Vile sat in his stump chair thinking. He had a lot of princes to choose from and to just start on just one was harder than it looks. He was beginning to think that making one swift deal would be his best option. He'll have to come up with ways for the mortals to counter the princes then offer it up to a mortal but that creates a few problems.

"What ways can a mortal counter a prince's influence…" Vile asked out loud.

"Well, you already have one for Vaermina, Sheogorath and Peryite…" Umbra said while he began to think.

"True…" Vile quiet said.

"Master, before we start... maybe you should start writing this down? Like on a scroll! So you can give it to the mortal you plan to give this too." Barbas added.

"Hmmm… but what mortal would be the best to give this too first of all…" Vile questioned.

"Well first let's think of ways to counter before we come up with that now." Umbra suggested quickly, seeming eager to see what Vile comes up with for countering.

"Ah yes! Good idea! Barbas! Fetch me Feyfolken! That quill's way of writing will make the deal all the more enticing~!" Vile snickered as he summed a piece of paper.

Barbas nodded and quickly got up, running to the cottage. As Barbas ran inside, Vile looked over at Umbra. He was still a little bit away from the stump chair, back facing Vile and rubbing his chin as he looking up. He was mumbling to himself as Vile watched before he spoke out.

"Hey, Umbra…" Vile muttered, pouting a bit as a thought came to him.

"Hmmm?" Umbra turned his head and looked over at Vile.

"Why did you offer to help in the first place? Or even better, why did you visit my cottage?"

"I already answered that! You're skaafin don't exactly keep quiet! So… I wanted to investigate!"

"I know that! But why? Just because you heard that, doesn't mean that you had to come to my cottage!" Vile frowned as he blurted out.

"Well being secluded for a while made me think... I couldn't just keep myself hidden from you forever. Ether I once again get found and taken by you or I can make a deal and work something out. It worked better in my favor if I just made a deal and here we are." Umbra huffed and explained as he looked down not wanting to look Vile in the eyes.

"Ha! Smart decision~! You really must've gotten your witts from me!" Vile sneered.

"Yea yea rub it in! At least you know I'm one of the only ones around here that make smart decisions!" Umbra groaned out as he rolled his eyes.

"Hey! Are you trying to say something about your master there Umbra?" Vile's sneer turned into a growl as he narrowed his eyes at Umbra.

Umbra groaned more as he stayed silent, looking down still. He crossed his arms as his pit black hands gripped his elbows tightly. Another small breeze roll in, replacing the silence and filling the air with its rushing sound. Umbra's long, black hair flowed slightly away from his face and body as the light then sparkled off his smooth, dark skin instead of his silky hair. Vile blinked confusedly at Umbra's face. It was seemingly sad and filled with guilt but before Vile could say anything, Umbra perked his head up and looked around.

"Do you feel that?" Umbra asked quietly.

"Feel what?" Vile responded even more confused.

"Like… someone is watching us?" Umbra hugged himself tighter as he looked around.

Vile hesitatingly looked around. Once he broke his gaze on Umbra, he could feel it. It felt like a pair of cold, emotionless eyes were gazing at him but he couldn't see them. He knew this feeling before. During the times of him searching for Barbas and when he was going to Boethiah's realm. This gaze was watching him and would vanish when someone breaks his focus on it.

As if right on cue, Barbas came running out speaking with a muffle as a quill was in his mouth, "Master! I found Feyfolken!"

Vile snapped his attention to Barbas, feeling the sight of the cold eyes fade off him as he spoke to Barbas, "Ahhh! Good job Barbas!"

"Phew! Finding that was hard work! You really need to organize your artifacts better!"

"Nah! I have too many artifacts to have a useful organization method for them! But now~!"

Vile reached over and grabbed the pen from Barbas's mouth. He clutched the pen tightly in his fingers as he began to write. He loved the elegance and formal style of writing Feyfolken did. Since this quill was enchanted, he could just scribble all over the paper and the ink would still form sentences of his deal. The quill was enchanted with the soul of his servitor, so the negative effects of this artifact wouldn't affect him and he could use it whenever he wanted without consequence. A smirked creased widely on his face as he wrote out the first part with how he'd counter Vaermina, Sheogorath and Peryite.

He stopped after he finished, tapping the feather part of Feyfolken on his chin as he thought out loud, "Hmmm… what else can I do?"

"M-Maybe you should just counter the princes that hurt you master! I don't think all of them dese-" Barbas started with a slight whine.

Vile slowly rose his head with a growl as he slowly spoke "Barbas...! You're whining again…!"

"S-Sorry master…" Barbas whimpered.

"Now~! Any of you have any more ideas?" Vile sighed as he turned his head side to side, looking at both Barbas and Umbra.

