Umbra had started to prepare himself for the journey back to Nirn as his time in Oblivion was up and due to his deal with his greater counterpart, he could leave. Something seemed odd to Umbra though. It has been a while since Barbas had died and Umbra woke up with his head in Vile's lap after Vaermina's drugging. Vile only told him that he was able to push out Vaermina from his mind, which Umbra somehow doubted, and banished her from his realm. Ever since then, Vile kept urging him to leave and go back to Nirn. This seemed odd and very suspicious to Umbra. From what Umbra could gather from trying to figure out why he found Vile mumbling something about a party he had to attend. Umbra shrugged and wasn't gonna push or argue with that. He wanted to go back to Nirn and 'have fun' as he would put it. Umbra, as excited as he was, stopped in his tracks of getting ready to notice his shadow was larger than normal and felt the presence of someone looming over him. It's presence made Umbra feel uneasy and with that, he felt like he had to take action.

Umbra clutched onto the handle of his sword and in a sudden single swoop, swung his around behind him. His sword sliced through the air behind him as a blacked figure moved quickly around him and struck his arm with such force that his hand released his blade. It swung past him and impaled itself into the ground a good distance from him. Umbra looked to his sides to see where his attacker has scurried off too, but nothing was in sight. He made a break for his sword, holding where he was struck with his other hand and hoping the wound wasn't awful enough for him not to swing his sword more. He heard something running up behind him at full speed as he neared his sword. His attacker leapt onto his back and forced Umbra to fall to the ground with a hard thud.

He tried to fight against his attacker, thrashing underneath them and attempting to sit up but the weight kept him down. It felt like heavy metal was on him. Umbra kept up his attempts to get his attacker off him, even scrapping at the dirt below him to try and slide away. Apparently, his attacker got fed up and grabbed his wrists, pinning them in front of him. Umbra looked up at the hand of the attacker. Long, black leather gloves with its fingers cut off and the smokey grey skin on those clawed fingers was unmistakable.

"Boethiah…" Umbra whispered.

"Hmmm~! So you're not stupid after all, huh sword?" The husky voice of that prince chucked out.

"What are you doing here?! And get off me! You, combined with your heavy ass metal armor is crushing me!" Umbra hissed, struggling underneath her.

Boethiah didn't like that comment as she dug her black claws into Umbra's wrist and yanked them up, bending Umbra's back in a painful position and growling into his ear, "Do not mock me, sword! Or I will send you into the deepest pits of Coldharbour where that dirty pig grabs sluts for his pleasure~! Believe me when I say if he sees you there… You're not going to come out the same ever again…!"

Umbra stayed silent, thinking about what she was saying then relaxed his body a little. Though he didn't like this position he was in, he also didn't want to take a chance on Boethiah's threat. Meeting Molag Bal by himself would spell disaster and a whole lot of pain in places Umbra didn't want to be touched. As much as he didn't want too, he relaxed completely as if he was submitting to her. He could practically feel Boethiah smirk next to his face.

Her claws dug deeper into his flesh, breaking the skin as blood started to build up at the fresh wound and the sound of Boethiah snickering filled his ear, "Good sword~! Now since I have your full attention… you're coming with me~!"

"What?! Why?!" Umbra questioned, hiding his face from her.

"Because I have need of another powerful blade like my Goldbrand and you're the only one that'd fit~!" Boethiah answered as she started unbuckling the belt and hilt off Umbra.

"Well, why need me then if you have Goldbrand, idiot…" Umbra muttered under his breath.

"What was that, sword?!" Boethiah snarled out, pulling up more on Umbra's arms.

"N-nothing…!" Umbra squealed, squeezing his eyes shut in pain.

"Good! Now back to your blade and prepare yourself for battle, sword~!" Boethiah said harshly.

"You'll have to let me go first...~!" Umbra whined.

Boethiah let go of Umbra's wrists and got up, but still stood over Umbra, stating, "Don't even think about running…!"

Umbra rolled his eyes and crawled over to his blade, touching it with a huff and returning to it as he said, "I won't, I won't! See? But... tell me, what do you need me for?"

Boethiah didn't say a word as she equipped the belt with his hilt and walked over to Umbra, picking him up as the blade asked, "Boethiah?"

Boethiah scoffed and rolled her eyes as she answered sternly, "We're going to recover something that was stolen from me...!"

Malacath and Meridia stood in Apocrypha, arms crossed and seemingly looking like they're in a timeout. Both were held in place by tentacles wrapped around their ankles and wrists. Meridia looked over at Malacath, who seemed just as upset as her to why they were there. Hermaeus Mora wasn't happy that they laughed at him for his face, feeling he still had to teach them a lesson even if his last one was interrupted brutally.

Malacath looked back at her, growling under his breath, "Why are we here… doing this? Does he think he can do this cause we're weaker than an average prince, Meridia…?"

"It's because we made fun of his face, Malacath… because we made fun of his babyish face…" Meridia answered, holding back a giggle at the last part.

