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(Vienna, Austria, 1935).

Three American couples on vacation in Vienna. Only one of whom, would return back to the States. The other two.. killed when the SS invaded their home.. And stole their children.

One guard, Fritz Schmidt, got in contact with the one's father. Fritz found the children. He said, "Damn Nazis. Thinking they own the world." He opened the door to the cages. He, unseen, loaded them into the truck.

(Austrian/French border).

American scientists, Jeb Batchelder, and Valencia Martinez, stood waiting. The truck came up. A man in an SS Corporal's uniform, stepped out.

They got ready to leave. The guard said, "Easy! My name is Fritz Schmidt. Corporal of the Waffen SS. But.. I've had it. I'm through with Hitler, Himmler and the others. The people of Germany deserve better. As do you, and these children."

After a while.. They took the children. Jeb asked, "You want to come with? America's pretty great." If he was through with the Nazis.. Why not come to the one country on Earth.. that opposes him more than anything?

Fritz replied, "No. My place, is to stay. In case Himmler tries these again." He looked to the border. Seeing patrols arriving, "Get to Paris. Get back to the States. I'll contact you, if this happens again."


The lab did it again. This time.. 2 Black Austrians, killed. Their daughter stolen. Experimented on. Meant only to serve the F├╝hrer. But.. Fritz got to her first. He grabbed a radio and called Jeb. This time.. meeting at the docks in Vienna. Another liberation, gone through without a hitch.

Three years later.. another child taken. The son of a French family. His parents survived.. but they were afraid.

Fritz said, "May not have a family of my own.. But, I need to secure futures of these families." He freed the boy.

June 6, 1944.. The French boy's sister was born, and taken. Their mother, dead in childbirth. Their fathe. Killed by the SS. Fritz found her. He said, "The biggest operation of the entire war is about to happen, and these damn Nazi pigs are still stealing children." He got the bombers the coordinates of the lab. He took the girl(and a talking dog Himmler created) to the Austrian-French border. They took the child back to the States. Fritz.? Killed in the battle at Normandy. Luckily.. the Nazis lost. Forever.

(USA. 1950).

Six experiments. Human-Avian hybrids, flew in the air.

The eldest, a girl with long blonde hair and brown eyes. Dressed in a black and white stripped shirt, black jacket and jeans. This, was Maximum Ride. Known better as (and preferring) Max. The mother figure of her Flock.

Next to Max, a boy, just taller than her. Blue/Black hair and eyes. Dressed in all black. This was Fang. Max's second in command. The strong and silent type.

Then, a boy, about Fang's height, with red hair, and faded blue eyes, dressed in a white shirt and jeans. This was Iggy. The Flock member who was recently recovering from blindness. The Pyro.

Then, a young African-American girl, with brown hair(with a little highlight) and brown eyes. Dressed the most fashionably. This was Nudge. The motormouth.

Behind Nudge, a young boy, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and dressed in a bomber jacket and jeans. This is Gazzy. Another Pyro.

Finally, the youngest. A girl with blonde hair, blue eyes and dressed in a white dress. This was Angel. The telepath, and younger sister of Gazzy.

After a short flight, the Flock came down to the house. There was a terrible surprise awaiting.

Max's parents.. held papers in their hands. On the couch, asleep, were Max's sister, Ella, and brother, Ari.

Max's father said, "Well, I'll have to send the kids off to the boarding school, in Ohio." He turned to Max, showing his papers. He'd been called to Britain.

Max's mother.. Was actually being sent to Kentucky. Order of President Truman.

Max tried everything.. But to no avail. After teary goodbyes.. They left. Knowing where to send the mail.

Then.. a CIA stooge named Flagg drafted Max and Fang. To a medical unit. The 4077 MASH unit. Problem? MASH is an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. The Flock knew NOTHING about Medical procedures. Given that doctors experimented on them.. They didn't want to think about it.

But.. They went. The whole Flock went to Korea. Flagg's superiors questioned his sanity for drafting young people(particularly at the Flock's respective ages).. without giving reason for their drafting.

But.. Flagg had just ensured his own undoing.

The Flock arrived in Korea. At the 4077.

One of them, about 6'3, gray hair, dressed in a uniform and a fishing hat. He said, "Hello, everyone. My name is Lieutenant Colonel Henry Blake. I am the Commander of the 4077th MASH UNIT. It's our duty in this police action, to heal the wounded. As best as we can. As of tomorrow.. This Mobile Army Surgical Hospital.. Begins the mobile part. Consider this, your last day of rest."

The Flock felt Henry was a good leader. Or would be.

The next day, they walked a whole six miles. The Flock had to deal with 2 struggles. One: Wearing the Army uniform everyday. Two: They had the urge to fly. But what if the enemy saw? What their comrades think? Still have to keep a secret.

They reached their destination and set up camp. Henry said, "Now we read who among us, has no medical training before drafting. You will be assigned to members of the unit who have the full experience, good and bad, of being a surgeon." He read the names off "Corporal Angel, will be assigned to company clerk, Corporal Walter O'Riley. Corporal Gazzy, will be assigned to the company Chaplin, Father Francis Mulchay. Corporal Nudge is assigned to the Head Nurse, Major Margaret Houlihan. Sergeant Iggy is assigned to the head of thoracic surgery, Captain McIntyre. Captain Pierce, Chief Surgeon. Sergeant 'Fang' is assigned to Captain Pierce. Finally, Captain Maximum Ride.." He saw Max sitting across from him, "I'll take you personally."

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