the is a Naruto night

So I decided to do a Halloween story so and I hope you all enjoy it.

Have you ever taught your trick-or-treat sack on your back on all Hallow's Eve and taken your leave to town?

Beyond the houses with welcome doors, beyond the school on churches and Stones, Beyond the zoo with the lions that Roar, what do think you will find?

I will give you a hint. It's not a gravestone. It's not ghosted that moans and groans. You will find Forest of Bones!

The Bare Bones of trees stand on a hill in the chill Breeze. And hanging from the branches are bat bones.

Climbing the trunks cat bones.

Snarled in the root are rat bones.

Bat bones,

cat bones,

rat bones,

and all are looking at me.

There are dog bones digging up hog bones and frog bones.

Jumping over long bones. There are even fog bones!

And together they all cry take care beware this pair you can bet you'll have just met the worst nightmare and you?

Will you sign will you cry?

Will you dash away in utter dismay?

NO! because I am to talk I'm to worry about stuff like the rattle and prattle of Bones. I will just say boo! or pooh! or even wahoo!

While you wiggle and wriggle and squiggle your bones.

Then you will take your sack off your back hold it out with a shout.

Trick or treat smell my feet give me something good to eat and what else can bone Forest do but give all it candy to you?


After the story was finished Naruto put the book up he was very excited about Halloween he was going to go trick-or-treating with his mother and father tomorrow night. his mother and father kiss him goodnight.

ok that is it for this for this story