Meridia tried to contain her laughter and calm herself by flapping her wings, flinging around sparkling dust that seemed to be on her wings. Malacath blinked a bit but looked on, slightly in awe at the sight. The dust seemed to sparkle and glow around Meridia as she smiled with a hand over her mouth.

She pulled it away and turned her head towards him, bouncing her golden hair and fluttering her eyelashes as she giggled out, "I'm sorry… anytime I mention it now, I just can't keep myself from laughing!"

Malacath didn't say a word. He just stared at Meridia. The way her natural golden glow shown on her silky white gown. Her light peach skin glittered from the fresh dust from her wings. They way she moved slightly with grace and beauty. He was absolutely infatuated with her angelic appearance.

"Malacath? What are you looking at…?" Meridia questioned, tilting her head.

Malacath shook his head and looked away, "N-nothing…"

Meridia nodded then looked around, fluttering her wings slightly and saying, "Alright… then how are we getting out of here?"

"Well… considering Hermaeus Mora and Jyggalag are just a few platforms away, it'll have to be fast and effective… like your-!" Malacath explained before perking his head up and looking over at Meridia.

She blinked and said, "M-my what…?"

"Your wings! For how big they are, they must strong... right?" Malacath asked.

Meridia lifted her head proudly and exclaimed, "Why, yes! I've flown even out of Molag Bal's grasp on me...! And that was when I was weakened! Wait… do you want me to…?"

Malacath nodded and grinned as Meridia looked back at her wings, whispering, "Ready girls?"

She stood up the best she could and spread out her wings. Her wings started to flap furiously, kicking up dust from the decade-old books and the sparkling dust that was sprinkled off her wings previously. Malacath could see the look of determination on her face as one of her restrains released its grip on her left wrist, but he also saw a glimpse past her. There on the other platform was Mora healing Jyggalag's arm back on as the Prince of Order was still blinded and couldn't do it himself. Mora kept comforting Jyggalag with every second he was healing for what the Oathkeeper could see. Malacath snorted of how pathetic Jyggalag has fallen and looked back up at Meridia. She broke her other wrists restraint and was flapping her wings even harder, kicking up more dust. This worried Malacath as he looked back at Mora who seemed to take notice of them. Malacath looked around and saw what seemed to be a huge chunk of rock. Grabbing it, Malacath quickly struck one of the last tentacles, causing it to let go of Meridia and recoil. In one final swoop, Meridia broke free of the grip of the last tentacle.

"I did it! I did it, Malacath! I'll open a portal and…!" Meridia happily exclaimed as she opened one before noticing that in her excitement, she attracted the attention of Hermaeus Mora.

She looked at Malacath in fear as she realized he was still captured in the tentacles, mumbled, "Malacath…"

"Catch, sweets!" Malacath shouted as he threw that huge chunk of rock at Meridia when she faced her back to the portal.

Instinctively, she held up her hands to block the rock from hurting her and ended up catching it. Doing so, however, put force on her and forced her wings to fly her back into the portal. Meridia's eyes widened at what Malacath was doing as the portal started to close from Hermaeus Mora's power. He was saving her. Malacath just looked at her with a dorkish grin and winked just as the portal closed in front of Meridia. No more of the Oathkeeper she saw, but just the iridescent skies of her Colored Rooms.

"When you said tea party at your palace… I didn't know I going to be dressed up…!" Clavicus Vile growled as his newly attached bunny ears flickered in annoyance.

Vile sat in the chair across the long, decorative table from Sheogorath who sat in his big fancy big throne. Vile started to swirl his spoon into his cup as Haskill came over and poured some tea in before walking back to the side of Sheogorath. The prince of bargains wasn't amused that the madgod had given him bunny ears and a tail for attending his tea party. He suddenly grew these the moment he stepped foot into the Shivering Isle. Sheogorath was snickering at Vile as he watched him express his discomfort with this new look.

Sheogorath giggled and said with a smirk on his lips, "But you look so-"

"Don't finish that sentence…!" Vile interrupted, waving a hand as he didn't want to hear the reason anymore due to the sexual tone on the madgod's voice.

"Awww~! Someone seems to be unsure of what they really want! Like a guard who's unsure if his wife is a frog or a bear! Ha! Then tell me, Unsure one, if you really didn't want to hear it why did you ask? Wait! I think I already know that answer… Oh! Answer this one then! How is it that all those princes were able to enter your realm even though you sealed the borders? Oh, wait! I know that answer too! Ha!" Sheogorath rambled on.

"..." Vile was silent as he didn't think the madgod would've actually known this deep into his plans.

"It was your favorite skaafin Auevus, wasn't it? Have him help open the portals for the princes to come through, eh? Hehe, crafty you were like when you played opossum! Too bad you couldn't hold it for long when Mephala and Sanguine came...literally..." Sheogorath snickered out as he sat there, almost admiring Vile.

"Just tell me the real reason why you wanted this party?" Vile said as he glared.

"Why… to help you! Like a cheese wheel down a hill!" Sheogorath cheerfully exclaimed.

