10. March. 2020


"Japanese "

" English "

Changed! !



They sleep.

After Ninzaburo and Harry are awake, Ninzaburo shows Harry more Japanese food. A servant informs them that someone wants to see him. A Japanese someone.


The detective orders some things for security and than meets the person.

The woman explains how they found them and about Japanese Magicals. They talk and many questions are answered. They fill out paperwork and the witch explains about magical school and other important things. Shiratori explains about what happened in England. The woman says that the British can't take Harry back to Britain. The No-Maj paperwork for the adoption was sorted. The magical paperwork is done.

The witch goes and lets Shiratori to think. She didn't ask to see Harry after she knew the story. She gave him a phone number.

Shiratori thinks that things became interesting. Magic!

It explains that the British police officers didn't know about Harry. The old man is Dumbeldore. A British wizard who has power and control. That manipulator has too many positions: Headmaster of the ONLY school in Great Britain, practically half the British Minister of Magic, the British seat in the international wizard meeting, some sort of "head" of the international wizards meeting and perhaps other things.

Shiratori tells Harry what he found out.

"Do you want me?", Harry asks.

" I want you. What do you mean?", Shiratori says.

Harry: "I have magic."

Ninzaburo Shiratori: "It doesn't change it. I want you. It only makes you more special and I like that you are like you are."

Harry smiles and starts to cry. They cuddle together.

They make plans about the magic thing and about Harry's mundane future. Ninzaburo explains to him about learning Japanese, going to Japanese No-Maj school, Japan and Tokyo, the food, the clothing, names and other things that Harry will need in the next weeks.

Harry changes into some clothes that a servant brought and he and Ninzaburo go out to buy clothing for Harry. Ninzaburo buys some beginner things to learn Japanese and ordered new glasses. The next stop is with a doctor who documents the abuse.

It is afternoon when they head back to Ninzaburo's home. It is a "big house". It is a mansion. Ninzaburo says that he has to do things till dinner but that the servants will help him till then. Harry will get food and other things. Harry meets a female servant who can brokenly speak English. Harry like the young woman. She smiles at him.