught the arrow just inches from his horned helmet, leaving both The Flash and Speedy, speechless.

All within the room had grown quiet, even the Journalists watching from the upper balcony, though not hearing but obviously seeing were gobsmacked.

The room was tense as Roy Harper actually had a moment to consider the ramifications of what he had just done, "I-I..I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I-"

"What just happened goes to show that you're the one who's not ready. You're vain, quick to anger. The ideal that you think you deserve a spot on the League goes just to show that it is you who isn't ready. Your anger is quick and easy to stoke, allowing our enemies to gain the advantage as you don't think about the effects of what you say and/or do."

Looking down, Roy thought on his words. But his damaged pride would not let him give the super armored teen hero the last word as he gripped his bow and looked up with a sneer, "Whatever, I don't need a lecture from you."

Turning back around, he proceeded towards the entry doors that opened for him on approach. As they closed behind him, the library felt stifling for a moment before its occupants finally managed to breathe once more.

"Man, that was not whelming." Robin stated as he looked at his fellow teen hero.

"You said it man, that was intense." Kid Flash agreed.

"Was it really necessary to rile him up?" Kaldur'ahm, alias Aqua Lad had asked.

"I like to know the answer to that as well." Green Arrow said as he approached with his arms crossed and trying to stare down his on again/off again girlfriends adopted son and partner.

"Back off Ollie." Dinah Lance said as she stepped forward and put a hand on his chest and pushed him away with a pointed finger and warning look. She knew that for some time now that he wasn't too thrilled with the idea that she herself had taken in a young boy from another reality whom was granted a second chance.

He was there when he had first arrived in a flash of light, being bridal carried into the world unconscious with his body de-aged, The being who held him shined brightly, an ethereal presence that spoke to him and the other members of the League shortly after its foundering and expansion.

It was Dinah whom was chosen as his guardian and given knowledge of Ghosts past. Its final gift was the 'Eye Con Driver' as it waved glowing wisp of what could only be construed as that of a hand over the then unconscious boys waist.

The 'Driver' took form while Dinah held him in her arms and felt how light he was. The Driver of course did not add to the boys weight as the unknown form or spirit gave its final goodbyes, shocking the group of Leaguers as it called him brother.

As the spirit had departed, the child in question was carried to the Medical Bay where he was looked over.

Canary was able to share with some of her Leaguers such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, J'onn, and a few others including Ollie, and despite the harsh life the boy had lived and the trials he had gone through and overcome, his jealousness had shined through as no doubt, his girlfriends status of single and without child had assuredly changed.

Whereas the others had welcomed him, the Emerald Archer had not, a fact that even now had shown its ugly head as he raised an eye brow, causing her to glare with impunity, daring him even further.

Suddenly, the Libraries Alert Systems began to go off, the room turned towards a blown up holographical image of Superman who bore a disturbing expression, "Superman to the Justice League. There's been an explosion at Project Cadmus. It's on fire."

Batman quickly went to the main computer of the Library below the Holo-image of the Man of Steel, his fingers dancing over the keys as he pulled up current files he had on Cadmus, images in Holographic format came up as he began to explain about the files, "I've had my suspicions about Cadmus. This may be the perfect opportunity to..."

"Zatara to the Justice League, the Sorcerer Wotan is using the Amulet of Attan to blot out the Sun. Requesting full League response." One of the few Magical League members, showed up, an urgency in his voice.

Zatara as many knew, was an Magician. Born in Italy, but recognized as a Naturalized American Civilian. He had joined the League thanks in small part to Superman who showed him that his gifts were better put to use in aiding his fellow man, and not just on stage.

He even at one point took on a certain young billionaire as a student once, teaching him the fine art of escapism.

After Zatara gave his alert, Batman and the others looked up and at the Last Son of Krypton, "Superman?"

"It's a small fire. Local Authorities have it under control."

"Then Cadmus can wait..."

"Why wait?" Ghost said as he stepped forward. "This is what you trained us for. Let us handle Cadmus while you take on Wotan."

"Yeah I mean, it's not like anything can go wrong, right?" Kid Flash said as he looked at the others. "And it's also way better than sitting here, doing nothing but twiddling our thumbs."

Wincing, Robin replied, "And with that, you just jinxed us, KF, way to go."

"What?" he asked, raising his hands, "What did I say?"

"I too believe we are ready otherwise, why bring us this far just to languish in the Library?" Kaldur'ahm said from where he stood on Ghosts right.

A look of pride came from both the Canary and the King of the Seas, both of whom nodded that they too felt that their partners were ready.

With a deep sigh, the Dark Knight then replied, "Very well. You're to aid the Authorities on containing the fire. Recon only when the coast is clear. Whatever you find, you're to report back to the League."

"That sounds fair." Ghost said as he crossed his arms.

"And if we should run into any problems?" Asked the Aquatic teen.

"Get in and get out. Any trouble and we expect you to do whatever you need to to get out safe, however reasonable." Came Black Canarys reply as she looked at him.

"Understood." was her partners own answer who nodded at her words as he took them in.

With a nod in return, she turned back to her comrade in arms, expecting him to give any input he felt necessary, "Bring back whatever intel you're able to acquire. I'm sure that's not something that will be a problem, right Robin."

With a smirk, the Boy Wonder said, "No sir, no problem at all.

"Very well then," turning back around and tapping a button, Batman called out, "All Leaguers rendezvous at Zatara's coordinates.

As the Leaguers began to disperse, it was the Flash who after giving his partner a thumbs up, had to force his long time friend and archer out the new set of doors leading to a waiting Zeta-Beam Teleporter. The others, including Batman and Aqua-Man gave their own farewells in their own ways.

"You be careful out there, alright." Dinah Lance said as she placed a comforting hand over his right shoulder.

"You too." he replied as he placed his left hand over right shoulder in an act of solidarity. With a comforting smile and a nod, she turned and followed her fellow Leaguers out of the Library towards the Zeta-Beam Teleporter.

Turning to Batmans protege, he then said, "Robin, you're the computer expert, do your thing."

"Way ahead of you shell-head. Watch a Master at work." the raven haired, domino masked teen replied with a coy smile as his black gloved fingers danced over the Librarys Main Computer keys.

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