The Enigma That Is

An Alex Rider and The Walking Dead crossover

He is an enigma. As well as trying to survive the 'end of the world', the group spend time attempting to decipher one of their own. Alex Rider.

Snippets of moments with Alex and the Gang.

I do not own Alex Rider or The Walking Dead, those rights belong to Anthony Horowitz, AMC and the comic book creators Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard and Tony Moore respectively. I make no money from this writing, I write this purely for my own enjoyment and (hopefully) the enjoyment of others.

Chapter 2

Daryl watched the boy from across the flames. He and Alex had returned that day from tracking a boar through the woods. They had spoken very little during the hunt, preferring the peace from the woods around them. He found himself watching the way the boy moved through the trees, it reminded him of a wild cat on the prowl, gracefully stalking its prey.

He tried to figure him out. To understand him. Not for sympathy, not for companionship, but for survival. To see if he was a threat, a loose cannon that would jeopardise the safety of the camp, or at least him and Merle.

Merle kept talking a big game plan of stealing from the camp in the dead of night, going off on their own, leaving the heavy load of the women, children and trigger happy idiots behind. But the more he pondered over it, the more he felt, dare he think it, attached to the damn camp. He just knew that if he left with his brother, he would be forever wondering what happened to the band of misfits. Not that he was going to mention any of this to Merle.


He looked up as the British boy sat next to him.

"Looked like you were deep in thought, so here's some food before this lot eat it all." Alex gestured to their camp mates, scattered around the fire chatting with each other. "Which I reckon isn't fair, seeing as you did help catch half of it."

Daryl scoffed as he accepted the plate. "Half?"

Alex shrugged. "Yeah well, you helped a bit." He smiled a crooked smile as he picked at his own plate.

Daryl chuckled and shook his head. Ok, so he would admit, the boy wasn't completely annoying to have around.


The next day, Alex found himself listening in as Lori has a school session with the kids. He never really has much interaction with children before, aside from his own schooling back home. Sure he had met kids and helped the odd few on missions, but never lived in such close quarters with them before. Well, apart from Point Blanc Academy, but Alex doesn't dwell on that…

So he didn't know how to feel, when he realised he had a slight fan club in the form of an energetic Carl and shy, yet curious Sophia. They would follow him around during the day when he was doing chores, eating dinner, helping with the laundry, cleaning his weapons – despite the nervous glances from the mothers, or creating games and trying to get him to join in, in passing time in their camp. Oddly enough though, he found that he didn't really mind. Although when trying to catch 40 winks, after a long hunt, only to be woken up in a cold sweat with his 'spy senses' tingling to children peering into his tent or arguing outside in hushed whispers, did get annoying sometimes.

Alex reckoned it started from when he first met Carl, when the young boy calling for his mother caught his attention in the chaos after the Atlanta bombing. Something called in his gut to help the young boy, only to find several walkers advancing towards the oblivious child. He remembered turning to the boy, after bringing swift executions to the zombie-like creatures, to find an awe-struck expression stuck upon his face, followed by an extremely tight grip from the small hand that latched onto his arm. After swinging the boy's forgotten backpack on to his shoulders, they set upon finding the boy's mother and friends

What followed was a sequence of flurried events that led to Alex finding himself being dragged after the group, with one arm slowly losing its circulation, as he and the boy were corralled by the mother. Alex ended up staying with the group because, well what else was there to do?

The group had been split to gather more supplies. Usually it was just Glenn, but the camp was running low on just about everything, so a team had been led into Atlanta on a run.

Daryl had been gone for two days tracking a large game, so everyone's stomachs were rumbling with anticipation. Shane and Dale were on watch, keeping an eye out for lonesome walkers looking for an easy meal.

"I wonder if they're ok." Carol looked up at Sophia's voice. The kids were seated around a table working through some math questions. After all education can't be forgotten about, just because the world's ended.

"I'm sure they will be. Glenn's been there millions of times. He knows what he's doing." Carl said with earnest. "Right Alex?"

Carol smiled, all the adults had noticed the way the kids had latched onto the older boy. Especially Carl.

"Erm, what?" Alex questioned, caught off guard, He was sat away from them, but angled towards the table. He had found his own piece of paper, and had been doodling on it, seemingly lost in his own world.

"Whatcha doing?" Carl asked, twisting his head around to see Alex's paper. Apparently forgetting his previous question.

"Oh nothing." Alex said hastily covering his paper and began scrunching it into a small ball.

"No! Wait!" Sophia cried, with her hand stretched out towards the fore mentioned drawing. She quickly looked around to her tent where her father was snoozing, and quickly retracted her hand. "I only meant." She started again but quieter. "Please let us see it. We won't laugh, even if it isn't very good."

Alex hesitated and looked at Sophia speculatively for a moment. His eyebrows knitted together for a second and he cast his eyes over to Carol for a second, who quickly looked away pretending she hadn't been eavesdropping at the proceedings. But she too couldn't resist checking in the direction of her tent where she knew her husband lay. Looking back towards the kids, she accidently caught Alex's eyes that still held slight suspicion. Carol could almost see the cogs turning in his head, as he put together the evidence in his head of all the public interactions of Ed, Carol and Sophia, and the well-practiced art in trying to cover bruises. She shook her head minutely and begged him with pleading eyes not to say anything. He narrowed his eyes, but nodded his head once and Carol drew a breath of relief.

Alex turned back to the kids with a new, mischievous gleam in his eye that was rarely seen, and pulled the crumpled paper from his pocket. "Ok. You must promise not to laugh at my pitiful excuse for a drawing." He stated seriously.

