this is not a very long story it was my first story and I just rewrite it so I hope it's good now tell me what you think.

Naruto dream comes true when his prince Itachi ask him to marry him he was so happy he start to dance and sing with his dog kyuu i who is his best friend, later that day Naruto and Prince Itachi went to get ready for the royal ball that will be held to celebrate the engagement Prince Itachi on Naruto. Many people attend to Celebration engagement of Itachi and Naruto they all dance, eat and enjoy yourself come towards the end of the celebration Prince Itachi excluded Naruto back to his room and gave him a goodnight kiss Naruto blush a dark shade of red on his cheek Prince Itachi thought it was the cutest thing he have ever seen and he just love to make the love of his life blush they bid each other farewell because not too had a busy morning.

The next day naruto had to learn how to a prince, Naruto day was very long he had to learn how to speak how to walk and how to talk the most difficult part he had to learn was how to dance just like the ones who served the kingdom long ago. After a long day of lessons Naruto was so tired he went straight to bed I dream of his Prince Itachi.

Now to wake up the next morning very happy because his and Itachi wedding will be in one more day everything was going well he had the perfect wedding suit that day they went over everything for the wedding check and make sure all the food and everything else was in order but at the same time Naruto was a little sad because he had no family to attend the wedding his mother and father had passed away and he was an only child, Prince Itachi at scene how sad his wife his groom-to-be was so put me in on a carriage ride around the town he was going to let him know he's not alone anymore because the whole village is his family now and he was always have Itachi by his side.

The day of the wedding had arrived Naruto watch from his window as the entire Kingdom celebrate. The palace kitchen is filled with wonderful treat for Naruto wedding guess. It's almost time for Naruto to walk down the aisle Naruto put on his beautiful suit and was waiting after 5 minutes of waiting Prince Itachi knock on the door he a Naruto walk down the aisle hand in hand Prince Itachi and Naruto shower with flower petals as they walk down the aisle the ceremony was very beautiful Naruto friends was very happy that his dream had come true everyone wanted to celebrate with the happy couple at the end of the celebration Prince Itachi and Naruto had taking they leave.

Naruto was so happy he finally have a family of his own now that he an Itachi is married he will not have to be alone anymore. all of his life Naruto has always been alone he had no one while he was growing up on his first appearance was never the nicest of people. an now he got the love of his life next to him for the rest of his life.

Tow years after the wedding Naruto and Itachi adapted a little boy and a little girl so they could have the family they wanted all along. they daughter named was Kimberly she was a newborn baby when her mother because gave her up to the orphanage because she couldn't afford to take care of her any longer. they name their son lee he was adopted when his mother passed away in childbirth and no one know who his father was. the kids look like Naruto and Itachi, Kimberly had blonde hair and black eyes and Lee he had blue eyes with Raven hair. after adopting children Itachi and Naruto along with their children live a long and happy life.

the end

so I decided to deleted the sex scene because it was horrible I just don't know how to put it in the story I hope you enjoy the PG-13 version