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Head in her hands, Emma glared down into the lukewarm cup of coffee she'd been nursing for the last half hour. Standing at the sink, her worried parents threw despairing glances her way, but said nothing. Though they'd failed miserably at being parents at first, they'd slowly begun to understand their daughter and her moods. Right now, given how despondent she was, it was best to leave her be until she approached them.

Their quiet morning was abruptly interrupted when, in a swirl of blue smoke, Evie and Henry appeared in a heap in the middle of the living room. Startled, Mary Margaret threw the towel she'd been drying the dishes with at David and lunged for her sister and grandson. Both were hysterical, babbling rapidly about how Cora was in Storybrooke, that she'd followed them when they tracked down their mother, and that Regina was in trouble.

"We have to go and save her!" Henry pleaded, face wet with tears and fists clenched in the collar of his grandfather's shirt. "Please! We have to save our mom!"

Sick to her stomach, Evie squeezed Mary Margaret's hand tightly. "We led Cora right to her," she told them miserably. "If we hadn't gone looking..."

"Cora would have found her eventually." Smoothing Evie's messy hair from her panicked face, she tried to soothe her baby sister. "Shh, Evie. We'll find them, I promise."

Emma was soon on the floor with her son and father, trying her best to comfort her upset child. Arms around his trembling shoulders, she stroked his back lightly while her father gently shushed the boy. With the pair of siblings on the verge of hysterics, it took at least fifteen minutes until they were calm enough to string together a full sentence.

"Okay, first things first." Seating her sister and grandson on the stairs, Mary Margaret stood flanked by Emma and David. "Where was Regina and how did you find her?"

Reaching into her leather jacket, Evie held out a small, hand-held mirror. "I enchanted a mirror to work like Mom's. We used it to track her to the family Mausoleum."

Though concerned, David chuckled wryly at how they'd missed the most obvious choice for Regina's hiding place. Not even Ruby had been able to sniff out Regina's location, likely due to whatever magic Regina had enchanted the hidden room with. For Evie to be able to track her mother there was rather telling, given he knew his sister-in-law had only used magic when the situation called for it.

"Where do we start?" David asked, placing a gentle hand on Evie's shoulder and squeezing. She gave him a weak smile, fiddling with the edges of her sleeves. "I mean, how hard can it be to find two sorceresses in Storybrooke?"

Though no one laughed, David was gratified when he got an eye roll from his daughter and a slight smile from his wife. Henry and Evie remained tight-lipped and drawn, both too worried for their mother to react. Quickly gathering their coats, the family set off for the cemetery. While they all doubted Cora would remain there, they might be lucky enough to find some sort of clue pointing to where Cora was hiding.

As they walked toward the mausoleum, Evie glanced down at her phone and frowned. Harry hadn't contacted her at all in the last day, and her calls and texts hd gone unanswered. When she asked David, who had seemingly become best friends with Harry in the last few months, he admitted that Harry had told him he was going looking for someone yesterday morning and never returned.

"Harry's missing." Heart skipping a beat, Evie looked between David and her sister. "He hasn't answered me since yesterday and if you haven't seen him..." She trailed off, blood draining from her face. "If Cora's here, then so is Hook. He has Harry."

"Hook is his father," Emma pointed out, looking rapidly between her parents and aunt, noting that all three didn't look convinced. "He wouldn't hurt his own son, would he?"

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