Vile rolled up the scroll of his deal and tied it shut, staring at it as he looked down. He was proud of what he wrote but he couldn't help feel a bit nervous. He was beginning to think that Barbas was right on this deal being a bit too much. Perhaps he should just think about it and use it to get what he wants from the other princes. Maybe he'd never send it and keep it as a tool to get what he wanted when the time comes or if things escalate badly for him again, he'd send it out and see what would unfold from doing so.

"Master… are you ok? You're staring at it for an awfully long time now…" Barbas mumbled.

"Yea I am… Just thinking if I should or not…" Vile muttered back.

"Well, we already put the effort into it! Why not?" Umbra frowned.

"I'll have to think about it but still use it for my threats if anything arises from my curse! Till then… I'll see on sending it later…" Vile confirmed to himself.

Umbra sighed but nodded and Barbas nodded rapidly, seemingly relieved at his master's decision. Barbas began to wag his tail again and perked his ears back up, raising his head and panting happily. Vile began to pet Barbas's head softly as he stared at the scroll in his other hand still. He broke his gaze on the scroll to Feyfolken who rested on his lap still. He put down the scroll and picked up the quill before looking over at Umbra who still looked unhappy with his decision.

Vile then handed Umbra his quill, Feyfolken, stating, "Why don't you go put this back alright? Don't make the mess worse in there then it already is ok, Umbra?"

"Yes...master…" Umbra nodded as he took the quill and walked to the cottage.

Vile watched Umbra walk inside the house before speaking again, "Barbas. How long do you think my curse will last? And how long do you think I can threaten with this scroll?"

Barbas thought about it for a bit before answering, "Hmmm… Your curse I believe can last for quite awhile if the others do nothing about it. Same with your scroll. If not, many might come to face you for it, and you can use the scroll to threaten it further… more than likely it'll go for over an era. But..!"

"But…?" Vile asked, gulping a bit.

Barbas nudged Vile a bit to help him relax a bit before continuing, "If they're very persistent about it… it'll more than likely-"

"Last… only a week… or a few… days."

Vile's body froze at the sound of Hermaeus Mora's slow voice behind him. Slimy, wrinkly tentacles slowly slide their way onto his shoulders bare skin. Even moving part of his toga out of the way as they started to massage his shoulders. Vile disliked the cold, wetness of Mora's tentacles but had to admit, he did give good massages.

Barbas looked behind at Vile and barked out, "Yea… exactly what I was gonna say!"

"I know." Mora responded.

"Why are you here then?" Vile asked, closing his eyes slowly.

"Hmmm… you know why…" Mora started still rubbing Vile's shoulder but adding a pat to the top of his head.

"No. I'm not breaking the curse." Vile bluntly spoke.

"See? You did know… that part at least! But… now you've made something… else that's quite… threatening and now… I am… interested." Mora added with a slow chuckle.

Vile opened his eyes and remained silent after Mora spoke. He didn't know how to respond to that nor did he want too. The pat on his head turned into a ruffle of his hair before a slowly rub on his horns. Vile didn't know what Mora was trying to do at first but got the idea when two black splotches appeared the the side of his hands and feet. A single black tendril slithered their way out of each splotch and started to massage his limbs. Vile's lip started to twitch as he realized he was pinned and his scroll was free in his lap. This was a bad situation to begin with since Umbra isn't there and Barbas wouldn't attack Mora unless he hurt Vile. Vile narrowed his eyes as he started to shake slightly from his anger starting to boil up again.

Barbas started to backup and lower his head as his ears drooped down with it, gulping as he muttered, "Oh boy… here we go…"

Barbas looked as if he were bracing for an impact as Vile's twitch turned into a full snarl then he violently grabbed the tendrils by his hands and kicked his feet, screaming out, "DO YOU THINK I'M STUPID?! I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!"

The tentacles by Mora's eye scrunched up in pain as his eye widened, twitching his eyelid in pain. Vile kept pulling aggressively on the tendrils as he kicked, causing Mora to squirm and try to wiggle his way out of his grip. Vile shot up, stepping onto the tendrils, and tightened his grip.

Vile start to scream again, "YOU'RE TRYING TO TAKE MY SCR-"

"Scroll…!" Mora yelled under his breath.

Vile saw when he stood that the scroll flung out of his lap and a bit ways away in front of him. Vile suddenly went silent along with Mora as they stared at the scroll for a bit. Vile felt Mora's tendrils quickly wrap around his hands and feet once more, tightening harder than before. Vile and Mora exchanged glances before Mora shot out a tentacle to grab it.

"B-Barbas! Get the scroll!" Vile shouted, realizing Mora had him tangled in his tendrils.

"Y-yes Master!" Barbas barked out as he raced after the scroll.

