All was quiet and calm in the realm. Clavicus Vile was seated in his stump chair as Barbas laid in his spot to the left and to the right Umbra leaned against the stump chair. The brightness of his realm gave his white toga and golden earrings a bright shimmered as he rested in his chair. Vile slowly as the light also shined on Barbas's fur and Umbra's skin. A slight breeze ran through, rustling through all of their hair. Vile focused his gold eyes ahead, trying to ignore the scenery around him. He needed to focus. His hands came to together, weaving his fingers around each other as began to think of a plan. He knew what he wanted. Placing his curse was just too boring and quite unsatisfying to Vile. He wanted to do more than just a simple curse.

He leaned forward and rested his chin on top of his intertwined fingers as his elbows pressed against his legs. He was still looking forward as he began to rethink about what Hermaeus Mora said to him, unphased by the slight movements of Barbas. He looked up at his master, eyes full of concern, as he gave a slight whine. Vile just closed his eyes, thinking more into what the Prince of Fate had told him. Would he really still keep this justification in the future or will things change for him? Vile didn't know that answer but he had a sneaking suspicion that his "brother" did. The next time he came over, Vile thought of striking a deal with him for that but he'd have to think around the curse. Barbas gave off another whine. Vile opened left eye slightly and looked down at Barbas.

"What is it, Barbas? Why are you whining?" Vile asked calmly.

"I'm just worried master…" Barbas huffed.

"Why?" Vile frowned.

"Cause when you do that face, it only means you're thinking of some plan of great trickery on others..." Barbas whined once more.

"Heh, oh Barbas! I'm not thinking of a plan of trickery~!" Vile chuckled with a smirk as he freed his left hand and started to pet Barbas.

Barbas perked his furry ears as he started to wag his tail, thumping it against the grass and started to pant happily. He seemed very relieved by that statement. Vile seemed almost guilty to bust his moment of relief but Vile didn't want to be nice. He has been way too soft in these recent events and he was sick of it. He was never supposed to be nice nor did he like to be nice. It's way too common among mortals, and never should be part of daedra. Plus, it was way too boring for Vile. Vile huffed a slight chuckle as he kept his smirk.

Vile turned his smirk wicked as he states with a loud laugh, "I'm thinking of a plan for revenge!"

Barbas's ears folded back and his tail thumped to a halt as he whined, "B-But your curse! That was your revenge, wasn't it? Isn't that just enough? Why do you need more?"

"Pffft! That curse just affected all daedra! I want something tha-" Vile started before he was cut off.

"The curse affected all daedra?! I thought you just cursed all the princes!" Barbas blurted out, barking and whining loudly.

"I might have forgotten to mention that… Oh well~!" Vile shrugged and smirked as he giggled in his left hand.

"Oh well?! Every daedra is cursed by you master! That's a lot! Like, really a lot! All of those daedra will be mad!" Barbas whined louder.

"Blah! Blah! Blah! I don't want to hear your whining Barbas! They can be mad at their masters for that, not me!" Vile growled and placed his hands on his ears as he rolled his eyes.

"Doesn't that mean your skaafin are cursed? And you're their master so they'll be mad at you." Umbra raised an eyebrow as he asked.

Barbas nodded and added, "Yes! Master, that's a bit excessive!"

"Didn't say that was bad… It's quite perfect actually…" Umbra mumbled as he shook his head.

"What about your daedric servants though master? Did you-" Barbas kept whining

"Oh shush! You worry too much dog! Of course, I didn't curse my servants! As long as they serve me, they should be able to use my sphere with my blessing anytime! " Vile reassured.

Barbas was silent a bit before sighing and shaking his head, "I don't think that curse was a good idea…"

"Why is that, dog? Do you think I didn't suffer enough pain of being the toy to all of them?! Do you think that they should've gotten no punishment at all for what they did?!" Vile snapped at Barbas.

"No Master! It's not that! I know you suffered a lot of pain from them…" Barbas lowered his muzzle as he looked up at Vile.

"Then what Barbas?"

"Don't you think that this curse is a bit too much? Especially cursing princes and daedra that didn't do anything to you at all? Plus to add more to it for whatever you're planning…"

"Oh come on now Barbas! I'm just getting even~! There's nothing wrong with that~!"

