18. October. 2017 + 1. June. 2019

The story starts in Chapter 2. It is better than the intro. Try it out.

This story can be used as a prompt/ story beginning. Perhaps there will be more Detective Conan x Harry Potter stories.

Magical Japan:

The Japanese magicals keep the Statue of Secrecy. Countries can decide how they do it. They interpret the Statue differently than the Britain. They live with mundanes and separately. They talk about magic and magical animals freely. They don't give mundanes hardcore evidence. They call it children stories, fantasy or something else. They can choose mundanesnas partners. They tell them the truth. They keep the secret differently than the British magicals. Mundane Japanese still think that magical things exist.



The Harry Potter world is set into the future. The wizarding world wouldn't change much with Dumbeldork in a power position.

Mundanes will have more modern technologies. Japan/Tokyo has often more or earlier advanced technology around many persons than others.

Shiratori and his "girlfriend" are either earlier together, or closer to eachother, or partnered, if you think that they aren't close enough in canon.

The story takes place sometime after episode 683. In the episode Takagi gets kidnapped.



Some talking will be in Japanese and some in English. While it will be written in English, so that the English readers can read it, I want to show a difference. One of the languages will be written in Italic. In Japan English will be in Italic; in GB Japanese will be in Italic. I will at it at the beginning of the chapters with both languages.


Instead of:

_Harry answered in Japanese: "ホテルヘルペス."_ _(Potter Harry desu.) → Translation: " I'm Harry Potter. "

It will be like this:

_Harry answered in Japanese: "I'm Potter Harry."_ _

Or: _They were talking in Japanese and didn't understand the strange man. Dumbeldore said: "You should be nicer to me."

If a native Japanese speaker want to help me with Japanese parts, I perhaps will add more Japanese in the story.