Barbas ran up to the scroll but the tentacle that was sent out by Mora wrapped around Barbas's body, pulling him back. Barbas growled and started tugging his body from Mora's grip but he kept getting pulled back. Vile shot Mora an upset glare and curled his lip as he looked like he was about to set off another tantrum.

Mora started petting Vile's head as he chuckled, "I think... I'll take that scroll little brother~! Such a dangerous... and deadly deal it is... and should be kept in more... responsible hands~!"

"No no no! That's MY deal! Besides, what are you trying to say!? I'm totally responsible enough for it! Don't tell me otherwise!" Vile snarled as he tried to wiggle his way out of Mora's grip.

"Well… technically it is still your deal…just will never be delivered~! And… I was stating a fact that… I'm more responsible." Mora spoke softly as another tentacle to reach for the scroll.

Vile kept squirming along with Barbas who also didn't like Mora's uncomfortably tight grip. He didn't like this one bit as he wanted his deal to be in his hands and not Mora's. The tentacle grabbed the scroll and sucked it into the dark mass from which it appeared from. The tentacle holding the scroll reemerged next to Mora as his large singular eye stared at it. Vile watched angrily as Mora chuckled once more and he was about to say something but a large black sword cut across his eye.

Mora screeched out as the sword continued, cutting off the tentacle holding the scroll. Mora retracted all of his tentacles and eyes into the black mass but the mass formed into a completely cloaked figure stumbling backwards, holding his hands over his eyes. The figure was tall and slender with a huge, thick dark green hooded robe. It covered mostly everything from this figure but Vile knew who it still was.

Umbra leaned down and picked out the scroll from the severed tentacle and handed it back to Vile saying, "Next time, keep a better grip on it, master!"

"Will do now… Kick him out, Umbra! Barbas, help him do so!" Vile spoke harshly, looking away from Mora and clearly upset as he clenched his scroll.

Umbra nodded as slowly started approach Mora, dawning a wicked grin on his face. Vile heard the Umbra whip the blade behind him as he charged towards Mora. Barbas barked and growled at Mora who would dodge Umbra's swings, blindly.

Mora grew fed up with barely dodging Umbra and shouted out, "Vile! Control your temper and sick your servants off me! I won't tell the other princes about that scroll then!"

"I don't care if you tell! It'll save me the time explaining what it is anyway.." Vile pouted and muttered out.

Vile heard the growls radiating from Mora with the sounds of a sword slashing through the air. Barbas's growls and snapping of his jaws joined the symphony. Vile still didn't wanna look at it. He could hear Umbra snarl and yell out as his sword swung once more then the sounds of ripping fabric could be heard. Vile clenched the scroll and felt a shockwave of magic blow behind him like a gust of wind. Umbra and Barbas were knocked back to where Vile was. Hermaeus Mora was angered.

"You're gonna get what you deserve soon, brat! Just you wait!" Mora growled and the sound of him fading away into his black backdrop was heard.

Umbra sheathed his blade away and sighed, "Well now that… was a fight! But... How long did he have you stuck out here?"

"A good few minutes…" Barbas barked out as he shook the dirt from his body.

"Wow, you two are hopeless…." Umbra snorted and shook his head.

"Hey! I could've kicked him out on my own! I just like to choose a more… non-violent route on kicking princes out!" Barbas pouted and pranced to Vile on his favorite side of the stump chair.

Umbra walked over to his side rolling his eyes, responding sarcastically, "Yea… explain to me on how to kick princes out peacefully?!"

"Oh would the both of you shut up?! You're gonna give me a headache from your arguing!" Vile growled as he placed a hand on his forehead, closing his eyes and clenching his scroll tightly.

"Oi! Be careful with that! Don't want your hard work to be destroyed...m-master…" Umbra warned.

"Maybe it's for the better… especially after what Mora said! The princes will be after you now that they know, master!" Barbas whined.

"Oh shush Barbas! I don't think Mora is that fast at telling the others, especially with injured eyes! And they're not that fast in responding anyway! Ha! I doubt it'll make a change at all!" Vile laughed tensely it off as he stood up.

Vile was very infuriated now after that. It made him want to sign the scroll and send Barbas with it to that stupid mortal emperor. Barbas whined a bit and put his paw up onto the stump chair's armrest as he gave me a look. Vile sighed as he knew what that whine meant. After taking a few deep breaths, Vile managed to calm himself down a little bit. He still wanted to get more out of the princes and this scroll was his key so he had to keep it.

"Now Barbas! I need you to-" Vile started as he opened his eyes.

When he finally opened them, a sudden ghostly face was in front of him. It was feminine but very pale with black, sunken eyes with long eyelashes and thin lips. The sudden face made Vile jump back, tripping back into his chair. The face came accompanied by long, wavy black hair and black robe on her body. It finally came to Vile who this was.