"But doesn't this seem like it's too big of a gamble?"


Barbas was silent for a bit before huffing and bowing his head, mumbling, "...Alright, master. If you're so sure then I'll try to believe it's fine."

"Good! Now~! How should I get more revenge~?" Vile patted Barbas's head as he looks up thinking, tapping his chin with the fingers from his other hand.

"Hmph, just target each of their spheres! Find ways to block them off so that they'll be cornered and you'd profit from it…" Umbra suggested.

"That's… perfect actually! Wait… how did you come up with that?!" Vile slowly turned to Umbra.

"Well… it was what I was aiming for during the creation of Umbriel but didn't quite hit my mark obviously…" Umbra huffed as he looked away quickly.

"Heh… Obviously! But that is a good idea… hmmm…" Vile looked back forward as he hummed.

"Master…?" Barbas asked out quietly.


"If I can't stop you, then allow me to suggest an idea that's a bit safer and up your alley, master. Why don't you deal with their mortals worshippers? Offer them better deals and steal them away?"

"Hmmm…" Vile hummed once more.

Both Umbra and Barbas brought up good ideas. They both work perfectly and are easy for any prince, especially him, to do. He couldn't help but think that Barbas is also worried about what Hermaeus Mora said and that how this plan will end. Vile had to admit, it was a big gamble. But his sphere of deals and bargains are all a gamble to begin with. Both he and the beings he's dealing with are gambling the wins and losses. Barbas should know his master more if he doesn't think he'll miss out on an opportunity to gamble a win that screws over the other princes. Especially when they screwed Vile over multiple times. Vile shook his head to snap out of his thoughts and started petting Barbas again until finally, an idea popped into his head.

"I got it! I'll do both of your guy's ideas~!" Vile giggled out as he closed his eyes and continued to pet Barbas.

"What?" Umbra bluntly spoke as he gave Vile a look of confusion mixed with disbelief.

"Master… His idea is boldly just facing the princes and cornering them. Mine is going around that and screwing them over by their worshippers. How can you do both?" Barbas tilted his head with his ears perked as he frowned.

"Easy~! I can boldly screw over the princes by making deals to mortals that back the others into a corner!" Vile proudly spoke.

Barbas and Umbra looked at each other then at him. Vile could see that they didn't get it or just wasn't as enthused as he was. Vile huffed and shook his head. Sometimes Vile wondered if Barbas or Umbra ever got his smarts when they were severed from him. Barbas muffled a whine as Umbra facepalmed.

"Master… what do you mean? That doesn't make sense!" Barbas folded back his ears and let out his whine once more.

"Gah! Damn it, Barbas! Stop whining!" Vile blurted out as he slammed his fist down on the side of his chair, growling down at Barbas.

"S-sorry master…" Barbas lowered his head as Umbra took a step away from the chair, crossing his arms and looking cautious.

Vile took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair as he spoke, "For example, Vaermina is associated with memories through dreams and nightmares right? So I make a deal with a mortal that prevents her from interfering with mortal dreams! Like I give them the knowledge to create an item that blocks her grasp! In time, they'd probably make more and sell it to others and bam! Her sphere is blocked! Get it now?"

Umbra started to nod his head slowly as Barbas blinked at Vile saying, "Wow… that is actually a good way to screw her over but... can you do that ideology with the other princes?"

"I can come up with some more ideas! Maybe like give them a simple recipe that cures madness or any deadly disease… that can mess up Sheogorath and Peryite's sphere." Vile rambled out as he tapped his chin.

"That's another good idea! Master, your scheming surprises me... You might even give Molag Bal a run for the title of god of schemes!" Barbas barked out and panted as he wagged his tail.

"Hmph! Yea… They're good plans… M-Master." Umbra muttered as he looked away.

Vile gave off a proud and confident grin as he gave Barbas a quick pat on the head. He felt great joy and pride in Barbas's comment of him maybe even out scheming Molag Bal. He also felt a great sense of superiority hearing Umbra say Master without him asking. He knew this was gonna be one of his greatest and riskiest gamble ever.

He couldn't help but utter, "Now where shall I begin~?"