With a glance at the eager nods and being met with a chorus of "We promise", he lay the paper on the table and smoothed it over.

He was met with silence, as the children tried to decipher what Alex had drawn. Carol smothered a laugh at the pouting face of the usually expressionless boy, but she saw a twitch at his lip as he tried to hold back his laughter. He noticed her looking between him and his drawing and shrugged. "Hey, I said it wasn't very good!"

She laughed out loud and shook her head. "I never said anything." Carol said with a smile. She noticed some of the others walk over and sit in the vacant chairs around the table.

"What's going on?" Asked Andrea, looking around trying to find the source of the amused look on Carol and Alex's faces.

"Well, Alex drew a picture and I don't know what it is." Sophia began to explain. She spun the paper round to face Andrea and Amy who stood by her sister's side. "I think that's a tree, and that's the sky. But I don't know what that is." She said, tilting her head this way and that.

Alex mock huffed and crossed his arms across his chest. "Well obviously that is a person kicking a football."

Sophia took the paper from Andrea and peered at the drawing again. "Oh, yeah. I see it now." She smiled at Alex and handed it back. "It's really good, honest." She said with mothering expression.

"Ha, thank you very much." Alex chuckled as he accepted the paper. "Very convincing."

The little girl had a sheepish expression upon her face, as she shrugged her shoulders.

"Who is it?" Carl interrupted.

Alex froze and began to fold the paper. He pushed his chair out and started to stand up. "Erm no one, just a drawing."

"Doesn't he have a name? The other boy playing football? Because that one has yellow hair which is you, right? So who is the other boy with black hair? What's his name?" Carl shouted the questions, as the other boy began to walk away.

"Carl." Lori chided as she arrived unnoticed, behind Carl. "If he doesn't want to talk then don't push him." She said, placing her hands on his shoulders from behind.

"But Mom, he doesn't say anything." He said looking at her, then pointing his stare to the older boy's back. He raised his voice. "He never says anything about himself. You know he has a gun?" He redirected his words to his mother. "He sleeps with it under his pillow with a dagger. He thinks I don't know but me and Sophia went looking for him once and saw them in there!"

Lori's grip tightened momentarily at her son's words, but spun him around with her eyes flashing. "Listen to me Carl, some people go through things in their life that leave them hurt and lost. We don't know what Alex's story is, and maybe we never will. But he is our friend and you never force a friend into a situation they don't want to be in. Don't you ever go in his tent or through his things again." She shook him slightly from where her hands were still on his shoulders. Glancing at Sophia, she carried on. "That goes for both of you. Do you hear?"

Sophia was sniffing and hid her face into her mother's side, who gently prised her out. "Sophia, did you hear what Lori said?" Carol asked.

"Yeah, I'm really really sorry Mom. Sorry Lori." She said.

Lori sighed and let go of Carl. "Now, I want you to apologise to Alex when he comes out of his tent. Ok?"

"Yeah, I will. Do you think he hates me now?" He asked, looking up at his mother who shook her head in response.

"No, I don't. But just give him space. Now go and finish your math questions. Food will be ready in a few hours." She turned and walked away, hearing Carol following her.

"Did you know he had a gun?" She asked Carol quietly.

"Yeah, saw it once when he came back from a hunt. It fell out his belt in front of me when he was carrying rabbits. He didn't hide it, just tucked it back in and kept going. Figured he was safer with it, what with being out there hunting alone, so didn't question it. You?"

Lori nodded. "Shane told me. Apparently Alex told him when we first made camp here, I think Shane was impressed by his honesty so let him keep it. That and Alex said it plays up sometimes and doesn't always work, for some reason." She shrugged. "Sorry we didn't tell you, but we didn't want to cause everyone else to want one too. Hopefully know no one else will want a gun after this, thanks to Carl I think everyone knows."

Carol smiled. "That's fine, it's the same reason I didn't tell you."

They were quiet for a moment then both laughed, walking away arm in arm to start on the laundry.


Later on, when everyone was tucking into a hearty meal, curtesy of Daryl. A shadowed figure made his way into the heart of the camp where plates of food were being devoured. He hesitated just outside of the human circle, then made his way in, accepting a plate as he went. Alex took a place between Carl and Sophia who automatically shifted over upon seeing him.

Several minutes later, Alex drew the paper from his pocket and smoothed it out over his leg.

"Tom." He said quietly, absently noticing how the buzz of conversation around him lessened and people took note of his voice and actions. His young audience stopped eating to listen to him.

Alex cleared his throat. "Tom Harris, my best friend back home. In the drawing we're playing footie in our school field at Brookland High."

Carl gently took the drawing and stared at it in a fresh light. "Did you play football a lot?" He asked hesitantly.

"Yeah." Alex smiled. "We both love it. Used to play it every second we could."

"Used to? Do you mean before the walkers happened?" Sophia piped up.

"Sort of, things changed, happened, a few years ago. Tom and I still played but just not as much." Alex said as he started to pick at his food. "Too busy for one." He muttered under his breath.

"Oh." Sophia resumed eating as Carl looked at Alex.

"Erm, Alex? About earlier, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have shouted at you, and we shouldn't have looked through your stuff." He said honestly.

"Yeah." A muffled sounding Sophia took Alex's attention, as she nodded her head frantically, and gulped her food down in one. "I'm sorry too Alex, really sorry."

He smiled. "It's fine, honest. I shouldn't have had a hissy fit and walked off like that. I just clam up sometimes, so I'm sorry too." He resumed his eating and the conversation around them started up again.

Lori and Carol caught each other's eyes from across their group and rolled their eyes and smiled at the antics of their loved ones.

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