"Maybe with Namira… a recipe for a potion that heals the disease that deforms and cannibalistic desires from a mortal? And for Malacath, maybe a ward of sorts to prevent the rejected from turning to him?" Umbra suggested out, earning a quick glance from Barbas.

"Umbra…!" Barbas whispered with a growl.

"What?! He asked!" Umbra frowned and gestures his hands with confusion.

"Shut up, Barbas! That's perfect, Umbra!" Vile responded as he wrote it down.

"Perhaps with Mephala, Nocturnal and Boethiah a way to make a relic that uncovers secrets? A tool that makes mortals tell the truth to reveal conspiracies, hidden plots and uncover what's in the shadows?" Umbra suggested again, trying to ignore Barbas's glares and low growls.

"P-Perfect once again! Wow, you're good at this Umbra! Any more?" Vile snickered as he wrote more down, hesitating a bit to write down Boethiah in this counter but shook his head and finished it.

"How about for that creep Hermaeus Mora, a spell or token of sorts for authors or librarians to hide knowledge from him? As for Sanguine, perhaps another ward to prevent dark indulgences from coming over mortals? And Hircine… maybe just a better cure for any man-beasts? Even if their affliction has been developed too far?" Umbra suggested once more as he leaned back on the stump chair but looking over Vile's shoulder at the paper.

"G-Good! We're almost done!" Vile stuttered a bit as he wrote it down, fumbling a bit at writing Hircine's name.

"Now what about princes like Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal? Or Azura and Meridia? How are you gonna counter them, Master?" Barbas asked Vile but still keeping his glare on Umbra.

"Hmmm… For Meridia and Azura I might have to think of something more intricate… Maybe I'll just overrun all of Meridia's shrines with vampires and undead! And for Azura… perhaps I'll have all the dark elves remember that one of there tribunal, Vivec, could still be alive~! Start a little worshiper strife" Vile laughed out as he wrote it down in a way that sugarcoating it so the mortal he's dealing with wouldn't know.

"There ya go! Counters aren't that hard to think of!" Umbra snorted a crooked grin as he placed a hand on Vile's shoulder.

"For Mehrunes Dagon and Molag Bal, I'll give the locations of all there shrines and worshipers! The mortals can figure out what they want to do with that info!" Vile muttered as he continued writing.

"There! That's all of them, correct?" Umbra asked, leaning closer and reading the deal.

"I feel like I'm missing one…" Vile frowned.

Barbas ears folded back as he looked worried at Vile. He still wasn't comfortable with Umbra's cruel ideas and sudden closeness to Vile. Barbas sat up and shuffled back a bit as he placed a paw on the left armrest of the stump chair. He gave off a whimper and lowered his head a bit.

Vile stopped and looked over at him saying, "What is it, Barbas?"

"Jyggalag. You're missing Jyggalag." Barbas added with a sigh.

"Ah yes! Him! But he's so unknown by those mortals and even mentioning him in the deal would bring him attention! That's my counter! He'll not be known by anyone, especially not this! Heh!" Vile snickered as he finished up writing the portion of his offer.

Vile he dotted the end of his sentence but stopped as he spoke once more, "Now who should I offer this too and what do I want in return…"

"A person that has the ability to connect to a lot of mortals…" Umbra thought out loud.

"The Emperor of Tamriel. He would have the authority and ability to do so with his stature. Besides, he can also trade with other empires and so forth. In return, perhaps immunity from arrest and death for your worshippers?" Barbas suggested with a great distaste in his voice.

"You're right Barbas! He would be just the right mortal! But… should I just want that simple thing in return?" Vile pouted as he looked at Barbas.

Barbas sighed out, "And perhaps the soul of the emperor as well?"


"Mmmmaybe a shrine of you in the Imperial City as well?" Barbas spoke unsure and confused about what else could he possibly asked.

"That's better! I like that offer much more!" Vile snickered and wrote down what Barbas said.

Barbas rested his chin right next to his paw and stare up a Vile. Umbra remained leaned against the chair and his hand still on Vile's shoulder, looking down at the deal. Vile could see both had very two emotions about this deal. Umbra seemed satisfied, even eager to see this deal spring to fruition. Barbas on the other hand, looking worried even dreadful about this deal and maybe thinking of ways to stop this deal. Vile look back down at what he created and smirked.

"Master…?" Barbas whispered out.

"Yes, Barbas?" Vile answered back, looking at him through the corner of his eye.

"It might be a good idea to hold onto the deal before sending it off. Not to just think about it but maybe…" Barbas started.

"Maybe threaten the other princes to send it and get more out of them before sending it out~!" Umbra finished for Barbas with a devilish smirk.

Vile laughed out, "Yes! That's a perfect idea you two! Oh, I can't wait to see there faces~!"