"Help me?" Vile questioned.

"Why yes! To be part of your plan! Oh, think of all the fun we could have! And what a good ally I'd be! Hehe~! With our powers, craftiness and tricks… the others will be shaking in their boots! Or hats! That's what you wanted anyway~!" Sheogorath nodded with a dorkish smile as he exclaimed his reasoning.

"Pffft! Why would I let someone like you in on my plans? That's simply… well mad!" Vile snorted.

Sheogorath pouted and said, "I wasn't asking~! Besides, I still have-"

"My scroll?" Vile snickered while holding it up, making Sheogorath look into his pocket as Vile continued, "Someone wasn't paying attention when kissing my cheek~! Heh, you're gonna have to be smarter than that you stupid-"

"Now no need to get pernickety with me! Hehe, say~! What nice paws you have~!" Sheogorath laughed as he stood up.

Vile blinked and looked down at his hands, mumbling, "What did you…"

He dropped his spoon as his eyes widened with horror. His fingers claws where changing along with the rest of his hands. They were morphing into a rabbit's hands. Vile scooted back in his chair as he saw the rest of his body grow fur and morph.

"What have you done!" Vile yelled out, glowing red slightly.

"Oh my~! All I did was give you a little trick…! You really need to get Hircine's blood moon rage to other princes under control! Must've got that from your little mutt when ya absorbed him~! Hehe~!" Sheogorath snickered, running a hand against the table's edge as he started walking over towards Vile.

"You…! You tricked me?!" Vile growled.

Sheogorath walked over next to Vile as he chuckled out, "Hehe, what? I thought you liked tricks! Oh but I started this one a long time ago, didn't it? Some prince scorned you well, hmmm~? What I can't seem to pin, however, is that you… have to of had a secret accomplice in this or maybe a leader... but I can't seem to figure out who it is… But! I do knooooow... this all began with…~!"

Suddenly, Sheogorath kissed Vile's cheek and whispered, "...a little kiss on the cheek~!"

Vile felt his body twist and morph as the world grew around him. He squeezed his eyes shut from the pain and felt his clothes stripped from his body as a layer of fur draped his skin. His head felt tremendously dizzy and it's splitting headache returned once more. He remained there for quite a while before he peaked his eyes open. The whole world around him seemed suddenly huge, especially Sheogorath. The madgod waved down at him as Vile blinked then quickly looked himself over, confirming his worst fears. He was turned into a bunny. A white bun with black spots and floppy ears. Vile felt completely humiliated and thumped his foot in protest.

"Aww~! Such a cute lady bunny~! A bunny with some big vendetta, huh?" Sheogorath squeed as he picked Vile and started twirling around.

"You son of a-!" Vile whispered through his teeth before bracing himself against the madgods hands.

Sheogorath stumbled sideways into his throne, sitting awkwardly in it and holding up Vile as he giggled, "Think Vile on how-oh! Visitors approaching! Haskill!"

"Yes, my lord?" Haskill answer, looking over him from the side.

"Open the door for our guests! Don't want them to feel…. left out! Hehe~!" Sheogorath asked as he started to play with Vile's floppy ears.

Haskill bowed and said, "Of course, my lord."

Haskill made his way over to the door and opened it. There stood Hermaeus Mora and Jyggalag, looking about ready to open the door. Haskill stood right there in front of them before bowing and gesturing for them to come in.

"Ah! Jygg-a-lious! Mory-mo! I've been expecting you two~!" Sheogorath loudly exclaimed.

"Figures…" Jyggalag mumbled, rolling his eyes.

Vile snorted lightly as he looked over at Jyggalag and saw the bandages over his eyes. Vile felt no remorse for what he did to Jyggalag. He deserved it for what he did to Barbas and him, but Vile felt that his anger had turned into curiosity. He wondered what they were doing there at Sheogorath's place.

Mora then cleared his throat and spoke, "We have a problem Sheogorath and we need your help…"

"Problem eh?" Sheogorath asked as he kept playing with Vile's bunny ears.

"Yes… My little brother… I'm afraid he's a bit well, unmanageable at this point and I have a deeper feeling something is wrong with him. Like it's more than just what I started years back… he overacted way too much for it just to be about his virginity. Something is amidst here… some lurking secret that is hiding but I can't figure it out! Something blocks me from finding it! So that's why we need you on our side...I need your help..." Mora explained.

"Hmmm… that is quite a predicament~! Oh that Clavicus~! He's like a little opossum, is he? Hehe~! Is he...heh… heh…" The madgod rambled, staring down at rabbit Vile.

Vile relaxed a bit and flopped his ears around, making Sheogorath squee. He figured out why now the Sheogorath turned him into a rabbit, but even better then probably what this madgod could expect is that a new idea was flowing into Vile's head. To help him, as he said. He was gonna get some insight into Hermaeus Mora and Jyggalag's next moves. That thought alone, excited Vile as he got cozy in the madgod's hands. Eager for more.